34 Reading, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Before reading, if you are after an e-pal, I will save both you and I time. Oddly enough, I have real life friends who I can message to pass the time of day. Im on here to meet new friends in the first instance. Note : meet :)


I feel that I should apologise for my previously sparse profile after getting my wrist slapped several times via message. I was unaware we had to put every aspect of our personality, job, lovelife history and upbringing on here. I assumed that was discovered during actual communication. Silly me. However, to clarify, my first pet was a hamster, we called him Hamarian. And yes...I have been asked. still keeping it brief as 'essay' writing about my life seems somewhat pointless when it's likely you will have made your mind up on contacting me from my photos and a couple of sentences that stand out as you skim down!

Workwise, I'm a uniformed shiftworker for an emergency service. I can often be working nights or weekends. Thanks to such great shift patterns, I've started a distance learning qualification in psychology. if we meet, I can analyse the crap out of you. Its fascinating, but made slightly harder since I sat on my glasses. I dont really need glasses but they make me feel studious. Every little helps.

Socially, I'm not even slightly ashamed that the thought of clubbing makes me want to punch myself in the face. I love quirky bars and country pubs, and to quote my nan 'somewhere you can have good wine and good conversation'. Not an alcopop or sequinned boob tube in sight. Call me boring if you like, but I always have fun so I cant be going wrong.

I actively search out new things to do, I love going to new places, trying new food and meeting new people, and have no issues doing them alone if no one else is keen. Last year for my 30th, I went on a camping safari in Kenya alone as my lot weren't keen to be too far from the pool and the bar. I can categorically say it was two of the best weeks of my life.

*** End of Update ***

Im a hugely independent person with an inquisitive and enthusiastic lust for life. I love to travel and , will do so in the most basic of fashions in a bid to embrace other cultures. Fiercely loyal and trustworthy, l fill my world with people of the same traits.
What I’m doing with my life
What Im doing with my life...making every second count. Life is too short to be unhappy.
I’m really good at
English...I know this will provoke some indignant messages, but since studying the English language, I have a horrifically low tolerance for poor spelling and most specifically, txt spk. I abhor the use of LOL and LMAO. Unless your arse is literally on the floor as a direct result of it being laughed off, I don't want to read this.

Can't w8 2 here from u!!