34Astoria, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a professional Actor who is extremely outgoing, but can be shy around strangers. I'm the life of the party around friends or I'm quietly enjoying small talk with strangers. All over the place, this guy.

I'm formerly a Bostonian, currently a New Yorker. Don't worry, I don't typically drop my R's. Wicked, however, is a big part of my there's that.

i AM a DIEHARD Red Sox fan, so all Yankee fans who can't handle it, that's your queue to leave........

Look, I've dated Yankee fans before. Believe it or not, we can coexist. Is it ideal? Not if we have kids, caus we're raising them Sox fans, dammit!

Wait, whoa, why am I talking about kids? Way to scare them off, me. :)

I'm generally good people, excited to see what tomorrow brings, down for Adventure.

Goofball to the max, though. Total geek.
What I’m doing with my life
After a few years off that were spent travelling, bartending, student loan paying offing & generally life-loving, I'm diving head first back into the New York acting game, looking to take advantage of that big, expensive B.F.A. Degree in Acting, hence the new headshots.
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm extremely outgoing and very opinionated, which I got from my father. That said, I know when to keep my mouth shut, unlike my father.

Also, I have honest eyes. I might consider myself a good Actor, but I'm a terrible liar.

Actually, scratch that. I'm a great liar. I just only lie about stupid, unimportant stuff. My conscience is WAY too overpowering to lie about something really serious.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Top 5 movies:

Jurassic Park
Back to the Future
E.T. -The Extra Terrestrial

Pardon the laughably smug terminology, but aside from the predictably Spielbergian top 5, my styles are otherwise "eclectic". One day I could be watching a mindless action flick, the next an introspective art-house picture. That said, I'm very much a child of the 80s; Beverly Hills Cop, Die Hard, Goonies, The Breakfast Club and ALL THINGS SPIELBERG. That's where I tend to gravitate. Then again, I love a nice quiet Sunday afternoon watching Casablanca or The Maltese Falcon. And I am always, ALWAYS down for The Dark Knight Trilogy. Or anything that happens to be on IFC at any given time. Once again, eclectic.

I'll defend a good bad movie (The Rock) over a bad good movie (Cold Mountain) any day of the week. I just love movies that know what they are and don't try to overstep their boundaries. There are very few things I detest more than an "important movie" winking at the Academy as if to say "just gimme that Oscar already". You have to earn it. Love Scorsese, but "Gangs of New York" and "The Aviator" fell into that category. There were PLENTY of great things to love about those movies, but I just felt like he was getting desperate to "complete his career" by getting that statue. Ironic that his next movie, a Mob Film, would see him laid back, just killing it in his wheelhouse, bringing his best work in years...and winning an Oscar. Take chances, but don't over reach, guys.

As for TV; Once again, I'm all over the place.... Community, Trailer Park Boys, Portlandia, Arrested Development, Lost, Spaced, Dexter, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Alcatraz, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, The Walking Dead, Falling Skies, Twin Peaks, English and American versions of The Office, Touch, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Archer, The Killing, Rescue Me, 24, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Arrested Development (So awesome, it must be repeated), The Shield (BEST COP SHOW EVER), The Wire ( SECOND BEST), The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Law & Order, Young Indiana Jones Adventures, Seinfeld, 80s sitcoms (Growing Pains, Full House, Perfect Strangers, Family Matters)...I could go on.

As for music; it's...all over the place. (Haha. Surprise! Surprise!) Classic Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Classical, Film Scores (John Williams!), Indie Rock...I've been really getting back into 80s synth pop lately, so I've had The Cars, Talking Heads, and Huey Lewis & The News on heavy rotation...also, Zeppelin, Petty, James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Police, Genesis, Beastie Boys, U2, the Stones, Black Keys, Flight of the Conchordsand THE BEATLES. Always, The Beatles.

Food? Pizza, Baby. Pretty much anything with cheese. Obviously, I'm quickly appreciating the importance of eating healthier, but...oh man. Love cheeses. Also, New England Clam Chowder, but I'm from Boston, so it's kind of a birthright/requirement. I am extremely open minded and I love trying new things.
Six things I could never do without
Jurassic Park
My Snarky Humor
My iPhone
Red Sox baseball
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Anything and everything. I'm a daydreamer and my mind tends to wander.

I'm also a planner. Though it's all in good fun and pure speculation, I've got a plan for if/when the Dead rise. Just in case ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
all over the place. I love hanging out with my friends at our favorite pubs, having a good laugh, or staying at home, listening to music and reading. I'm pretty easy going and just go with the flow. I'm always up for an adventure.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
can be found in my "Questions" answers.

Man, talk about indescreet.
You should message me if
it's ridiculous how much we have in common....

Like a love of Jurassic Park?
Or, ya know, other stuff.
The two of us