24Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
~⦿◎◉◎⦿~ hi! ~⦿◎◉◎⦿~

✪ I hail from the mountains of southern Russia, and I’ve always felt wholly unrepresented by banner ads in the internet’s wee days; I implore you to try finding my ancestors, who likely herded socialist goats for a living (not really).
✪ I’m a cat-loving, pebble-hoarding Wikipedia freak who will photograph the melted ice cream cake on your stoop (i’m a photographer - es what i do).
✪ I take candid delight in the absurd & kooky, and will show traumatizing claymations to your baby siblings.
✪ I like to stare at the sun, and watch the blue-green hues gently wash over my field of vision, just before I blindly tumble off the edge of the sidewalk.
✪ I have lots of ❤︎ to give - won’t you join me for an interesting eve of wine and macaroni sometime?
✪ I can be yr insider sidekick in the ongoing quest to dismantle the patriarchy.
What I’m doing with my life
✪ Keeping extensive journals in the hopes that I can fool future me into thinking I was gr✿✿vy.
✪ Untangling cables.
✪ Thanking my stuffed animals for putting up with my complaints.
✪ I’m in the preliminary phases of starting to begin to sketch out an outline for the primary stages of preparation of getting ready to work on my next animated short film (let's face it, it's not gonna happen).
✪ Cleaning my room fervently so as to postpone getting any meaningful work done.
✪ Making mixtapes for my best friends to score burrito points.
I’m really good at
✪ Taking pretty notes.
✪ Spending hours browsing Google Maps and feeling hella worldly doin’ it (play GeoGuessr with me — I’ll love you forever).
✪ Removing and replacing objects in my pocket with the finesse of a bond villain; I have had lots of idle time on my hands, people...
✪ Falling asleep on my cat’s stomach, and practically begging to be mauled.
✪ Photographing you with your worst face on.
The first things people usually notice about me
✪ I’m a rare specimen of the turtleneck species — it shows in my daily interactions.
✪ My smile, rendered ever-so-slightly askew by a hilarious quad-rollerskating injury I sustained in sleepaway camp.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

☼ Haruki Murakami
☼ H.P. Lovecraft
☼ Sylvia Plath
☼ Joseph Heller
☼ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
☼ Franz Kafka


☼ Mulholland Drive
☼ Blue is the Warmest Color
☼ Chungking Express
☼ Cidade de Deus
☼ Mister Lonely
☼ The Cruise
☼ Drive
☼ Clueless (an annual tradition)


☼ Black Mirror
☼ Bob’s Burgers
☼ Better Call Saul
☼ Firefly


☼ Cocteau Twins
☼ New Shack
☼ Navvi
☼ Chromatics
☼ Yo La Tengo
☼ Connan Mockasin
☼ Mild High Club
☼ Tom Waits
Six things I could never do without
✪ Writing and re-reading old thoughts (i have days where I just sit by the fire
beneath the flourescent lights and intensely mull over my diaries)
✪ Cheese, toasted bread, and avocado
Keyboard shortcuts
✪ Google
✪ Nifty belts
I spend a lot of time thinking about
✪ Specific dates that I've memorized thanks to the journals and photo albums I keep.
✪ Where I would run if I were suddenly confronted by Slender Man.
✪ Ideas for dissonant violin guitar music that I never end up creating.
✪ How a certain flower that blooms in the spring smells exactly like semen.
✪ The Florida Skunk Ape
✪ The military-industrial complex, and why we aren't doing anything to stop it.
On a typical Friday night I am
✪ Trying to catch a cheesy film at an indie theater in Brooklyn.
✪ Stomping around in public parks late at night, having mindlessly consumed an entire bottle of wine.
✪ Ironing my pants excessively, not to remove wrinkles, but for the cozy feeling warm clothing brings you.
✪ Dreading late night subway service changes.
✪ Dancing at a cheap party, because I'm cheap and I like to dance.
✪ Backing dat assup my data, because who wants to lose their entire folder of tumblr memes to an apartment fire?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a tiny bump in my center chest bone that's extremely sensitive. I will MURDER you if you poke it.
You should message me if
✪ You're interested in taking a bicycle ride with me down to the nether regions of the emperor's vast domain.
✪ You'd like to chat and cuddle gregariously between several cups of tea.
✪ You're interested in a playful friendship/relationship.
The two of us