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My self-summary

Hi, I'm Josh Rachlis. I'm sometimes too busy to check this site. But follow me here if you like: (I'm at my friends limit, but we can still chat there)

I'm a YouTuber, blogger, voice actor, comedian, screenwriter, cartoonist, singer/songwriter, radio host, TV personality, environmentalist, politician, cupcake judge.

In January 2016, I left my job, where I was a copywriter at Canada's top ad agency for 15 years. I now do my blogging and voice acting from my laptop, so I can be anywhere, anytime. You can join me in traveling to new places. Or you and I can go for nice walks in your neighbourhood.

I own a condo in Toronto, but I am often elsewhere.

Read about my life at my blog:


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Ok, now for the LONG VERSION:

NOTE: I paid the $20 to change my profile name from BertSeeksErnie to Bert4FemaleErnie, because I was repeatedly told that my name made it seem like I'm gay. Honestly, I just thought it was a cute way of saying I'm looking for a romantic partner who is also a best friend and who would share jelly beans with me and who maybe has a silly, optimistic side to counterbalance my sometimes grumpy, sarcastic side. The names are referring to the Bert and Ernie muppets on Sesame Street. Heard of them? I hope so. Otherwise this still makes no sense. Anyway... So hopefully the new name clears things up and doesn't now introduce transgendered confusion into the mix. I'm just trying to say that I like girls. And muppets.

What else is there to know about me other than my sexy, virile heterosexuality? Well, I would say I'm a Renaissance Man. But I would say it in a cute voice, so that it didn't sound arrogant or douchy.

I ran twice with the Green Party for Member of Provincial Parliament. It was a beautiful experience - I was so touched by all the people who came out to debates to have their say and get involved. It was moving when people thanked me for contributing. I can't wait to run for office again. It was also fun when a song I wrote for the campaign made it into the newspapers - It's great to reach people with a positive message.

I also ran for mayor of Toronto in 2014. My goal was to get in the media and get my message of positivity and eco-friendliness out there. And CityTV invited me on to Breakfast Television. So, mission accomplished! (Even though I had a cold for my 7:30 a.m. appearance. That was brutal.)

For my regular day job, I was writer at an ad agency, which I enjoyed as I got to be creative. The highlight of my job so far was shooting a Visa commercial with Leslie Nielsen in Miami. But now it's time to work on my creative passions full-time. Some of them include:

I act. I was the tiny Scottish man in the commercial for Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Mini Granola Bites:
But that’s just a "character." In reality I'm not Scottish. Not that quite that small, either.

I was also the voice of the claymation Dan The Chameleon in a commercial for Hubba Bubba Max:

I care about the environment. Racial equality. Gay rights. Women's rights. Basically, I just want everyone to get along and live long, healthy lives. I do stand-up comedy, including a special brand of eco-comedy that I've invented. I've been written up in major papers about it. I've hosted award shows and community cable shows. I write humourous articles and draw cartoons for a newspaper. I like making short films. I don't really know much about playing the guitar, but I like to write love songs ( One song that I wrote is on the soundtrack of a short film I made about a towel who falls in love with the girl who owns him ( Yes, sometimes I imagine what feelings things would have, if they had feelings. Maybe I'm too sensitive.

I did some talk radio hosting and I loved talking to the public. These days I'm doing the occasional story telling appearance on CBC Radio, and I talk about my life on Humble & Fred Radio a popular world-wide morning radio show. I am also the Guy Expert on What She Said Radio. I love entertaining and informing the public.

I was on an episode of Come Date With Me Canada, a reality dating show, and everyone I meet - from a teller at the bank to the security guard at my condo - tells me that (spoiler alert!) the girl should have picked me. So that's kind of like an endorsement for dating me, right?

I wrote an eco Love song for Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader during Canadian federal election ( and it went viral ( It encouraged people to think about the environment during the election. I'm pretty happy about that. I'm also happy that CTV Newschannel sent a limo to take me to their studio and interview me for 5 minutes about my song. It looked like they were talking to me elsewhere, but (spoiler alert!) I was really in the next room. I'm not so happy that I decided to put in eye drops just before going on air, and a drop dripped down through my make-up and it looked like I was crying.

Every day I look forward to doing and learning new things. I'm inspired by my mom who started running at 50 and now runs marathons and triathlons, as well as paints and writes and does charity work. I'm inspired by my dad, who seems to be treating retirement as a chance to help more people in ever more ways. And I often think about how much my grandparents loved each other. There's an old photo of my Baba holding my baby cousin while my Zaida takes advantage of the moment to sneak a kiss onto Baba's cheek and Baba's face lights up. I aspire to being in a photo like that.

I'm crazy about my 4 year old niece and 2 year old nephew. When you meet them, you'll understand why. And you'll know that our kids will be super cute and smart. 😚
What I’m doing with my life
I'm finally feeling like things are coming together as I want them to. I am designing the life that feels right for me. For 20 years, I was working at an ad agency, writing commercials. I left that in December so I can have the freedom to travel, and to work on my creative passions. I want to do a daily YouTube show, podcast, and cartoon strip about my life.

Acting, screenwriting, cartooning, radio hosting, songwriting. I feel the need to be creative and I love to share my creations with the world, hopefully making people laugh and cry. Depending on what the goal of the piece is, that is. This essay, for instance, will hopefully make you laugh more than cry.

6 years ago bought a condo that has cool facilities in the building, like a pool and a movie theatre. But I haven't really had time, or a partner, with which to take advantage of said things. Maybe you'd like to take a break with me to take a dip or watch a flick? Or watch a flick about dips? I don't even know what I just said. But actually, I'm happy to not be in my condo now. I want to explore new places and live in new places. Join me for some adventures! It can be as simple as checking out a small town.
I’m really good at
writing online profiles about myself. As you can tell. Right? Right? ;) I'm also good at encouraging people to go after their dreams and be their best. To help more people, I've started a consulting business where I teach people how to pursue the creative jobs of their dreams. I'm also really good at getting along with dogs. They love me. And I love them. I'm a man of science, but man, if I didn't know better, I'd say that dogs and I have a special connection and that they know something about me that humanity has yet to discover. But I know better. Woof woof.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm usually told that I'm funny. If I'm not told I'm funny, it's because the person does not have a good sense of humor. ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I prefer to think about writing my own movies and music. And also, should anyone be judged by what books, movies, shows, music and food I like? Would you love me less if you found out I liked Tom Kha soup? (That's the creamy coconut type of soup you can get at Thai restaurants. Wait, now you don't love me anymore? Sigh. I knew I shouldn't have put anything in this section.)
Six things I could never do without
My acoustic guitar
My HD camcorder for filming YouTube videos
My voice-acting microphone
A black marker and paper for drawing
Running shoes to run off the steam
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how I can most help the world. Not that I'm arrogant enough to think that the world needs my help, but, well, ok, yah, the world really needs my help.
On a typical Friday night I am
tweaking this profile to make it perfect. Yes, perfect! And yet... And yet... My dream girl has not yet responded!! Argggh!!!

Or, I'm thinking about writing some comedy but probably just wasting time on Facebook. Save me! Do you have some project you're working on? Let's work on our stuff in the same room or in a coffee shop, to keep each other honest! Then we can reward ourselves with something fun, like a movie.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm too good a lover, and this spoils women for other men. I'm so
You should message me if
If I seem at all like someone you could have a fun conversation with over a, say, Rooibos tea, for, say, 20 minutes, why don't we just try it out? At the very least, you'll have enjoyed some caffeine-free antioxidants.
The two of us