29 Bethel, United States
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My self-summary
I'm 23 years old. I live in Bethel. I work full-time. I love spending time with friends but also love my time alone. I love all sports but to name a few i practice more often: mountain biking, sailing, rock climbing, soccer, skiing and tennis. I enjoy quiet nights, outdoor work, wood carving, nice wine and traveling. The list goes on. Coffee and sunflower seeds are a must. Every night i go to sleep Wishing to wake up one morning and find a CJ5/Wrangler sitting in my driveway so my Honda can finally stop embarrassing itself with its Jeep license plates. Since I was little I've had a plan to move to Colorado and to this day the thought still occupies the majority of my thoughts. I want to be near the mountains, have access to the best rock climbing places, live in a place where a wrangler is never clean.

I am outgoing, active, and a fool
What I’m doing with my life
Working. Occupying my time with Sports, Hanging out with friends and Cruisin around aimlessly with my dog, Bella.
I’m really good at
Something I'm really good at? probably nothing.
Something I'm excellent at? Sleeping through alarm clocks, eating too much, laughing at inappropriate times, misspelling words, surprises, giving my dog really bad haircuts that have her resembling a box rather than a cute dog with a fresh haircut, making snowballs, falling off the roof of my house while star gazing, mowing the lawn unevenly, picking up stray animals and bringing them home (not to get confused- this does not apply to only the typical domestic animals. Farm animals have also found themselves driving shotgun in my car), driving over speed bumps too quickly, arriving tardy at the airport to pick up family/friends and thats assuming that i remember to go in the first place (this applies to everyone but my sister, Julia), extreme mud sliding, making an absolute fool of myself any time i am forced to speak in front of a large group of people, thumb wars- but only when playing by my rules, Ping-Pong, embarrassing myself at red lights when forgetting to turn the volume down while listening to songs which most people refer to as "crap and embarrassing", my music collection has also resulted in most of my passengers bringing with them their own CDs when driving in my car and being forbidden to have any control over the music in my car, playing dinosaurs with little kids, feeding ducks at the park, building tree houses that won't fall out of trees for a guaranteed 50 years, losing at tug-a-war, hide-and-go-seek AND scrabble against a 4 year old, locking myself out of the house and work, not remembering people's names for a very long time, drinking way too many cups of coffee everyday, aggravating fishermen by skipping rocks on the water right beside them as they sit quietly not to scare the fish away, building high class sand castles, returning movies to the wrong movie rental place, falling out of chairs and last but not least, i'm beyond excellent at being oblivious to bad ideas that friends suggest to me because they know i will try it. For example: jumping off a roof holding a plastic bag above your head to work as a parachute. it does not work. and neither do two plastic bags.
The first things people usually notice about me
That depends on if they first see the front or back.
Front- The blinding white shoe laces on my hiking boots that never seem to fade in color or get dirty.
Back- My fanny pack. No that's not a joke.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Moby Dick and The Little Prince
Movies: Gran Torino, Friday Night Lights, Dancer in the dark.
Music: The Beatles, Country, Trance, Rap and everything
Food: Sprats, Mussels, Asparagus, This is too hard of a question. I love everything. There's nothing i wouldn't eat.
The six things I could never do without
1. My sister, Jules 2. My puppy, Bella 3. MARLEY 4. ________ 5.
________ 6. Pierina! <3
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the amazing pbusta!.......And how i should get into the habit of thinking more before acting and that tends to turn into my "in the zone don't talk to me" reminiscing of how i could have saved myself from falling from far too many trees, getting hit by multiple cars, getting attacked by various wild animals etc. etc.

other than that i think of the future a lot.
On a typical Friday night I am
sittin home wondering if i really would save money if i switched to Geico
You should message me if
1. You can accept the fact that I DO wear a fanny pack on a daily basis.
2. Can accept that I still try and travel as a Junior Jet when I fly in planes for the airline wing pins, the special visits to the cockpit and primarily to save myself, as well as save the stewardess from a very awkward conversation when i ask them for crayons and a coloring book which as a Junior Jet is a given that you receive both upon boarding the plane.
3. Just wanna talk to someone new.