61San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
I usually prefer to meet a woman in person and share a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and find out about each other in a more straight forward manner. You can find out much more about a person face to face than in a written summary. I understand the idea of summarizing in this context is to help focus the search. I have a background in philosophy and psychology, though I don't practice either professionally. I get too wordy for these types of "assignments". I've lived a life. Filled with adventures, and the mundane. I've been happily ecstatic, and morosely sad and every emotion in between. The emotions have been appropriate to the event or occasion I experience. I experience life. Both directly and vicariously. I do what we all do. At least in my experience. There are no uninteresting people. Everyone has a story about their life. When you tell your story to a person, how they hear it, "see" it, and unfortunately judge that story says more about the person listening, than it does you. So, while not having said much about me, and my day to day activities and lack thereof, maybe I revealed too much. Yeah, I do get too wordy, but I think I completed the assignment enough for now.
What I’m doing with my life
I work from home. A telecommuter for a large company. I work to live. Shelter, food, pay bills. The necessary stuff. My work is not who I am.
I like to find new music. Prefer to hear/see music live as it happens. Professional sports are not my thing. The most exciting sporting event was watching the Chula Vista little league win the championship. I regularly watch the UCONN Huskies women's basketball team. More about the history than the game.
Politically I am a liberal,not a progressive, some might say a radical. I watch C-Span. All three channels. On the weekend too when there is nothing else to do. Also UCSDTV.
I have been scuba diving, liked it a lot, but haven't gone lately.
I take photos. Not a photographer really, More of a shutterbug. With digital photos if you take enough, you are bound to take at least one half decent one that you can then edit and make into a good photo.
Okay, that's enough for this one for now...
I’m really good at
Being present.
Being in the "in be-tweeness" ala Martin Buber in the Life of Dialogue.
Relationships. both long term and transitory.
Sometimes too good.
The first things people usually notice about me
lately when I've been walking around OB and elsewhere wearing my sunglasses looking for a photograph, people have stopped me and called me Dude, or The Dude. So much so that I had to Google it and find out what they meant. I finally bought the video of "The Big Lebowski" and found out what they meant. Not entirely sure it is a compliment. I liked the film. It was humorous. I laughed loudly a time or two. Coincidentally I am of Polish decent. I used to bowl in my youth. And while I do dress casually when I walk around OB, I like to think I don't dress quite THAT casually.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read enough books. I used really like to, years ago. Then I got caught up in the political, environmental, and social blogs/websites that take up more of my reading time. My sister and a good friend tell me I would like the author Clive Cussler. So some time ago I went and bought "Arctic Drift" but haven't read it yet. Movies? Well I canceled my subscription to Netflix because I had a movie sitting on my counter almost a year I never watched. I do like to go out and watch a movie. I think the last one i saw was "Red" Not a Oscar contender but it was fun. While I enjoy the TV channels above under "What I am doing with my life" (I like channels that I can learn, passively, from) (now I see that entry doesn't fit there too well does it?) I love good writing and acting for TV shows. The majority of USA Networks shows. Some Sci Fi shows. The History Channel, Discovery Channel some of the shows are good (although they have destroyed much of what was good about those channels with pseudo science and other shows that are the antithesis to what the channels name implies) . Travel Channel Anthony Bourdain. I have to say, I abhor 99% of "reality TV. I do like the Amazing Race, because I love to travel, but otherwise (whatever happened to Lonely Planet on the Travel Channel"?) Loved Boston Legal, The West Wing. Enough about TV. largely it is contributing to the downfall of civilization. Music, I said above, prefer it live and a pretty wide variety. I like to dance. No. Not a certain type of dance. Although I wouldn't mind learning swing or zydeco steps. I just kind of do my own thing. I don't think I embarrassed any women I have danced with. The music I have found out about or seen live many people don't seem to know. Although I recently went to see Melissa Ethridge who you probably know.
Not a huge fan of the idea of eating bugs.
Don't like certain veggies.
Cuisines? Have tried or will try almost anything. All sorts of venue's/ restaurants from street food to upscale. I savor food, as I do sex.
Six things I could never do without
my five senses and my imagination.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Hmm, Well, being a single typical guy I suppose the honest thing to say here would be sex. I'm glad to see they don't have a lot of sexually based questions here. it should be obvious everyone enjoys sex. Now I do believe people should be comfortable talking about sex freely and without inhibitions, no need to go into it all here. If a person can't express what they enjoy during sex but before sex actually takes place, how do they expect their partner to know what they enjoy most? In my experience, well, we'll go into that at another more appropriate time...
But, that is just a jumping off point for other things when I am satiated for the time being.
I think about others. My thinking is outer directed. Sometimes to a fault. Not enough self reflection I suppose like many of us.
I had to stop being such a bleeding heart and investing in 'causes" that are near to my heart. Family of course is very important. It is the starting point for who we come to be.
I fantasize some as well though. About traveling. What I would do if...?
If I were "king of the forest"... ! (where are you Oz?)
How I would change things.
Not too much time, but you know, while I'm in the shower...
On a typical Friday night I am
Depends. if I have been successful at finding a live event, not just music, the local community theater, art show.
If not I'll catch up with relatives in a phone call back east or watch television.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
oh they must be kidding. Here?
There is a reason they are "private things".
I've heard the phrase occasionally "too much information" well these things are better left until after you get to know someone. Everyone has something they prefer not known at the outset and those things more often than not require some background, some history, or explanation. Discretion.
You should message me if
or rather NOT message me if you own pets. Are religious. Spiritual...mmm okay, not a big believer in anything along those lines myself. If you're idea of a good time is to "get wasted". If you haven't graduated or have a high school equivalency diploma. I prefer a college graduate, or a trade school. I get that not all learning is classroom based, (see above "passive learner") but I like to at least have someone I can converse with.
If I sound boring, don't message me. I am the way I am, and while I like to think I can adapt, and compromise in certain circumstances, generally people have formed their personalities in their late teens and early twenties.
The two of us