71DeLand, United States
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My self-summary
I am on a quest to improve myself ,spread joy ,let every one know what a wonderful world this is if only we can precept that being human is . We are the eyes of now. The godeadhead fulfilled. FEMALE /MALE ...Attention ! You will notice that I have erased ever answer . After 3 years & not one date .I'm taking a year off .Ladies ,if you post a picture ,answer no questions , fill out not one bit of profile or self summary AND we are matched at 50% something is wrong with this site . also ,please let us know your astrological sign , YES it's more important than you'll ever know . I MEAN do you want to keep getting a lesson in MEN OR RELATIONSHIPS ,or do you seek to find that twin -flame that IS your other half .??? I am leaving after this month , taking a year off from looking for 3 years for you ,the one ,yes ,I believe that your there , WHY because I'M still here .!!! [ a little bit of a new Addendum! ] [ I have spent over 1 1/2 MILLION on children, wives , alcohol, drugs, food, clothes, homes, land, collections, books, tools, supplies, moving so my wife of the time could be happy, and of course girlfriends. ] The new rules. #I . Bring money. I can be had, but, as you I'm not cheap. I am faithful and hard working. Artist and a civil sight management person. Profession. #2 . I will be equal in a loving relationship. #3 . I have never had reason to cheat. [ So throw caution to the wind and hopefully you will text me. ] thanks for the interest.!
What I’m doing with my life
I am semi-retired , working artist, who house sits ,helps any one who calls or asks. It is a daily affirmation ,doing anything in this now,painting ,pulling weeds,becoming proficient in any thing i pretend to know how to do,a walking meditation. Now during that walking meditation , if I should happen to awake and your taking advantage of my good nature and kindness as weakness ,good by ,so long , it's been great ,get a clue ,and start having an authentic compassionate life .
I’m really good at
I have collected rare beads and stones that i weave into unusual jewelry,that incorporates healing color and energy. Playing at and growing younger with an inexplicable curiosity. Managing construction sites , from 40 storied buildings ,water-treatment plants ,bridges , and power plants . Observing your past ,present ,and possible future through " The Laws Of Scientific Hand Reading " 48 years of study .!!!
The first things people usually notice about me
Okay , here we go . Buckle up your seat belts " It's going to be a bumpy ride" . I tell the unvarnished truth. Much to my own demise. Everyone : -"Want's to kill the messenger " & not realize the facts or totally ignore the situation exists .1. If you push the wrong key at the bottom of this site your suddenly on a porn site . Ladies ,if you are over the age of 26 ,what chance do you have getting a "Date" where men are looking at pictures of 18-24 year old girls nude. and I mean porn "NUDE. " 2 ATTENTION ... Several young women state "Hello ,Handsome ...I'm interested in getting to know you .send me your email address . also your bank card number,how much do you earn a month,and start sending money as soon as you can get to western-union or money gram ! SO users beware ...women and men . I mean if you want porn ,go buy it . 3 ,ladies ...if you want no sex just say so at the top of your profile ,please don't put CHRISTIAN AND IT MEANS A LOT . Also please leave god out of this ,they have so much to do for us without bothering them . 4 Yes for all of you, the razing of the consciousness of ALL humans is in my heart.THE CHRIST IS IN MY HEART. Not the baby Jesus celebrated on a pagan holiday, or a dead white man nailed to a cross. HE IS ALIVE IN THE HEART. STOP ALL THE WARS,FIGHTING,ARGUING,DEATH,STARVATION, POISONING OF HUMANS ,AND THE WARSHIP OF MONEY . Flamboyant silk shirts ,long silver hair that is turning brown,the love skipping or dancing down the street, letting every one know to hug, and to say good morning ,have a great week! and mean it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Crazy Florida,Randy Wayne White,Carl Hiaasen ,Dorsey,Bob Morris,Laurence Shames ect,. Living,Loving,&Learning by BUSCAGLIA, PRONOIA by BREZSNY , all SELF help ( for myself ) any spiritual leanings, ALL the hero journeys movies. JAZZ, 20ES_through now! Find futher delicious recipes at serobarryism@gmail. com ... FOOD what ever sounds or tastes good now. We are allowed to change. .I'm starting to go back into being a vegetarian.
Six things I could never do without
1. breathing ,loving the time i spend ,watching the world unfold,moments of delirious serendipity, 2. music, the space in between the notes, AND the human voice. 3. Any Hello. 4.Dance. 5. SUNrises in morning EaST. 6.Really. !7. Coffee, coffee, coffee. My only drug.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Some of the time wondering why we will not let or forgive our self from being human. Why the peanut butter side hits the floor all the time it falls. If they call it the mystery in life why do we spend so much time trying to think it out instead of just felling. If you ask me for the truth ,I give you only my observation of ANY situation that may be happening at a moment in time . Now ,I have somehow hit upon a raw nerve that you did not want known ,even to yourself. LIFE happens . enjoy or don't .
On a typical Friday night I am
Working on jewelry . Going out to dance. Cooking a dinner for a date. LISTENING TO A LIVE BAND. Reading by myself. Knowing that some times friday is crazy out , so watch a movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Is that i am crazy in a insane world but i am not the contagious part ,it is only when one takes this all way to serious . Recently this construct has come to my attention . ALL OF US ARE IN THIS TOGETHER . Like attracts like . It used to be that opposition attracted each other ,for lesson learned ! NOW EVERYONE IS SO POLARIZED THAT IT HAS BECOME A KNOCK DOWN FIGHT. WHY ??? ANYONE SHOULD LOOSE THEIR LIFE OVER A POINT OF VIEW .!!! ....LOVE ,FORGIVE , LET GO .
You should message me if
YOU are the fire_breathing eARTh_worshiper with the warrior GENIus of a geISha and the intimacy skills of samurai who seeks an undomesticatABLE creature with talent....A dissident bodhisattva with the messianic ambition to overthrow REALity. Whats so bad about obsession, anyWAY ! my INNER GURU wants to get into the funnest possible trouble with your inner goddess and physical body . I mean , WHY did any of us incarnate ??? To have the chance to have a physical experiences . LOVE AND SEX, FINDING ONE'S FLAME -TWIN /OTHER HALF , OUR SPLIT-APART . Only 10 days to go before I'M finished for a year . taking time off /not responding . I have decided to reanswere ALL the questions. So look up the funny things. Plenty to laugh about.
The two of us