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My self-summary
Please stop sending us dick pics. I beg of you.

Got ten seconds? Short story: We're an all queer/bi group of people who are one big happy friendly family of love and poly and good things. It's been this way for 7 years and we have this profile to meet like minded people. We're not looking for straight people, so sorry, if you're straight this group isn't for you! (Yes the boys in the group are all bi too) Also this isn't a spam profile, look at the pictures, they're all taken around detroit identifiable areas. (Hart plaza, parking garage outside necto, ect).

Been asked this a lot lately: no were not closed poly, were not one big exclusive group relationship. While its cool that some people do that, that's not our thing. We're not sister wives or anything like that. Think of it as a big open group of friends where everyone is emotionally/physically/romantically linked in some capacity. Like the show friends, but everyone bangs, everyone knows, and everyone is cool with that.

Usually this profile is managed by the tall blonde girl in the middle. That's likely who you are messaging. Some of the group has their own profile on OKC, such as SylphCerulean. She's a kinsey 5 girl looking for a female primary right now, fyi. There is also Lovelyqueercpl as well as some others too, but not everyone wants their okc linked to this publicly. =p

Also, we don't just throw people into the middle of 7 humans who all know eachother well. People usually get to know 1 or 2 of us then go from there. So if you're going to meet us, expect to meet one of us, and if it goes swimmingly, meet more over the next few months. We like to take it slow.

Long story:

We live in detroit but are at Electric Forest! Look for people wearing bi pride flags and colors/Kandi! (We recently made this profile visible to 'straight' people. If you truly identify as straight, you aren't the reason I unblocked it. It was mostly so closeted bisexual people can find us. Please don't send us any more dick pics. Heterosexual or gay men and women respectfully were not interested. We're a very proud bi-poly group and we're looking for people of all genders who share our identity and ideology. If your profile lists you as straight but you're actually not, please inform when you message. We get a LOT of messages, and I simply don't have the time to engage with every straight person who sends us one to discover if they're secretly bi. In short, totally straight or gay identifying people, we're not for you. This is a group specifically for the people who live in that grey area and don't have a spot of their own. Finding supportive communities for bisexuals is super tough (when was the last time you went to "bi night" at rosie o gradys? Yeah, I thought so!). We've made that here. Please respect it!

We've been a group for seven years now. Seriously. To that, what we're really looking for are mature, intelligent, awesome queer people who have their shit together. We've remained functional this long because of focusing on that. Seriously, have your shit together. We have this profile so that mature stable people who identify with our outlook on life can find us, message us, and become our friends. If you send us a message, that should be your primary goal, as that's what we're really looking for. Anything else comes much later after months of getting to know someone.

Just as an addendum, this profile doesnt list all our fav bands/movies/books ect. This is mostly because we are against okc snobbery and taste in cultural phenomena do not an interesting personality make. If you'd like to know if we or some of us or even one of us enjoys something...ask. While this is a group profile I mostly run it (blonde girl / blue bra) and I'm a real person with my own identity. That being said...

We very rarely send messages to the cute queer kids of okc mostly as we don't want to bother people or harsh their small town worldview. You'd be shocked how even LGBT people can be rather intolerant. If you're curious about us, just short, message us first.

**I know our profile says we reply selectively. This isn't because we are some sort of okcupid snobs, but because we get a LOT of creepy messages we'd rather not reply to. If you're nice, attractive, and the kind of person we say we're asking for, we will reply!

Also, if you're a science/bio/chem/educated sort of kid you're prob our style. We cry on our worthless masters degrees.**

Not totally freaked out by this yet? Good read on! We're actually really intelligent, educated and friendly kids. We've just chosen to defy societal convention a bit, and it works for us. Maybe it would work for you too. Red Pill? Blue Pill? In any case, onwards with the descriptions!

We're a group of friends who live in detroit. Some queer girls and some queer boys. The word bisexual can loosely be applied to all of us. We're all between a Kinsey 2 and a Kinsey 5. Our group has been together a long time. This is not some group of craigslist creeps we cobbled together haphazardly to troll okcupid. At the same time, we have met one new friend on here so far in the past year! We don't often find people who are looking for the sort of things we're also looking for, but when we do, wow do they ever fit perfectly. Maybe that's you?

We're actual friends that get together to take signed pictures in their underwear to prove we actually exist, I.E. we're real and live in detroit. We're not some sort of internet joke, nor a group of people who are out to make all your fantasies come true. I'm not sure why people always message us with this concept of "what we can do for them". Also, we're really only looking to make friends with local people. So people from far away, or people visiting, hello, but sorry you're not for us!


We're friends, first and foremost.

We are extremely Queer Trans Alt Poly Insert unique thing here friendly. So do say hello.

Really, say hello. Don't just look and gawk. We like to talk to and meet new unique people, so feel free to say hi even if our little niche of human nature isn't your cup of tea.

Thing is, we're really actually quite sane, freshly showered, and if I do say so, we all smell quite nice. We've found a way to have a really awesome outlet for all the wild things that many people think about without having to go to the local watering hole and hook up with whatever stranger comes along. By having a tight knit little group of awesomeness we've managed to avoid all the unpleasantness involved in that process. Also its totally awesome to have some great friends you can rely on who accept and love you for who you are. Also its great to have people who will change a tire for you somewhere random at 3am on a tuesday.

We're never really "looking" for new people. They just sort of find us when the time is right. It really takes the right kind of person for the right reason to mesh with us. While usually just one or two of us meets a new person at first, to really fit in with our little culture you need to be a special kind of weird.

While our group does have a very powerful romantic/emotional/friendship/sexual connection between everyone, thats because a lot of time has passed there. Also, there is obviously some variability among the people involved in it and those relationships. They aren't all the same, called the same, or experienced the same. To that, you clearly can't just spontaneously get to know 7 people all at once, and we really don't expect that of anyone. Sometimes people just are friends with a couple of us, and thats okay too.

Also, if you notice in our pictures we have an email listed. That is our official contact, so if you get a message from anyone else at any other profile claiming to be us, they're not. That is the only email we use.

We use the term polyamory though it's not perfectly applied to us. We're more polyamicable if that makes sense. We're not in some sort of big free love commune relationship. We just are all really tight friends and like being together. Yes that does often cross platonic boundaries, but we try to generally avoid labels on relationships as they tend to be limiting. We live close to eachother, but not in the same house. Some of us do live together though.

Oh and I'm not sure how to put this in a politically correct and polite way. We're all very "healthy", and so if you're not, while we're always happy to make new friends, that isn't something we'd be willing to risk in terms of things beyond friendship. We admittedly are pretty out there, but we're insanely careful and safe about it. Please dont go full tumblr on us for 'excluding' people. We just would prefer to avoid the risk. Our health is paramount, and we won't endanger that for anything.
What I’m doing with my life
We're all young professionals, this is just how we let loose and have fun! Nothing wrong with that right? =)

A smattering of us are grad students and other high education types, the rest are finished with school, all are pretty well educated though, or at least well read, which is nearly as important.

Collectively speaking we're a very very intelligent bunch. As a result, we've got heavy preference for other smart kids.

Don't think that because of this profile we're somehow skeevy people in real life. Couldn't be farther from the truth. We're your bosses, your peers, we're the nicely dressed young girl studying at the coffeeshop that seems innocent as can be.
I’m really good at
Breaking societal conventions and being awesome queer kids.

We're also rather good dancers as we've been dancing together for a very long time. Spot us at necto on friday gay nights and marvel at the pole acrobatics we perform together. Also we can ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → with the best of them.
The first things people usually notice about me
We're a group of queer friends in their underwear on okcupid, I think that is what people will notice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Just ask. We're pretty out of the norm as it is, so we've got a lot of varied interests.

We could just put pandora on Sigur Ros and let it ride. Sometimes though we go with Seven Lions as its the sexiest of the EDM

Groove salad on Soma.FM is also particularly nice.

Hrm, a silence of three parts... We're sort of sexy nerds. If you'd like to do a line of melange and then ride a Steampunk podracer to hogwarts where you'd be sorted into Slytherin and embark on a quest to escape from Sword Art Online to recover the Triforce only to discover your princess is in another castle, we'd probably like you.
Six things I could never do without
My six best friends, and the life we have together!

We also love cats, adventures, and cuddling, like most quality humans. We also talk in memes. If you're aware of internet subculture thats a +.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Who comes up with words like frubbly and compersion.
On a typical Friday night I am
You've likely seen us out on the town at various places like necto or "insert LGBT club here" . We like to try out new places all the time. Weve been going to lucky strike a lot lately. We're also constantly at EDM shows, and pretty much every festival in the area. We like to wear our flags when out in public, so you're likely to spot us at some point.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That this is how we choose to live our life. I wish we could be totally open and public with everyone about it, but sadly, some things we don't share with our vanilla friends or families as they wouldn't accept it.
You should message me if euthanized your faithful Companion Cube more quickly than any test subject on record.

You're looking for more than a Casual hookup. We're not looking for random 1 nighters. I hate having to click the "casual sex" button. We're not looking to jump into bed with someone we don't know. Please don't message with that intent. It won't go well.

But really, you should message us if:

You're an attractive, educated and open minded young queer person. Also if you're into group activities and looking for some new friends.

^_^ meow

Oh, and a list of keywords so we're easier to find:


We're looking for bi guys and girls, not just girls but okcupid won't let us list that. Bi guys say hi too!
The two of us