30Bellingham, United States
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My self-summary
I am a wizard and I have magical powers.

Poly queer pan.
You could call me an Anarcho-primitivist, you could call me anti-civ, you could call me a naturalist, you could call me in the middle of the night to go swimming.*
Just remember that while I might seem to fit in a tiny category, it's only because I'm double jointed** and very good at hide and seek.

**I am not double jointed.

I know myself and I like who I am.

My favorite shit: Awareness, music, partying hard, meditation, life, purpose, questioning, nature, hav'n a blasty-blast.

I live in my senses and follow my intuition.
What I’m doing with my life
Being Fergalicious.
Blues dancing.
Playing Games:
<>Hot lava monster
<> Blindfold noodle Jedi
<> Darkroom 3d sound catch
<> Tag
<><> Shin Tag
<><> <>Ultimate Shin Tag
<> Mission 6 (with a shopping cart)
<> Capture the Flag
<> Animal Forms
<>Extreme Bird Watching
<><>Nude Extreme Bird Watching
Sit spot.
Playing Music.
Scoot'n around on my bike.
Hand Drill
Bird Language

Some time's I'll chill out and watch a movie/play videogames or something, but usually I just like running around and having fun, climbing trees, hiking, that kind of thing.
Going on Wiiiiild Adventures.
I'm in a few bands.. I really love cooking.... I don't know, this thing is hard to fill out.

I Make Music!
I make Videos!
I’m really good at
Telling bad jokes , survival skills, writing music, playing music, making old people laugh, cooking, relaxing, design and construction, macgyvering shit. Not letting stressful situations negatively affect my mood. Making an ass out of myself to make people laugh.
The first things people usually notice about me
"Is that the guy that played Han Solo? No? Of course not, they looks nothing like him."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Born to Run
Sex at Dawn
Inga Muscio
The Story of B
Derrick Jensen
Douglas Adams
Richard Brautigain
George Orwell
John Hodgman
George Carlin
Tom Brown JR
Field Guides

Pete and Pete
Dragon Ball Z
30 Rock

Speed Racer, Jackie Chan, Hayao Miyazaki, good sci-fi, Shaolin Soccer, Jackie Chan

CRASS, NOFX, Dead Prez, Nahko, wynne greenwood, The Mountain Goats, Dragonforce, Cake, Jonathan Coulton, Oldies, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, Folk, Dianna Ross and the Supremes, Crass, anything with a Banjo in it, The Presidents of the United States of America, Jurassic 5, MC Chris, Peaches, Crass, Crass, Crass, Crass
....too many to list, let's talk about this later.

Curry, Rice, Sushi, Anything wild, Anything home made.
Six things I could never do without
(haudenosaunee thanksgiving address)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Making bad Jokes.
Cultural appropriation.
What I would do if I was a Super Sayian
Systems of power. Privilege. Oppression. Identity. Gender. Sexuality.
The Spirit that moves through all things
The bologna sandwich that moves through all things
What to do next.
Food, music , what kind of bird that is.
How to make a _____ out of some_____ and a _______
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with my friends, dancing, doing things that could get me in trouble, camping, swimming, reading a book, climbing something, jumping on/off something, Kamana, Cooking, playing Video games, playing shows, slaying dragons, building shit out of wood, playing boardgames, swimming, general tomfoolery .
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I work out to the Space Jam soundtrack.
I have more than one Pokemon tattoo.
You should message me if
-You actually ready my stupidly long profile and still want to.
-You want to get kicked out of a Burger King because we were making-out in the ball pit.
-You are Spanish speaking person trying to learn English that wants to practice by having conversations with me because I am trying to learn Spanish.
-You are passionate about something and want to share it.
-You're hella stoked to be alive.
-You're bored.
-You want to dress up like ghosts and hitch-hike outside the cemetery.
- You like spending time outdoors, climbing things, or partying (note: Partying does not mean getting wasted and acting like an idiot, partying is "enjoying yourself with reckless abandon at a lively gathering."(That being said getting wasted and acting like an idiot is pretty fun))
-You want to challenge me to some kind duel, or contest of skill
-You want the antidote
-You are me from the future and have amnesia
-You are my long lost brother that has been given the quest to find me and present me with a secret map.
-You want to commission me to restore peace and tranquility to your besieged kingdom.
-You will give me one million dollars to spend the night in a seemingly haunted mansion.
The two of us