24Chapel Hill, United States
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My self-summary
*UPDATE: FOUND A LOVELY GIRL AND AM IN A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP. (Still open to having friends. No, I won't have a threesome with you)
~I am bisexual, but I am probably not going to take to most of the men because, to be honest, my attractions lean more towards women and I can meet plenty of nice, straight (or bi/questioning) men in real life. To find other girls who like girls, the internet is a useful tool.~

Hi. I'm Natalie and I'm a transfer sophomore at UNC-Chapel Hill. I'm kind of high-strung, a little wacky, a little bit too candid, and I love to laugh and to make people laugh. I'm open-minded, but still firm in my philosophies. Feel free to chat with me any time! I'm actually more looking for friends than I am looking for dates, but of course I'm open to new people and new experiences---within reason!

NOTE: I am not bisexual because I'm indecisive. It's just who I am. I am not promiscuous by any means and I won't ever just decide that "I don't like girls anymore" or vice-versa.

UPDATE 03/30/2013: Friends only.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm at college. I work, I sleep, I study, I do Pilates, I make s'mores, I have lightsabre battles with random people in the dorm laundry room, I love the theater, I love to reenact musicals with my Beanie Babies, tend to procrastinate by goofing around when I should be preparing for a presentation....tomorrow...

Anyway---I'm an English-Education and Theater double (or triple, really) major. I used to know what I wanted to do in life, but now it's a little hazy. Hell, if I ever get motivated enough, I'd want to try and be a doctor. However, I have the urge to travel and make a difference. If I could pick up and go off and travel the world, volunteering at orphanages, and teaching kids songs, I would. But I've got a family to think about, so it'll have to wait.
I’m really good at
Playing psychotic/zany characters in theatrical productions, being loud, Rickrolling...
The first things people usually notice about me
"OMFG why is she wearing so much pink?!"

"Why is she so...twitchy...?"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm not going to list these because I think it's fun to find out about these things on the first date. Great icebreakers. :) BUT...I am a geek on top of loving classic cinema, good books, and quality television. I also love trying new foods, though I sometimes forget to eat.
Six things I could never do without
1. My cat, Alexei (Hopefully I'll be able to live with him next year and get out of the dorms.)

2. Laughter.

3. Theater

4. My family

5. Air-conditioning or a highly satisfactory substitute (Sorry...but it's true. I hate being too hot.)

6. Language. I love to talk and to hear others talk. It's just kind of my thing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...Do you really want to know?
On a typical Friday night I am
...becoming one with The Force.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
...I have a blankie. I've had it all my life and cannot sleep without it. It's kind of pathetic looking now even when my Aunt helped me turn it into a pillow...but I love that thing.
You should message me if
1) You're looking for a friend.
2) You're looking for a friend to possibly date.
3) You're looking for someone to play Scrabble with.
4) You want to Rickroll me.

~o~For Potential Romantic Interests: My Non-Negotiables~o~
1) You must support Gay marriage.
2) You must not smoke or do any other kind of drug. (If you've been clean for over two years, you're fine. And if you smoke hookah once in awhile, that's chill...but let's get real.)
3) You must not have any history of being unkind to children or animals. (The time when you were five and wrapped your cat up in a blanket to make her your "baby" does not count.)
4) I want someone who shares a lot of my interests. Sure, differences are great, but it's hard when two people have /nothing/ in common.
5) You must not be racist, sexist, homophobic, or bigoted in any way.
6) You must never abuse me (or anyone else) physically or mentally...without my consent. xD
7) Be driven and have a goal (even if it's vague) that you want to accomplish in life.
8) You must not get drunk all the time.
9) You must care about what is going on in the world.
10) You should have a sense of humor or at least be amusing to me.
11) You must understand that I have trouble saying no at times and that unless you really know me, I don't feel comfortable being touched.
12) If you feed me cheesy romantic lines, cite your sources. I know my movies, plays, TV shows, etc. I will usually know that you didn't think that up yourself. Please just impress me with your knowledge of culture instead of making me roll my eyes at you.
13) You must understand that, as of now, my family takes priority. Of course that will change once I really fall in love and find the one, but right now, if (for example) my little sister needs me, I'm there for her in a heartbeat.
14) This may sound extremely petty, but you must be clean-shaven and maintain your facial hair. This is ONLY if I am dating you, of course. A little stubble is fine as well. But no other forms of facial hair, please. Do not take offense. It's just my preference. Just like I'd understand if you weren't attracted to white people or people with brown eyes. I wouldn't get offended.
15) You must be clean. That means hygienic, drug-free, cigarette-free, and you need to let me know about any STDs and/or transmittable diseases. "Cluttered" more than fine. Another exception is the cleanliness of your mind. That can be as dirty as you'd like. Also, try to smell decent. I understand that you're not going to smell like roses after working out, but try to take a shower as soon as you can. And brush your teeth (and chew some gum if you start to get not-so-fresh).
The two of us