52Irwin, United States
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My self-summary
I will be honest right from the start, I am separated awaiting the opportunity to to me and I'll explain. Don't talk to me and you will miss out on a fabulous experience involving me.
I am here to meet friends and maybe a romance. I am not ruling that out. At my age I wonder does it really exist for someone my age. HHHMMMM. I wonder. I love to write for those that just need a friend to write to. For those that are looking for friends to hang with or maybe to start a group that meets, let's do it. Let's not sit on our butts and just talk about it.
I never rule out romance. A girl can dream can't she. Most of my dreams and promises that were given to me are now broken and shattered. But maybe, just maybe, there may still be some magic left out there for someone like me.
I'm one of a kind. You never met anyone like me. There is so much to me
That you old have to meet me before you could make an informed
Decision. I'm a woman who woke up one day and a thought hit me like a
Ton of bricks. I deserve to be happy. So I decided to set out on a
Quest to see if that's possible. I'm exploratory and adventurous and
Will try most things at least once, as long as it's legal and not fatal
Or creepy. I so believe on Romance,love and Magic and expressing it to
Each other at home or anywhere in the world. I have many hobbies,
Activities, friends, causes and charities that span the spectrum. Get
To know me and you will find out what they are. I can dress, speak and
Act in and for any occasion or peoples. From strange, to jeans, too
Boardroom, too formal to bedroom One taste of me and you will want to
No other. I enjoy pleasing and satisfying my partner. In doing so, he
Will want to treat me like his princess, his baby. Men like to be
Pampered, spoiled and romantized too. Just not the way a woman wants
To be pampered, spoiled, and romanticized.
P.S. One of mine
Likes is sports ( my favorites being football and competitive
Cheerleading) I can actually converse with you and I know some about
It. Not as good as you, but I can join the conversation if need be. So if any of this is something that you are looking for you know what you have to do.

BTW, recently I put a picture up. If you don't have a picture, don't contact me.
What I’m doing with my life
Well, I am entering a new phase of my life. A new journey. A new novel. My children are young adults. I have 3 in college. I put the business on the back burner for a variety of reasons. Doesn't mean I am not working on reinventing it. But I am finding that the path is leading me in new directions that is new territory that I have never been to.
It will be interesting to see how my life plays out. I am not opposed to a job/career other than the business. But I am still going to continue writing to get my stories and snippet done so that I may get published. The cookbook is half way there, but it is proving to be in a difficult stage. I won't give up. It is too important to me to get this particular project done.
I’m really good at
Well, I hate this part.. I know from my family I am a culinary diva. They love my creations. Home decorating is something I do all year long changing with the seasons and holidays. I make friends easy. There are no strangers at my door. Kids (Young adults now)always come and visit. Not as much anymore. There is always room for one more at my table. I am really good with my business that is now on the back burner for a while. As the saying goes," I am a people person". I love to talk to all walks of life about anything. I am finding that I write well. Of course my short snippets and stories need to polish up, but hey, isn't that what editors are for. IDK .......... There are a few items I am really good at. However, it must be discussed in private. One never gives out her magical secrets.
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually in normal circumstances, I would say my eyes, boobs and ass. But in a party situation or out clubbing, I am vivacious, fun and friendly. In Business I am all business with a friend that I hope puts the others at ease. However I am tough. I pull no punches. One thing I never let go of is that I am always a lady. I don't need to be one of the boys. I am a woman working beside them. As equal partners, if you will.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: A Small Slice of Summer, Sisters Trilogy, The Villa, The Taking of Zeus, Harry Potter Series, Born in Trilogy, Anything by Nora Roberts,

Movies: Steele Magnolias, Blind Side, Harry Potter Series, Godfather Trilogy, Blood Vows, Ill Take Manhattan, Richman/Poorman, The Way we Were, Elvis movies, Gidget movies, Beach movies, Beauty and The Beast, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, White Christmas, Santa Claus Trilogy, The night they saved Christmas. The Nativity.

TV: NCIS, Criminal Minds, Cake Boss, Paula Deen, Hawaii 5 O,
Sandra Lee: Semi-Homemade. Holiday Shows

Musicals: Copacobana, Back to the 80's, Curtains, Wizard of Oz, Music Man-Norwin High School
Broadway: Chorus Line, AnnieGet your gun. Rockettes Christmas,

Music: Anything that doesn't give me a headache.
Favorite Artists:Alex Bittner, Victoria Bittner, Gloria Estefan, Luther Vandross, Tim McGraw, Josh Turner, Judds, Elvis, Larry Gatlin and Bros, Oak ridge Boys, Josh G oban,
Food: Italian: Casual-Pizza .....Formal- My creation of "Chicken Marsala ala Pamesen"," Stuffed Shells Aribiata"-by Giada,
Enjoy different kinds of food. Real Mexican, South American, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Southern, TexMex. California Style.
Six things I could never do without
Family, Love,K9's electronics and gadgets, sex and the love of my life.(if I had one)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I am going to reinvent me and my life. The steps I have to take. What needs to be done before the next step is taken.
It is such a long process for me. Nothing can be simple or easy. I also think about what the future holds for my children. But it is theirs to carve out. I also think about finding someone to to share in my journey. Someone with similar interests and ideals along with philosophies. He wants the same as I do out of life. But will I find him? That's the million dollar question.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with my friends hooping and hollering and having a good time. Or dinner and a movie, anything. Now that summer is here, there is a variety of things to do. Staying home and enjoy a beautiful summer night with or without family and friends is definitely a popular choice as well.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sorry can't go there. I have to know you better for that.
You should message me if
Message me if you think I am cute and sexy. Or you have any questions or comment. If you want to strike up a conversation, well let's hear what you have to say. I am waiting for you. i am excited to hear what you have to say. I am very happy and anxious to meet new friends. This is going to be fun. Come along with me on my journey. But only if you intend to meet me and not play head games and and hurt me. If all you want to do is email. Please, contact someone else. Come along and spend time with me. The best is yet to be.

ATTENTION: If your sorry butt is in Africa, Europe, or where ever, and pretending to be a in America, or on a long extended business trip, LEAVE ME ALONE. I now how to pick you out and spot you by your writing style and a few tricks up my sleeve. Go away and leave us all alone. You are the ones ruining this type of program a bad name. Y"all need your sorry buts arrested in International charges of fraud let alone impersonating military people and others. We are proud of our military. How dare you steal their identities. Go pick on some one in your own countries and leave us Americans alone. Thank you for stopping by my profile. Have a nice day. Oh and for those that tried. Does you mama know you are doing this?
The two of us