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My self-summary
In the greatest tales of romance, and love there always stands a hero. This paragon of masculine virtue is the standard by which all young girls compare the boys they meet in the real world. Sadly in the realm of reality, especially when in their youth few males measure well in the comparison. This means over the years most girls seem to stop looking for Prince Charming, Wesley, or even Lloyd Dobbler, and with resignation settle for someone who is hopefully decent and not completely boring to spend time with. Fear not ladies, I am here to let you know that there is still one man left who is both decent, and not completely boring, not all of us are taken, so relax, you too can settle! No longer will you feel left out when your friends are gathered together and bitching about their significant other's many faults. You can finally give up on those dreams of meeting the perfect man and feel all that stress just slide off your
shoulders. Soon you will be able to take on the role of overbearing mother and place all of your personal failures on the shoulders of the next generation...right where they belong. So drop me a line and we can get this train wreck going.

If I had control over this place now is when I would be firing off fireworks and frantically waving my hands to signal the marching band to commence playing something enthusiastic and inspiring. Here in these opening bits of my profile is where I need to grab your attention and make you think "who is this man and why has it taken me this long to find him?" Alas, I don't have any control over the site beyond my profile, and even then I am forced to rely on boring old fashioned words, not a single human cannonball, laser light show or even a cage of doves to be released on cue. Being left with naught but words and ten pictures it is difficult to truly display the incredible majesty I bring to the table. Yet for the sake of you gentle reader I shall endeavor to use these "words" to try to capture the unfathomable mystery that is I.

In the beginning I was born, not to imply that this is where life, the universe or general existence started, but merely the point where I entered the scene. I hate to say this but I started this turn on the wheel in a rather diminished state, naked, screaming, surrounded by strangers, and completely unable to fend for myself(kind of like a couple parties I've found myself at). For almost two decades I was cared for by some nice people with the odd nicknames of Mom and Dad. They were good enough to take me in until I was able to pay rent, gather enough quarters to use the laundry mat and buy my own Ramen noodles. With time I found better employment and was able to begin buying food other than Ramen I even moved out of the decrepit disaster of a house my friends and I chose for our first non-parental sponsored home. Years passed, and many is the apartment that I stored my piles of ragged paperbacks in, while I moved from employer to employer until at last I found something that paid well enough to negate my need to constantly seek out a livable wage. The next eight years of my life were spent working the graveyard shift in CT Scan at a trauma center in Boise, ID. Who knew that getting massive doses of radiation, while holding down profusely bleeding patients and yelling at them to stop moving was a job? It seems that watching people die on a near daily basis can be a bit of a downer after a while, so after eight years I packed my bags, cashed in my vacation time and moved to Seattle to try out a new existence. Almost nine years have passed and while the new city smell has worn off I still love the Emerald City and am glad to call it home.

Like so many people that choose to live in the Pacific Northwest I am a big fan of camping, backpacking and the great outdoors. However over the last couple years I have been spending progressively less time in nature and more and more in the city. It isn’t that I have lost my love of the woods, and mountains, but as I get older so do my friends and it gets difficult to arrange times when we can leave the streets and hit the trails at the same time. It is much easier to simply meet up at a pub or music venue for a couple drinks and then retire to our own homes when the evening comes to a close, AKA they boot us from the bar. I love live music, and cheap beer, I like good beer as well but have to be much more circumspect in imbibing it as with the passage of time hangovers have gone from a slight hindrance to be mocked, to a debilitating smack down from the God of moderation. I think board games are awesome, however I lost the group I used to play with when my oldest friend and his fiancé went separate ways recently, so if you like to play, hot damn. I read books like they are going to stop making them…which is kind of ironic since I now only buy books for my Kindle, thus I guess it is alright if they stop making books as long as people still write them. Should I now say I read ebooks like they are going out to stop writing them? I am not a big fan of travel, I know that is practically blasphemy to say in Seattle, but it is the truth. I am also not a sun worshiper, overcast, rainy days are fan-freaking-tastic!!! Clear blue skies, I will likely stay in until the glowing orb in the sky bids me a good evening. I do go out in the day I am not a vampire(despite what my friends say), you will simply never see me with a tan. One of the many things I like about Seattle is the fact that I no longer need a car to get around and have a life. Due to lack of use I gave my car away to a friend in need of it a little over five years ago and have never looked back! I am always up for a party, bar crawl or really just about any excuse to get into a costume, or to just dress up nice. I have several large boxes filled with costumes, four tuxedos(of wildly different styles) in the closet, and just about any reason to dig into the seldom used section of my wardrobe is one I embrace with bells on...sometimes literally.

I am not looking for a fling, or something casual, I am tired of playing the field, and hate games. I am looking for someone that wants more than just a warm body to give them validation, or a "Daddy" to take care of all their problems. I am searching for a companion, a partner, a playmate, or as the cheesy yet fun song says "a part time lover, and full time friend". Robert Heinlein said "Love is the state where the happiness of another is essential to your own." I know that doesn't really sound very romantic, but to this day I haven't ever found a description that seems to sum up love better for me than those words, and that is what I am looking for. If any of this sounds like what you are on this site in search of, I would love to hear from you, if not, I wish you the best of luck on your search!
What I’m doing with my life
What I'm doing with my life...sheesh, no pressure here...did my Mom write this question? Is this a trick?

Okay...I guess thus far I am pretty much taking this whole life thing day by day. I have a decent 8:30-5 M-F job, that I get to leave at the office when the day ends. In my free time I do the usual things voraciously read books, battle spiders, kill house plants, ignore dishes in the sink, write bad fiction, hide from friends, binge on TV shows, bond with my couch, ignore the clean laundry pile waiting to be put away, support local small businesses in the form of pub and music venues, partake in a myriad of hobbies, and of course I bring the awesome everywhere I go.
I’m really good at
Procrastinating, laying on the couch, ordering drinks, dressing snappy, choosing friends, inventing excuses, justifying said excuses, day dreaming, dancing to music a decade old, cooking delish food that will likely kill me in time, making your dog love me, telling stories, getting lost, being on time, decorating, swearing or laughing at inappropriate times, growing facial hair, not driving(I gave my car away do to lack of use), frustrating my family, ironing clothes and many useful things as well.
The first things people usually notice about me
Likely that I am ignoring the people around me while reading my Kindle, be it on the bus, coffee shop, or at a pub.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I am kind of a happy bottom feeder when it comes to the literary world. This is not to say the authors I love aren't brilliant, and that their books aren't often quite insightful and magnificent in scope. It does however mean that most of them have a dragon, a space ship or sometimes both on the cover. I am a huge fan of Scifi and fantasy novels and yes they are two separate genres. I couldn't break it down to my favorite book or even series of books, but here are a few of my favorite authors or at least the first few to pop into my head in no particular order. Heinlein, Dickson, Card, Gaiman, Palahniuk, Lackey, Tolkien, Martin, Eriksson, Wells, okay I could go on all day like this. I love to read and do so voraciously and try to read all of the "best books ever" that people recommend, but return with joy to magical and alien worlds. I have enough reality in my life with out filling my free time with more.

When it comes to movies I like all kinds, though lately have been a sucker for romantic comedies, or inspirational movies about underdogs overcoming great odds. I have tried to cut back on my movie consumption the last few months, since it was eating a lot of time for a while there. Here are a few movies that I like though I don't know if that qualifies them as my favorite. Saint Ralph, Pumpkin, Brave Heart, The Princess Bride, Hook, Fight Club, Green Street Hooligans, Notting Hill, Four Wedding and a Funeral, Sleepless in Seattle, Joe Vs. the Volcano, Say anything, alright much like books I could just keep going all day, I love movies.

Music, now music is the glue that holds my life together. When not at work or in an activity that makes it inappropriate I have my ear buds plugged in and my iPod fired up and making a soundtrack to my life. I really do like almost all kinds of music, but have to really be in the mood for certain styles or it just annoys me. My musical go to bands lately have been, Rammstein, The Killers, Rob Zombie, Coldplay, A Fine Frenzy, Bird and the Bee, They Might Be Giants, Jackpot, Cracker, Or,the Whale, Robert Miles, Gogol Bordello, Linkin Park, Metric, Nine Inch Nails, Keane, and The National. Although I couldn't say these are my favorite bands since next week I will likely have a whole new set of groups that put the beat and rhythm in my day.

TV...well TV and I have a love/hate relationship. I really love TV shows, however I have zero patience waiting for next weeks episode, and hate commercials. For a time I simply bought every season of any show that caught my eye, now there is Netflix. Oh, Netflix you eater of time, you save me much money and shelf space, but instant access to your many shows has led me down many a curious road. I love Arrested Developement, Northern Exposure, Bones, House, Dexter, Californication, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Tick, How I Met Your Mother, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Archer, The Guild, The League, Better Off Ted and sadly/happily many many more.

Food....delicious, food. I was raised on a cattle ranch, so yes, I eat meat. Likely I eat more meat than I should. I love steak, medium rare with only a little salt and pepper for seasoning, perhaps some sauce on the side to give it some zing. BBQ pork or beef ribs most any style as long as it is light on the garlic and horseradish. Chinese and Thai food place a big old smile on my face, in fact hot and sour soup has replaced chicken noodle in my home remedy lexicon. Italian is fantastic for candle lit or cosy meals, Americana Diner food makes me feel comfortable and relaxed and is my favorite way to start off a weekend or a road trip. I am up for most other food as well as long as I can skip the sea food, avoid strong garlic and say no to horseradish in anything stronger than Dijon mustard.
Six things I could never do without
This one always bothers me, I can do with out most things once you cover the basic life sustaining necessities. So six things I wouldn't want to do without....
1) Lazy Sunday's
2) My friends
3) iPod
4) Kindle
5) urban existence
6) the Interweb
I spend a lot of time thinking about
People with really unfortunate names...were their parents mean, funny, or oblivious?
Would a nuclear war or massive zombification be a scarier end of the world scenario?
Why isn't Velcro more popular on men's dress shoes?
What would I really do if I won the Lottery?
If animals could talk would we actually want to hear what they say?
How will I decorate my next apartment?
Is it time for a new look?
On a typical Friday night I am
Most likely I am either on a date or hanging out at one of my favorite bars with some friends, maybe alone and reading also at said bars....guess I could be at home, but probably not. I like to get out of the house on Friday to celebrate the fact that the work week is over.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm always reading on here how people don't want to rush into anything...well that isn't me. I want the glance across the room, I want the lightning bolt, I want to gaze into a woman's eyes and fall head over heels, I want to trust my instincts and dive heart first into a relationship. I have tried being wise, cautious, playing it safe and that isnt me. I'm a romantic, I'm an idiot, I'd rather be hurt than hollow. I am plain sick and tired of dating, of having the same conversations over and over, of wondering is she the one? I'd rather shut off my good sense, toss the dice, and take a risk, because no matter how good or bad someone looks on paper, that inexplicable spark is what matters most. Nobody is perfect, but no matter the dents, dings, and emotional baggage we are all perfect for someone...I'm looking for the imperfect mess that lights up my soul, and who I make shine...could that be you?
You should message me if
You should message me if...

You are through with playing games and want an honest, upfront relationship, with someone comfortable in his own skin.

You want to be in a relationship with one person, monogamously, not open, not poly, not swinging, not with specific exceptions to the rules, just one person.

You live in Seattle proper.

You support your own life, it doesn't matter if you are a doctor or a dishwasher, neither your career nor paycheck matter to me, however being responsible for your own bills, lifestyle and random expenses is sexy.

You would rather go car camping than hike twenty miles into the wilderness with all your food and equipment on your back.

You think the idea of occasionally turning off the phones, snuggling on the couch with a special someone and spending the entire weekend on a Netflix marathon sounds fun.

You would like to hit the town and do silly things, such as theme nights where we would dress in a tuxedo and evening gown and try to find the best/worst Martini in Seattle, or join a random pub crawl dressed as super heroes, Santa, etc.

You think the idea of doing something as simple as sitting in a pub or diner with a special someone while both of you just read sounds great.

You like seeing live music and prefer small venues to festivals, and stadium shows.

Bonus points if you like to dress up for Halloween, dance with abandon, prefer heels to hiking boots(if not activity specified), are at least a bit Geeky, and lean more toward being a night owl than a sun worshiper. Oh yeah, and if you happen to have a strong affinity to Morticia Addams, I would love to be your Gomez.
The two of us