30Gaithersburg, United States
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My self-summary
This profile has a lot of exposition but a description of me that I wrote on my facebook profile that seems to still fit is "I am full of childlike whimsy and strikingly intense." Ok now for the rest of the profile....This profile has been written with the velveteen touch of a dandy fop. I am sharp, warm, and a tad quixotic. I've learned to be oddly comfortable in my lack of comfort and try to be as open and honest as possible. I enjoy being spontaneous and in the moment. I am made of metal and taste like fire. I don't conform to some archetype you might have about me based on my appearance or even interests. I am an intriguing mix of emotional intelligence and social myopia. A long form improv comedian (and soon to be teaching assistant), budding broadcaster, music and things blogger (I posted two things, but still), raconteur, rabble rouser, and general fuckabout. I strive to be as authentic and genuine as possible, but I still have work to do. I am both rough around the edges and light in the loafers. I contain multitudes. Although I live in Gaithersburg, as I just finished school and have only recently found out who I am (long story I'd love to share), I am in DC ALL THE TIME. I also am not sure where the future will take me, but hopefully I have one and don't die early. Am I right, people?! God I hate how much I use "I" in this profile.
What I’m doing with my life
I hope to spruce this up soon as it kind of looks like a resume, but if I had to sum it up, I would literally say I am pursuing my passions. I may end up getting a gig in the near future that would enable self sufficiency. Ask if you want to know more. My biggest current passion is improv comedy and I am deeply involved with the DC improv scene. It's the most creatively fulfilling venue yet for me. I can be weirdly comfortable on stage in a way that seems to surprise people, and I am just over two years in. I am taking the last level of classes at Washington Improv Theater and have been involved with a variety of projects. I just finished my bachelor's degree at the University of Maryland majoring in English, but I wouldn't say my major is the only thing that defines who I am and my base of interests. My recent and probably lifelong foray into the DC improv comedy scene is something I hope to continue in the hope that somehow I will actually get paid to play and eventually write (sketch). I fully realize how insane I am for expecting this.Comedy and performance are very important to me, and I can't believe I had all this excess useless unused hamminess for so long. I currently am a stigma reduction awareness fellow for a disability advocacy group called RespectAbility. I interned for Maryland Congressman John Delaney's over the summer of 2016. I interned for WYPR Baltimore's NPR station twice a week wherein I edited audio, screened calls and developed show/interview scripts based on the book the guest was promoting. I also recently interned for WPFW 89.3 Jazz and Justice Radio. I ran an on campus radio show. I was doing underwriting and research for a DJ by the name of Josiah's show on XMU, and was a music programming intern at XM over the summer of 2013 for the pop channels. I'd feed the kiddos garbage while bathing in loads of money (I am obviously kidding). Lastly, I started an odd improvised comedy podcast (which I'd love to share with you, if you ask as long as you listen to it, in full) with my friend because I like to have my hand in many pots, so to speak. I also like to make my own pots and throw them around and bash them into each other, as well. I will keep you updated ladies/lost men. I love to dance and ice skate, and try to do those things when I get the chance (sadly not much lately). I really enjoy creating and am blessed to be able to do so on a regular basis.
I’m really good at
A commitment to personal growth and evolution and striving to be more loving towards everyone constantly. So improv is a passion now, but it's not something I would say I am good at, because it takes a long time (like years, although I am pretty fucking solid now, if I do say so myself, and I just did), but I find it insanely creatively fulfilling and it is a skill I hope to continue building in the future. I am quite an impressive singer/performer. I love to act.
In the past I have enjoyed doing Shakespeare and a play that was basically performance art. Being out of my comfort zone, sometimes.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have an awesome and ineffable energy and spark about me! My intensity is couched in whimsy. I can go from being completely mannered and stilted to totally the opposite in a very short period of time, and I do, quite a bit. My humor often vacillates between being wildly genuine and insanely full of shit, to an absurd degree. I have an intense and expressive face, whether I mean to or not ;) (that was an inappropriate winky flirt for no reason). I am an awful liar in regular conversation. Sometimes, if I have a silly thought, I tend to expound upon it ad infinitum until I am done. I understand that's not attractive to many, but you might as well know now. My friend Jesse says that "Your life is an epigram calculated to make people aware." He says I am the human equivalent of the Guided by Voices/Robert Pollard discography (all of this despite being completely sober). I am disarmingly genuine and earnest. I don't feel beholden to my gender or sexual orientation, regarding how I person around. I have a scarily encyclopedic understanding/knowledge of popular music and am a delightfully reflexive (I am into that word, sorry) conversationalist. Supposedly I have a huge personality, and an even bigger heart.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite Music:My music list needs to be wayyy updated and spruced. None of this is any order. XTC are criminally underappreciated. The Mekons, Wussy, The Jam, tUnE yards or however the fuck you say her name,The Beatles, Neu!, Gang of Four (all funky post punk from the late seventies and early eighties), Harry Nilsson, Wire, Randy Newman, Lou Reed, Van Dyke Parks, Sleater Kinney, Leonard Cohen, Television
Personalities,The Magnetic Fields, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Robyn Hitchcock, Wall of
Voodoo, A Tribe Called Quest, The Shins, Blur, Paul Simon, Simon and Garfunkel,Tom Waits, Radiohead, The Talking Heads, P-Funk, Hefner,The Kinks, Mark Robinson and related projects, Miles Davis, R.E.M., The Soft Boys, Mission of Burma, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, They Might Be Giants, The Pop Group, John Lennon, James Brown, David Bowie, Erik Satie, Outkast, The Beastie Boys, Leo Kottke, The New Pornographers, Destroyer, Public Enemy, New Order, The Band, Louis Armstrong, Flying Nun Compilation stuff, Van Morrison, BIG STAR ESPECIALLY THE THIRD ALBUM, Buddy Holly, Roxy Music, Bjork, Squeeze (especially
the singles), The Cure, The Pixies, The Smiths, Joy Division,
Husker Du, The Byrds, Otis Redding, Camper Van Beethoven, Slint,Television, Sebadoh, Guided By Voices, Nick Cave, The Birthday Party, Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers, Ween,Love, Captain Beefheart,The Chills, Joni Mitchell, Love, St. Vincent,
Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks, Medications, Kurt Vile, The Evens, The Olivia Tremor Control, Julian Cope, Shellac, Rapeman, Big Black, Grimes, LCD Soundsystem, Parquet Courts, UV Race, Pere Ubu, Lee Hazlewood, The Grays (a one album band Jon Brion was in)and many more!!!

Favorite TV Shows: Mr. Show with Bob and David, Bojack. Horseman. I find the show Louie really life affirming, Curb
Your Enthusiasm, Certain ,Stand up comedians: two faves are Louis Ck and Marc Maron, Freaks and Geeks, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,Arrested Development, Sarah Silverman Program, Strangers
With Candy, Monty Python, and Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, Larry Sanders Show, Comedy Bang Bang, Bunk, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. There are a bunch of serious dramatic shows I NEED to watch, and will soon :). I do love non comedic things, for sure!

Favorite Movies: F For Fake, Taste of Cherry, Punch Drunk Love, The Conversation,
Unforgiven, Magnolia, A Clockwork Orange, Network,The Aristocrats, Comedians of
Comedy, Happiness,Marjoe, The Big Lebowski, Barton Fink, Life
of Brian, Monty Python and The Holy Grail, I Heart Huckabees,
Thank You For Smoking, Synechdoche, New York, The Shawshank Redemption, This is Spinal Tap, Sideways, A Serious Man, The Royal Tenebaums,
The Graduate, Waiting For Guffman, Midnight
Cowboy, There Will Be Blood, Fargo, Bananas, Wet Hot American Summer, Youth In Revolt, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Big Kahuna (this is an odd choice, and not very filmic, but I dig the dialogue and acting) Playtime, Happiness,12 Angry Men...I also have tons more I need to see.

Favorite Podcasts: That's right I added a category because I am a huge audiophile and love theater of the mind/listening in on conversations especially if it's of an elucidating and/or comedic nature: The Sound of Young America, Norm MacDonald Live, Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Comedy Bang Bang, Wtf with Marc Maron, You Made it Weird, The Nerdist, Doug Loves Movies (it's spotty and guest dependent, but still solid), The Todd Glass Show, Mental Illness Happy Hour, Never Not Funny and The David Feldman comedy podcast. I tend to go more by guest, however I almost never miss an episode of Comedy Bang Bang and WTF. Some podcasting networks I use are Earwolf, Feral Audio, Nerdist, and There are many more that I catch here and there, but I should say that the reason I am such a podcast aficianado stems from the fact that I love broadcasting and exploring its artistic possibilities.

Favorite Books: Zombie Spaceship Wasteland by Patton
oswalt, Here, There, and Everywhere: My Life Recording The Beatles by Geoff Emerick, The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, Invisible by Paul Auster, Autobiography of The Ex Colored Man by James Weldon Johnson. If anyone has any reccommendations tell me. I am getting really in to Alan Watts right now. I am currently reading Kafka on The Shore by Murakami. Faulkner and Joyce are great. I dug the little I have read of Borges and David Foster Wallace. I need to read much more. As of now, I actively hate Nietzsche and his philosophy. I also hate Objectivism and how it turns people into myopic and spiritually unevolved altruism hating id monsters. I also think I need to get back into reading literature regularly again, it's been awhile.
Six things I could never do without
My University of Iowa sweatshirt.
My laptop.
Bestest Friendsies.
...and Hugs.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...but don't we all? Believe it or not, how not to overdo things. I think I have a huge appreciation for William F. Buckley, not for his shitty conservative political views, but for his ability to meander and say something in nine minutes that could take one. How often certain musical preferences accompany certain political beliefs/lifestyle preferences. Do young post college professionals who live in DC proper and are on OkCupid come from a factory that makes predictably boring people? I earnestly want to know the answer to this. Are there secret meetings where young professionals meet and discuss how best to be predictable and boring? I find how language is used in all facets of life fascinating. How people code speech especially in the political realm is fascinating. It's super fun to decode how people are often manipulated by the media and politicians. I really have to clean up the yammering on this profile.
On a typical Friday night I am
Enough already with the filling out the profile. Do I not give you guys enough to go off of?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My name is not a reference to my love of skies, although I think they are awesome backdrops for our existences. It's actually a reference to a famous Kinks song. Sorry to disappoint y'all. You ever met a person?? I am like that, but more so. I am an Aspie, albeit a very non stereotypical one. If you want to know more, ask. The good news is I tend to be very honest and direct and extra passionate about pursuing my biggest interests. Additionally, from having had my own struggles over the years, I am very sympathetic to others and sensitive. The bad news is sometimes I miss facial cues. I have coped with it a lot, but anyways it shouldn't be a big deal. Let's lessen the stigma.I'm also probably somewhere on the queer spectrum albeit interested in women. At the very least, I am super non hetero normative. I could probably cut this profile back a bit.
I actually really enjoy talking about myself and presenting myself in new terrain, since that's kind of a huge part of what I am doing with my life, but I also love making huge connections with others, whether I meet them once or they are a constant part of my life. I love camaraderie and feed off the energy of others, while creating my own distinct brew. I don't drink for a myriad of reasons, not a drop, but I am TOTALLY AWESOME with being around it. I think gender norms are boring to adhere to and don't really enjoy being boxed in to acting a certain way, just because I am a dudebrah. In other words i am kind of a queer in both senses of the word. Exploration and freedom are the best! I have a shameless love for karaoke. Despite all my quirks, and maybe even because of them, I will probably make something of myself substantial in my niche pursuing my passion. I am a vulnerable goofball so if that's not your thang, no worries. I can intensely focus on things that interest me, to a degree that many others can't when I am at my best. Almost all my positives are also my negatives. I can be abrasive and raw, and this is not something that will change anytime soon. Also, between just me and you, I am really sexy and people love me. I actually want to attempt stand up comedy. How private is that?!
You should message me if
Do you like a lot of my profile? It's pretty much who I am in written form. I just got back to okcupid and fully realize this profile could chill the fuck out a bit (as I have), I will continue editing and sprucing as I see fit, but not in a way that interrupts my actual life too much. If you read all of this in the voice of character actor Rip Torn, or you will now that I suggested it. If you agree that the Tom Verlaine song "Souvenir From A Dream" is the best song title ever. You are an intellectually curious and free spirited individual. Please leave any emotional distance at the door (also, leave your coats and hats). If you regard yourself as stuffy, we probably won't get along well. I have a really idiosyncratic way of looking at the world and sense of humor that informs my general sensibility. It's definitely not for everybody, and that's fine. Lastly and more importantly, if you are interested in me after reading this, message me. Self awareness is a virtue to me, and I am sexually and romantically attracted to people who are onto themselves. We all have silliness, but know yours! I am looking for meaningful connections, ideally for short or long term dating but am open to making new friends ( ie fellow improvisers or something) with that said, eventual meeting is crucial. Why would I waste my time with someone who is showing no interest in meeting me?! Let's avoid flakiness. I show visible interest in people I am interested in, so know that. Have some vague idea of what you want. Lastly, only talk to me if you plan on talking to me like an actual human being (not some disposable internet person that could be a robot). I understand that the "safe" aspect of this is that nobody's anybody on the internet, but in actuality, everyone's somebody. Have you met people? They are fully existent, aren't they? Sometimes my sentences run on....Good day, ladies, (and lurking men) of the internet.

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