32 Vienna, Austria
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My self-summary
So, whats there to say? For my living I work as a tech journalist at the online desk of a well-known newspaper.

I'm a calm person and way better in listening than smalltalk. I'm into the practical side of things and I cultivate a constructive approach on problems and criticism. I enjoy helping people and won't abandon friends when times get rough.

Besides that, I like to know how stuff works, at least so far that I can get it to work the way that I want. I love playing around with new consumer electronics to see what they are capable of.

I tend to have a good sense of humour, too, and sarcasm is my second mother tongue.

I am, by the way, REALLY bad in reading subtexts in verbal communication. Id rather hear things less polite but straight forward than in some unnecessarily encrypted way. If you need to tell me something, just do it. In fact, I find it very annoying when people are unable to communicate clearly.

In return, I rarely hide my opinion behind flowery words, but rather say honestly what I think. I am absolutely able to come to terms with compromises unless they completely contradict what I stand for. In the latter case, I can be rebellious and stubborn too (and I have a little history in fighting authorities for acting in an unacceptable way).

I am a staunch defender of human rights, for I believe real progress is only possible once people lay aside things like ethnicity or religion and come to terms about universal values. I also believe that cooperation beats rivalry. (Refugees welcome, by the way).
What I’m doing with my life
Work: tech journalist. Mostly okay, sometimes boring and repetitive.

Else: Thinking about life, exploring the vast world of video games and consumer electronics, engaging in political discussions. Or roaming about with some friends, but Im not much of a party tiger. I do like to explore new places, especially if theres a chance to gamify that experience.

I do have my lazy times, but I generally like doing sports (boxing, football, squash, fitness etc).
I’m really good at
Writing, because this is one thing that I learnt very early, before most other children did. Also, I was a real bookworm when I was little, while I sadly dont take enough time to read nowadays (that has gotten better thanks to my ereader).

Singing. Ive come quite far by practising for myself for about three years now. Before that I thought I had no mentionable talent for this at all. I still wonder how I was able to overcome this and actually get started. Makes me kinda proud ;)
Fun Fact: I also own a Ukulele but theres not much progress to report after 10 years of occassional playing.

Cooking. I always loved experimenting with food, especially one I don't know. While I am not so much of a baker, I am quite successful in creating nice and creative lunch meals, dinners and cold desserts.

Playing (some) computer games. Well. I began my geek career when I was 4 or 5 on some old Sinclair PC with a datasette drive. I do love well executed, immersive role playing games but also casual fun stuff such as Mario Kart (everyone knows Mario Kart, right?)
The first things people usually notice about me
I am unique in my own ways. Different people may notice different things.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies: V for Vendetta, Children of Men, Melancholia, Der Gott des Gemetzels (Carnage) + more
Shows: The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Community, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Supernatural.
Books: Kishon, Pratchett, Orwell, Watzlawick, The Road (Cormac McCarthy), A Song of Ice and Fire and others, cant remember them all.
Food: Foreign specialities of different sorts, can live without meat and other animal products (and I do, most of the time, meaning Im "almost-vegan")
Music: tends to vary, Im not tied to any genre (Im not a really a huge fan of hip hop and rnb, tho). I like (symphonic) metal, rock music, also Indie pop & rock at times, but also some mainstream stuff as well as classical music.
The six things I could never do without
Why the hell six things?
Okay then, let's imagine those six things are meant to take on some distant, uninhabited island...

A book, for I am a reader.
A pen, for I am a writer.
A ball, for I am a playful creature.
Some seeds, so I can create life on barren land.
No socks, so I can leave footprints.
A friend, so there is someone to trust.

And in less philosphical and more practical terms: My smartphone, internet, my glasses, food, oxygen
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to save the world, or parts of it from the common insanity of mankind. Havent found a solution yet. Maybe I should think quicker before we all go down in some sort of very unhealthy nuclear world war :)
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no typical friday night. (Yeah, I guess mine is about the 698th profile you've read containing that very obvious line).

So here are some possibilities:
I might be playing video games or watching movies (or wasting time on failblogs or similar websites).
I might be out with some friends.
I might be having a loooong conversation with a friend.
I might be practising sports.
And on rare ocassions I might be even out partying.
Or just recovering from a weeks work in front of the tv or with a book/e-reader in my hands.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a nerd at times and I own a Ken vs. Ryu t-shirt as a remembrance to those good old days where my cousin and I spent hours playing Street Fighter II on his SNES.
You should message me if
you're convinced that we could start up an interesting conversation and see where things go from there :)

(PS: Im not A-listed, so I don't know who presses the "like" button on my profile)