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My self-summary

This is my messy notebook of thoughts, feelings, tangents and rambling with no particular order!

Consequently My profile is Hella Long so if that isn't your thang I can be accommodatin. Her are some blurbs;

I'm looking for cool people to be friends with that are into Video Games, Art, and Anime. In that combination and order of interest. Not mandatory but preferable.

GO! : may 16-16

You have opted for the short version!

Hey I'm Luke! Nice to meet ya!
I'll attempt to be concise! probably.

A little about me I'm probably an average low social skill gaming guy, I've been told the way I think about the world is strange or uncommon. My fun-time activities consist of technical artsy things like rigging, modeling, and programming. I prefer to sit and paint all day, everything is generally better after I paint.
lets see on my day to day I try and stick to a three part routine;
1. Waking up and streaming some warm ups and maybe a little art work for my game.
2. Then heading off to work! I'm a cook in training at an Asian deli, full time.
3. Come home and program, trying to finish my first full fledged public release game.
What actually happens! Is something quite different. I sleep-in to long or I get caught up procrastinating on YouTube, ArtStation, or the occasional pinterest binge.

My big life influences/time sinks are; Blizzard Games, SWG, agetec and Square enix Games, Rare Games, Nintendo, D&D, ShadowRun, Solitude and Meditation, old cartoons, my high school drafting teacher that taught me humility, common sense, optimism, and initiative in the least tactful way possible.

quarks!? I love walking on misty-rain overcast days with a little wind and cold. That is my perfectly energizing west coast day!
I like making random sounds at random times? I meow, frequently. I'm not strange I'm 'unique' my mommy told me so.

Nice to meet ya! Did I already say that? Lets be friends ok? =D

Finish! : may 16-16

BAM! Did I sell myself well? No? Eh fuck it. I've got tali'zorah vas Normandy, she will always love me! *cries huddled in a corner coddling his tali body pillow muttering nonsensically*.

Brief: ??? ??-??
I'm a laid back dude that likes to be strange and whimsical. I enjoy swapping game stories and talking theory, lore, or design for hours. I relish Art and laughing with friends while getting nothing done. I also savor locking myself in a sunless noiseless room and coding for god knows how long, with carrots being my only expendable companion to improve my night vision.

If you're into games and can share my passion for creation. However you find that thread of inspiration, coding, writing, drawing/painting, sculpting, music what have you! If I'm not into whatever lights your creative fire I am willing to give it the old collage try and develop a taste, or at very least an appreciation.

If you are after a personality scope shoot me a message I'm an open book and I don't offend easily so feel free to ask me whatever! I'm more than happy to pen pal for a bit or just grab a drink at a/the? barcade. Whatever is comfortable for ya! In addition, I am more than open to meet cool ladies and dudes that just want to play the video games. If you live across the ocean and want to be gaming buddies I'm all for it! Otherwise the textbook is before you.

Detailed Outlook Tooltip:

new words =D -Start- 5/1/16
Important words, because abstracts are easy and fun: These are what I think/feel about each word rather than their straight definitions.

Mutuality; life is a two way street, double standards annoy me. "I can do this but you cannot, I expect this of you but not myself." This would normally fall under Honor for me as it is clearly unjust but I split it out.

Open Mind; A willingness to consider possibility as a first reaction, having the clarity to calmly discus or hear radically opposing thoughts/opinions/beliefs/ideals to realize they are just air and nothing more. Being able to feel/consider an others or a few other points of view during discussion.

Admission of Omission: Understanding that information is omitted in conversation to reduce the time to convey a message, If we took the time to touch on all ends we would never be done talking! the left out information is STILL pertinent to the understanding of the chary picked words in the message. Lord this one bothers me.

Optimism; A grounded and positive outlook.

Honor; Holding to your word or commitments to the utmost of reason, admitting/claiming mistakes, treating others and/or their property with more respect and consideration than you would treat yourself, having the integrity/courage to confront problems (problems are solved)/issues (issues are talked about). The integrity or loyalty to uphold relationships and put forth your best effort for the task you have opted into.

Honor is VERY important to me, and kinda the root of a bunch of traits people would normally call "positive".

Humility: The active knowledge that you probably don't know what you are talking about/doing, you DON'T have the best most reasonable answer, you probably don't even know/get what is happening around you. What you DO know is that answers kill questions.

NO, I am not lawful good, I am actually chaotic good most of the time. But I do stick to my principles, like final fantasy to fashion statements.

Common Sense & Initiative; The ability to self start the use of your faculties to identify problems or issues and realize an optimal solution. Neither common sense or initiative are commonly observed traits in the wild.
Wow I read that a little later and realize how abstract that was. I mean you don't wait around to be prompted into action. You can use your eyes/ears/nose/brain to identify things that are, may, or will need to be addressed and then address them in as effective manor as possible.

I have an infinite amount of understanding and patience as long as you are doing your best, as long as you have honor.

Logic; the incrementally progressive steps through a problem that is grounded within the rules of a system. Not a commonly observed trait in the wild. In fact I rarely see people actually using logic, it's more BS mixed with intuition and unfounded but self vindicated beliefs.

new words -end- 5/16/16

My general rule of thumb is do not limit other people or step on their happiness. Allow things to be simple, simplicity is a beautiful thing.

The Internet: Oh... the internet. It's like a cute puppy that tries to bite off it's own tail and wonders why it hurts.

Gamer Identity: I know many people consider themselves gamers these days. While I would not deny their right to say so, I do not consider many people that think of themselves as such to actually be a gamer. More that they like a particular game, as they would a food. I like to eat but I am not a "Foodie" I do not activity pursue the expansion of my flavor pallet. Seeking out new ways to cook, new dishes to try. I see main stream gamers in the same light. They partake of games but they are not gamers. I am more than happy games have hit the mainstream but with it there is also a sense of identity theft. The whole I was into it before it was cool, and now there are people who may in fact have once persecuted me for liking game parading around their gaming pride.

Games that are not games: There are many games I would consider to not be a game. While in fact they may eek by the definition of a game. Being a system of arbitrary obstacles impeding a goal. I do admittedly look down on these games and wonder why people would give their time and money to them. But The same could be said of my time sinks.

Trolling: I think trolling is fun and fine just like any humor as long as it doesn't break my rule of thumb 'Don't step on your fellow human beings happiness.' If your trolling is actually persecution then that is obviously a cowardly attack under the guise of humor. If you are willing to hurt your fellows, to stage an attack at least have the guts to admit that is what you are doing and accept the hurts others would throw on you. If you are willing to hurt you must also be willing to be hurt. If you can't stand hurting don't initiate conflict.

Gender: I take my cue from physiology, I've got male parts so I'm male. If you have female parts to me you are female. if you have both you are a hermaphrodite. Simple for sanity.

Gender Identity: I am a guy and think of my self as a man. However, my view of gender identity is a very fluid thing. Sometimes I feel like being a supa playful and seductive woman, because why not? It makes guys confused and uncomfortable and it's great fun. Get out and stretch your yin and yang bro! As for what you call me referrer to me as a tangerine or whatever blows wind up your skirt/kilt. It makes little difference to me as long as I know I'm the one you are talking to or about.

Gender Mentality: I'm probably mostly male bias the majority of the time. I look at situations from an observational stand point outside my emotions and knee jerk inclinations with the direction to "Fix" the problem. I think inclusively often from the perceptive of others when making choices with as little bias towards my personal agenda as humanly possible. Or at worst be aware that my choice are favoring my own interests. I like the illusion of honor and fairness and my brain loves letting me know when I'm doing or about to do something hypocritical.

Religion: religion or faith is a personal thing. I believe what I believe and don't care what others choose to place their faith in.

Humor: Nothing should be outside the reach of humor. If something has to be given special treatment it isn't real. Timing, anticipation, subversion of expectation. Bad taste and execution is a thing.

Politics: I try not to think about it. I graduated kindergarten I don't want to go back.
What I’m doing with my life
Goal 2016: Making a good living on the side as a freelance Artist.

Learning Japanese I hope to be able to communicate to a level that I can operate on a day to day level by the end of 2016. Hope to learn Chinese or Korean next but that is far down the road. I need to make friends that speak Japanese so I can practice!

Exploring downtown Portland in more detail now that I live on the river front in the pearl. Also eating at whole foods a lot more. The salad bar is actually a really good price. It's also really close so that might have something to do with it.
I’m really good at
having to much spunk and sass for my own good.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Far to many to put down. Also Favorite Video games or just games should be on that list! Here are some token favorites;

Recently watch: (updated 8-22-16)
[Hardcore Henry], Jungle Book, Netflix Daredevil S2, Gate and so the jsdf fought there season 2

Recently read: (updated 8-22-16)
[w40k Grey Knights Omnibus (65%)], w40k Valedor, King Conan: Bones and a Blade, Spider Gwen, Old Man Logan

Recently played: (updated 10-03-16)
Shadowrun Dragonfall, [No Man's Sky,] Titan Souls, Tiny Guardians, Skullgirls, Fallout 4

Recently Worked on: (updated 10-03-16)
blender anim rig, Vehicle concepts, Demon Girl Concept Art

Programs (updated 8-22-16)
[Blender], Maya/Max, Photoshop, Zbrush

Music: (updated, forever edition)
Anything that sounds good, mostly music of games I've played.

Games I Really Enjoyed: (updated 8-22-16)
Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Armored Core, Halo (all), Freelancer, Star Fox 64, Geometry Wars 2, Diablo (1-2), Age of Empires, Starcraft (all), Warcraft (all), Earth 2150, Empire Earth, Urban Assault, Dune 2000, Lords of Magic, Final Fantasy Tactics, Brigandine (PS1), Need for Speed, 1080, F-zero, Super Smash Bros Melee, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter(juri's my gurl!), rumble roses (I'm not ashamed), killer instinct (SNES spinal!), P&P Shadowrun (3), P&P D&D (1,3.5), Icewind Dale 2, Mass effect (1/2), Mickey Mania, jazz the jackrabbit, Legend of Zelda OoT, banjo kazooie, Animal Crossing(I regret nothing!), The Lost vikings, wetrix, [beetle adventure racing.]

The Raid 2, tangled, grandma's boy, Jurassic park 1, Event Horizon

Marco polo, firefly, Sliders, Sword Art Online

The Dragon and the George by Gordon R. Dickson,

Curry, Pizza, cranberry sauce, fresh Salads, egg sandwich with ketchup and sweet onion.

This list may contain one or more unlisted ingredients.
Six things I could never do without
My Computer or some sort of art making tool.
Video Games Want to play them all the time, Need to make them all the time.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
--7-22 s.
With The Pokemon Go craze going on. I wonder why so many people confuse my old gaming shirts with pokemon? Do you know how many times a day I hear people saying "Oh look! He is wearing a pokemon shirt and looking at his phone while walking. He is playing Pokemon Go!". Why pokemon go? I have a flippen Kirby shirt on! Kirby not jigglypuff! Also yes pokemon go is running, i've got to hatch those eggs. regardless! I'm playing fallout shelter thank you! It's a bad habit I know. I'm just waiting for vault-Tec DLC.
--7-22 e.

Would I become a hermit if I could wield the dark hado?

Would I try and catch'em all or just my vaporeon and ninetails?
On a typical Friday night I am
A: Coding, B: Sculpting/Painting, C: Gaming, D: Anime

(updated 8-22-16)
I just realized something while talking on discord with my fellow artist. We talk, joke and draw/paint some really obscene shit that would turn a normal person (whatever that is) running. Sexual jokes, sexual imagery (hentai/porn/furry), blasphemy for all ideologies, [abyss black humor. It kind of blew me away. We talk about really high brow and/or thought provoking stuff but when we get off track we we spare no expense.] If you are wondering there are more females in the art circle than males. So it's not a bunch of dudes being grose, we are an equal opportunity employer.
You should message me if
Why should you message me?
Cuz I'm awesome, crazy, and look smoking hot in a low cut dress and stilettos, just like cloud!

(updated 8-22-16)
You want to chat about or play some video games, do some art stuffs, watch some vids. Or you feel we could possible get along and wish to test the theory. Feel free to shoot me a message. I'm generally friendly and don't bite often. [Steam is a great why to do activities together if you want to hang out. I've got a lot of multiplayer games odds are I have yours.]

I'm willing to invest time to get to know you, be it for friends or avocados. Just be straight forward, courteous, punctual, and honest. I'll do the same.

If you're more of a face to face person I'm down to meet up. Be it sitting awkwardly silent on a bench for twenty minutes then never see one another again (baby steps for the socially awkward). Or walking the river front and chatting about random stuff.

FYI I don't have A list so I can't see likes.

and now for some music.
The two of us