52Hallandale Beach, United States
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My self-summary
SOUTH FLORIDA PERMANENT LOCALS ONLY NEED APPLY! PLEASE READ TO THE END BEFORE MESSAGING ME! Let's not waste each other's time with mindless "Hi's" and Hello's"!!!

Now then . . . This female seeks mind, as well as body seduction ... ;-)

My philosophy: Life is short. Which means I prefer being out there living it rather than staring at a computer flirting or chatting on line. I do NOT partake in Instant Messaging anywhere.

I do however TRULY enjoy email exchanges (worlds apart from today's run-of-the-mill, superficial flirting and chatting) -- though mainly OUTSIDE THE CONFINES OF THIS SITE -- to first get acquainted appropriately. The "Written Word" is definitely a very important part of the overall foreplay for me ... so gentlemen, please do not request that we speak over the phone/text -- no, I do NOT want your phone number at this point -- or meet in your message to me here ... kindly be CREATIVE in your approach! {By the way, and again, "Hi", "Hi beautiful", "Hello", "Hello gorgeous", "Nice smile pretty lady" and/or any variation of such ineffective greetings will be deleted and will result in the blocking of your profile. Do all men truly believe they can secure a quality mate, whether casual or long-term, with such laziness?? Hopefully not. But I digress...}

If however, mutual chemistry ignites during the course of our personal correspondence, OUTSIDE THE CONFINES OF THIS SITE, then a few phone conversations to get to know one another yet a little further --- yes, I actually do favor that particular order --- and, if at that point we happen to click, then we can meet and enjoy some wonderful quality moments together!

These last two paragraphs above are at the crux of my proclivities. If, for whatever reason, you are unwilling to correspond via personal email prior to engaging in phone conversations (as a preface to a potential and eventual meet), then I would ask you to kindly move on to another profile. We all have our preferences and I do respect yours. Therefore, please respect mine.

Speaking of which, mutual respect also implies that I am NOT here to command, control or change anyone. Should you not fundamentally "see yourself" -- at the very least, partially -- when you gaze into the mirror that is my profile or if my words here do not resonate with you so deeply that you can almost feel them, I would then suggest we go our separate ways. No need to waste each other's time. After all, analogous affinities are the key to enduring relationships!!

Essentially, I seek to ultimately meet select, quality individuals who know how to savor life’s pleasures, but who are also able to follow and initiate intelligent conversations. You should first be able to seduce my MIND ... intellectually, via the written word ... before you can get to my scrumptiously creamy and juicy center ... ;-) ...

I am not looking for cyber sex or long distance encounters, so again, you must PERMANENTLY live in South Florida (South of West Palm Beach only) ... those of you who occasionally travel to Florida on vacation or business but live in another state, please respect my wishes and do NOT contact me -- and also have a photo posted on this site ... fair is fair! So, for those of you who have decided to contact me, then please be bold and send me a message with a little MORE substance than the very predictable *Hello, how are you, I like your picture and profile, so let's chat and meet* type of message (no FLIRTS, please) and let's find out where that leads us ... ;-) ...

I am intelligent, intellectual, quite witty, highly untraditional, attractively feminine, extremely sensual and sexual, charmingly playful, independent, straightforward, self-confident ... just to name a few … ;-) ... sorry though, I am NOT a beach/water or sports enthusiast ... not the outdoorsy type whatsoever.

So if you enjoy fishing and/or the "great outdoors" (hiking, biking, tennis, golf, etc.) or can't wait to spend the day by the ocean and/or are into water activities (scuba-diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, etc.), I sincerely commend you for being who you are, however I am NOT the gal for you -- especially if you seek the company of your partner on any of these excursions, whether it be once in a blue moon, more frequently or anywhere in between. In the spirit of full disclosure, I am more of a night owl than a day dweller ...

Nevertheless, as I do have my own brand of favorite activities -- always in moderation of course -- I prefer to maintain OPEN and LASTING 'unconventional relationshipS' when finding overall compatibility and chemistry ... with a very select few ... ;-) ... I have never been married, by choice ... and am most certainly not looking to be ...

Jaded and jaundiced, you say? Not the least bit, my dear sir!! I am simply exceedingly pragmatic and know exactly what ... and whom ... I want. And how have I come to know this? Because I already have ... well, no need to spill the beans all at once! Only those who are willing and able to 'seduce my mind, intellectually, first and foremost, via the Written Word' will be privy to all the morsels which constitute my life. Suffice it to say that the heart of the mystery lies in the aforementioned open and lasting ... unconventional relationshipS ... ;-) ...

So ... the ideal matches for 'me'? Remarkably articulate and atypical gentlemen who are able to cleverly appeal to a woman's mind PRIOR to meeting her in person ... or even speaking with her over the phone ... again, someone whose first message to me will contain much more than just your bland variety of one-liners such as "Hello" or "How you doing" or "How's your day going?" or "You have a great smile" ... An original *paragraph of substance* would be nice ... ;-) ...

My idea of a perfect rendezvous ... passion and fire are a priority!! A deliciously sensual evening of drinks, dinner … and vigorous dancing of course ... no coffee or lunch dates, please ... ;-) ... and above all … stimulating conversation are always a great way to begin ... and then ... "Que sera, sera" ...

I am Unconventional, Straightforward, and Sensual
What I’m doing with my life
Continuously learning and evolving!! And having fun while doing it ... ;-) ...
On a typical Friday night I am
Out and about enjoying life ... in moderation of course ... ;-) ...
You should message me if
... you are an exceptionally eloquent and untraditional gentleman who is able to cleverly appeal to a woman's mind *PRIOR* to meeting her in person ... or even speaking with her over the phone ... ;-) ...
The two of us