29 Cape Coral, United States
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My self-summary
What can I say to captivate and astound you without trying to sell myself like Billy Mays (God rest his oxyclean soul) with a line of "YEAH I'M AWESOME AND COOL AND I GET YOUR SHORTS CLEAN."

Long story short, or semi-short as I do have a word quota to fill, I'm mid/late twenties. I work what hours are basically weekdays from 8-4 on good days in IT for a local company that is pretty awesome involving me basically going to Sanibel or Captiva. Wanna hang out on a private beach? Holla at your boy.

Lets face it. People see me and they see a black guy. No problems. I embrace it. But to my credit, you'll see I'm much more nerd than street. I try to be street and sometimes pass but my vocabulary man, it puts me out every minute.

I enjoy movies in space. Robots fighting monsters. The heroic fighter going against all odds to find their love at the end. I'll be your Link if you'll be my Princess Zelda. Or Mario and Peach. Or something along those lines.

If hadn't guessed, I do like my vidya games. Its kinda a deal since if you can't play Mario Kart with me, we don't deserve to date. Its nothing personal, but a girl who can outrace me or hit me with a blue shell makes me insta-quit and love on you harder because why fight when you can just play games and then make out?

I play the bass guitar hence my name on here. I also play the ukulele. And I can cook? I think that covers all my awesome points. Billy Mays (God rest his Oxyclean soul) would be proud
What I’m doing with my life
Day-to-Day in the life of me:
-Alarm goes off at 7:30 a.m.
-Do not accept its 7:30 a.m.
-Proceed to sleep until 8:00 a.m.
-Wake up and dress while complaining you never have time for Cinnamon Roll flavored cereal.
-Battle the Behemoth of crossing Cape Coral Bridge in morning traffic.
-Be happy there was no traffic.
-Pull into work and hope boss isnt there.
-Be sad he is there.
-Sit behind desk whilst on Tumblr/Facebook/4chan. Wait for actual work tickets to come in.
-Complain its boring.
-Curse the gods that I got work tickets in.
-Work on tickets.
-Lunch at Tijuana Flats.
-Repeat boredom and tickets
-Head home
-Binge Netflix, Vidya Games, Movies, chill with roomates, w/e for the evening.

And thats your average day. Plans may vary. Please consult your local me for actual dates and times. May be dangerous to health.

(But on a serious note, I do like my adventures. Don't read that and assume I am boring, this is my summer list and its too hot to be outside like I normally would. Its like the Devil's humid taint out there.)
I’m really good at
I'm in IT And cell phones. And internet. Anything thats electronic kinda sorta.

Sarcasm? I see others put that here. Imma put it here too.

Humor. Because if you hadnt guessed it, I'm a pretty humorous type fellow. I always think of it as, I may not be that one mixed guy with the blue eyes that girls want to spawn with, but I -totally- can make a girl laugh enough she forgets momentarily I'm not the best looking and lets her guard down enough for a conversation.

Uhm. Cooking? Yeah. Cooking.

Longboarding and Camping too. So if you wanna go camping, we could do that. Cuddle underneath stars. So romance. Such wow.
The first things people usually notice about me
My Glasses. Bitches love Ray-Bans. But of course your not a bitch, you just love them because they're awesome. I'll go ahead and say SWAGG just to get it out the way. (And seriously, I'm not arrogant. Just really cool. Least in my own eyes...)

If not glasses? Uhm...nothing physical. I'm pretty average I think.

So humor, again. See above? Sorry if I'm making you work with me. I apologize. I'll rub your feet until you like me again. Promise.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lets go down the list-

Books: I don't read books. When I do, its comic books. Or horoscope books like Darkside Zodiac. I have read the Game of Throne books, because I like to spoiler my roommate and torture them. And everyone's read Harry Potter.

Movies: I'll just say, I like sci-fi, space, weird stuff genre, because I like a lot of those movies. Pacific Rim, Aliens/Predator/AvP, Scott Pilgrim, Star Wars/Trek, that kinda stuff.

But I do have a spot for watching other things like Across the Universe or, (500) Days of Summer. See? I can totes watch chick flicks. Except The Notebook. Fuh dat shit.

Shows: Eh, I mostly netflix stuff besides like, GoT. OH OH and Cosmos. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is my shit. He's my unofficial official uncle along with Samuel L. Jackson and Grandpa Morgan Freeman.

Music: Everything. Except Polka. And most music with an accordion. Okay all music with an accordion.

Food: I am a fat man in a skinny frame. I eat everything short of Yogurt BECAUSE I'M A MAN'S MAN AND I SHALL EAT ICE CREAM LIKE A MAN FOR MY FROZEN DAIRY DESSERT. I do loves me some sushi though, thats my favs. I'll take you to my sushi joints.
The six things I could never do without
Do I have six things?

Internet. 1.
Cell Phone. 2.
Susie (My Car). 3.

So I could -feasibly- live on 3 things, but I would say Computer/Laptop at 4th, And I dunno for 5th/6th because that encompasses most things I do daily. I'll cop out and say food & water
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Uhm. Nothing. In particular. Usually what I have to do when I get home, or what I can do, or list of things tomorrow. I do all that because I forget fairly easily.

If answer A seems too lame: I spend all my time thinking about you and how to make you love me more, babeh.
*Que Barry White Soundtrack*
On a typical Friday night I am
I have no typical Friday. My life is flown by seat of pants unless I plan something. So if I have no plans, ADVENTURE TIME INTO THE WILDS OF FLORIDA. Which usually ends up at: Friends House, My Apartment, Beach, Open/Abandoned Roads, Face-Down in Gutter.

(I only put the last part because It totally makes me look badass.)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm kind of an open book. Nothing is really private -but- I'm not gonna tell you its there. I'm like that buried treasure of private info that you have to quest for.
You should message me if
If I made you laugh. Or you like smart guys. Or Romantic guys. Or guys in general. Or because you want to.

In fact, just message me anyway, because if we don't date, we can be friends and chill, and thats always awesomesauce.