28Denver, United States
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My self-summary
I'm dusting off this profile and giving it another try. Here's my June 2014 update, for the first time in quite a while.

I've never found a person who has satisfied my interest for long enough to settle down and be in a serious relationship. I'm picky. I'm one of those people who is happy to be alone, so I won't settle for anything less than exactly what I'm looking for.

So, about me: I'm about the most friendly person you'll ever come across. I don't have any reservations about talking to anyone about anything. I love strangers, and I'll chat with them anywhere.

Weirdly enough, I identify as an introvert. I don't drink very much, because I find the petty conversations and interactions associated with the habit to be pretty boring. I won't judge you if you like to drink, though. I'm a tiny little thing, and I can't hold my liquor. (We can blaze all day long, though)

I read. A lot. A LOT. Satire satisfies my soul. Kurt Vonnegut was a God. Documentaries make me super happy, too. Oh, and I'm a nerd. If you're a nerd, I probably think you're kinda hot already. ;)

I'm pansexual. I'm also sapiosexual. I'm not going to give you a long lesson about what these words mean, but what they mean to ME is that, my attractions to people are never based on gender, but are purely intellectual. I won't think you're attractive if you don't have an active mind and a desire to question almost everything around you. Also, I have a whole explanation about the myths on gender binaries, but we can chat about that some other time.

Which reminds me, if you email me with a one-sentence greeting, I will ignore you so hard.

I'm out there in the world looking for someone who is more intelligent than they are beautiful. They should be able to carry on a conversation backed by passion and curiosity. They will be honest and straightforward. I'm not looking for a confrontational person, so I really need someone who is willing to keep things simple. I'm very openminded about relationships. While I would prefer a monogamous relationship, depending on the level of initial trust, I'm also open to polyamorous relationships, and, this is the pansexual in me, couples.
What I’m doing with my life
I just graduated in May with a BS in Technical Communications. I'm happy to say that I finally landed a regular old 40 hour job working for a major broadcast company as a technical assistant. I was formally a freelance video producer and a full-time server. I miss freelancing. But good riddance to foodservice. A steady paycheck is nice.

Other than that, I spend the vast majority of my time buried in a book and/or at the gym. Boring as can be, and proud of it.

I'm also starting my GRE studies, but damn is it hard to do homework when you don't have a deadline.
I’m really good at
Grammar and spelling, and a total Nazi about it.
Battles of wits.
Spending an entire day with a book in my hand.
Breaking the ice.
Making myself laugh. I haven't really figured out if I'm funny or not yet. I sure as hell think I am.
Taking care of myself.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have never, ever in my life asked someone what the first thing they noticed about me was. So to answer this would make me a presumptuous liar.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Way too many to name, but here are some of my current favorites.
"A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess
"Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut (actually, anything by ole Vonnegut)
Literally everything Hunter S Thompson has ever written, or thought, for that matter
"1984" by George Orwell
"A Long Way Gone" by Ishmael Beah
"NOS4A2" by Joe Hill
"V for Vendetta" by Alan Moore
"Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahniuk
I'll also name-drop Carlos Casteneda, Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac... Don't even get me started, I'll go on for days.

I'm a film nerd, so I'll watch anything.
LOVE Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino.
Documentaries, all day.
Action flicks.

I'm a little spent on television lately. Except for Penny Dreadful; that shit's fantastic.

Underground hip hop
Indie rock

Everything, I'm a tiny little monster.
Six things I could never do without
My camera, books, blue cheese, good conversation, passion, love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Having lazy days, whatever book I'm reading at the moment, where my life is going to take me next, how I can make today even more beautiful.
On a typical Friday night I am
Honestly, at home reading, or perhaps at a concert. Never at a party.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I take OKCupid with a grain of salt and I've come across more awful people than good ones on here. Your odds aren't extremely great with me on here, but hey, it's worth a try. ;)
You should message me if
You are open minded, hardworking and interested in a new friend. I am not looking for anything in particular, I'm cool with casual or serious under the right circumstances, so just message me if you wanna get to know me :)
The two of us