63Bothell, United States
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My self-summary
Update: 2016 Not currently in hunting mode. Wishing the best for you!

I enjoy a variety of quality experiences, travel very well and make friends wherever I go. I've traveled the world for 30 years, see myself as an international citizen - tend to look at the bigger picture.

Quality of life is important to me - close relationships, education, the arts, a healthy lifestyle, like to be challenged and love communicating with intelligent people. My daughter has me 'leaning' vegetarian... I have been known to cook for myself and I love experiencing new tastes. I was married for 24 years to a (good) woman who could not cook, so I absolutely appreciate/love home cooked meals. I even watch cooking shows!? I joined a gym and will be getting my 'sexy' back... 6 pack target date: June, 2015. I want my V shape back!

Am well educated (two Engineering Degrees), have a good personality, emotionally healthy, have many tools and know how to use them. There are VERY few things I do not understand or cannot 'fix'. My 'job' was to invent/make machines used in the production of electronics.
I have a sense of humor (even if it's laughing at myself).

I have two fantastic children who are the light of my life and raised my son as a single parent.

I understand the five languages of love. MY language is: acts of service closely followed by touch. I'm clean and mostly thoughtful (smile) and even put the toilet seat down and pick up after myself and focus on self improvement. I simply cannot just 'exist'. I find it difficult to be around people without a sense of direction or purpose in life. My EX (wife, 24 yrs) said: "You are a tough act to follow."

I enlisted the help of a past girlfriend (9yrs) wrote this about me:

"Good listener, skilled lover, sexy body, compassionate heart, devoted father, attentive lover, goes out of his way to help others, wonderful sense of humor, appreciates my femininity, appreciates my talents, playful teaser, soooo cute, seductively handsome, never shows rage in anger, deeply sensitive, finds pleasure in sunsets, willing to talk things out, appreciative of my intelligence, complex intelligent mind, curiosity for learning new things, creative thinker, accepts me for who I am, tender lover, admits if he's been wrong, seeks to understand me"

I have made a great lifelong effort to learn how to have all aspects of a great relationship. I am empathetic, considerate, confident and well past feeling like I have to prove myself to anyone. I have been characterized as an Alpha Male and am not intimidated by strong women. I have the "disease to please" but am working on a recovery.

I get endorphins flowing when learning new things. I love history, technology, science, psychology, travel and other similar topics. I stay current with world events. Not much of a sports fan.

I know that foreplay is 24/7 and have been trained in Tantra and been practicing it for decades. I realize that the brain is the MOST important sexual organ we have.

I have made a great lifelong effort to learn how to have all aspects of a great relationship. I am empathetic and considerate. I am also confident and well past feeling like I have to prove myself to anyone.

I tend to be a brainiac type, love all things technological and find most everything interesting in one way or another. Always have an audio book in play, exercise fairly regularly.

I'm semi-retired and I spend most days trading stock futures (ES).

Currently taking swing dance lessons. Belong to a few meetup groups (sailing, etc.) Continue to practice and learn the finer aspects of cooking. Can feed myself and one or two others.

We 'are' who we surround ourselves with.
A friend is a gift we give ourselves, what kind of gift will you give yourself?
We always move in the direction of our most dominate thoughts.

Not compatible with extremists of any persuasion.
Socially liberal, fiscally conservative. Centrist
What I’m doing with my life
I trade stock futures by day and take dancing lessons by night. I belong to several meetup groups that keep me busy. I am trying to teach myself Reflexology but kinda hard to practice on a dog paw. Oh yes, and continue to learn cooking. I am really into learning everything I can.

I do my best to enjoy every day and the people in my life. I stop and smell the roses as often as I can.

Downsizing my house and possessions in KS for a slow move to WA. Interesting experience!

Started running again. Listen to audio books while dragging the dog after mile 3 (or does she drag me?). She's finally learning the range of the 26-ft leash.

Have a personal goal to achieve July 2015.
I’m really good at
Most everything NOT involving blood or guts or any sort of body fluids meant to stay in the body.

I understand and can fix most everything. My son asked my daughter this Christmas: "What's your favorite part about being in this family?" Her answer? "The tools". Good at construction, teaching, remodeling, mechanical, electrical, automotive, computers, psychology, parenting (my kids say yes, so it must be so!), off-road driving, motorcycles, flying, sailing, skiing, navigating, travel, road trips, swimming, paddling, shooting, explaining complex things simply, problem solving and listening with no problem solving, lifting heavy things and not getting lost in the store.

I have been told I am in a class all by myself regarding horizontal dancing. (And who am I to disagree?!?)

Making you feel loved.
The first things people usually notice about me
My laugh and smile, I suppose. My dates most often tell me that I do not look or act 'my age'. What, I am no longer 40?!?!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Most all music, except rap. I use Pandora. I rarely listen to local radio. I also buy songs / audios that I want to listen to over time. I enjoy 'oldies', show tunes (yes, show tunes), well done songs (Can't get that damn: "It's all about the bass", song out of my head!)
and this one:

I am seriously into self-help audios.

I almost never watch real time TV. I hate wasting time on commercials and skip over the parts that don't interest me. I increase the quality of my viewing time and am not controlled by when a show is on. I record programs/movies in advance and my TIVO has 2700 hours of capacity. I have added a Slingbox and can view programs from anywhere in the world including on my phone, iPad, computer, etc...

H2, HGTV, Disc, BBC, History Channel, Educational Programs, SciFi, Military Channel. Cannot adequately describe how much I love to learn. Especially about history. Some chick flicks, movies from the 30s and 40s, WWII moves and classics. I like movies that leave me with a good feeling. Though can't really say why my favorite movie is: John Carter. I absolutely LOVE: Dr. Who, Ancient Aliens. TED talks, Google Tech Talks. Castle, Big Bang Theory, Dr. Who, Person of interest, Elementary, Mentalist, The Five, Megan Kelly (both of which always present both sides to everything).

I love most all food. I love to try new foods and eat slowly so that I can appreciate every single subtle taste. Like sex, why rush it?!? Enjoy the journey.

I JUST learned how to make potato chips in the microwave!
Six things I could never do without
My children; they are the lights of my life.
The love of a good woman.
Family and friends.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Will good love find me even though I am banned from four supermarket chains?
On a typical Friday night I am
WHAT?!?! It's FRIDAY again... Already?!?! I long ago stopped waiting for the weekend to live and instead make a habit of it daily.

Sometimes I head out on the town with my special sign that says "I'M AVAILABLE" in flashing lights. See above supermarket ban.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am shocked to finally have to admit to myself that I have less hair on my head that I previously believed. It's everywhere it doesn't need to be!

YouTube and Pinterest are my personal time warp purgatories, my computer set up is made of five monitors and two computers which I use simultaneously, the million tabs I have open in my three internet windows cause the computers to crash bi-daily and I'm never more than 10 feet away from a Kleenex box. Ever. You never know when a fluid emergency will arise.
You should message me if
You got this far and are still interested. We match a fairly high percentage (assuming you answered those inane questions). And can tell when I've answered 'tongue in cheek' due to the question.

You are HWP (Height Weight Proportional). Emotionally healthy and enjoy a relatively healthy lifestyle.
The two of us