36Highland Mills, United States
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My self-summary
Probably the most laid back, chill person you'll ever meet. Always up for anything (pretty much literally), will try anything once (maybe twice), and cool with just hanging out with you doing nothing, or anything. So long as it's with you, i'll be having a great time ;)

I'm looking for a real relationship with a real woman (read, must have a personality, looks only get you to the 2nd, maybe 3rd date :p). I'm a straight shooter, no b.s. kinda guy. I'm completely honest and very open...go ahead, ask me anything, i dare you...and you'll get an honest complete answer. I'm of the opinion that a man shouldn't be ashamed of his actions...otherwise he just shouldn't do them. I hate mind games and refuse to play. If i like someone they'll know it, and I like to know where i stand in a relationship.

I'm VERY family oriented, would do anything for mine, and i'm looking for someone who feels the same...because I want us to love each others' families as much as our own. I'm not looking for a hookup, sorry ladies, and not looking to just kill time with someone...but you won't find me pushing a relationship or rushing into anything either. Feelings and chemistry happen when they happen, and compatibility can't be forced.

This is probably the most honest thing you'll ever read, especially on a dating website. If you're looking to be tittilated and excited throughout the entire course of our relationship, please skip my profile and don't respond to me if I message're not looking for the same things I am. I get quiet when I'm tired. I may be boring at times. I don't feel the need to fill silences with chatter. A kiss, a hug, holding your hand is company enough for me. I'm a solid guy that's gonna be with you (if I get to the point that I'm with you and care about you) through thick and thin. When you feel ugly, when you feel fat, when you feel old, you will still be the light of my life and my reason to draw breath. When you're bitchy and mean, I'll still be there. When you throw things at me and rail at me that you hate me and never want to see me again (and yes, it will happen, though I know you won't mean it) I'll weather it out until you're rational again. I'll go through the years of utter exhaustion and bone crunching weariness that it takes to raise children with you, should that be in our cards, that we may both delight in their smiles together, and to give them the best life we can. Will I do my best to make sure that every minute of your life is better than the last? Yes. Will I always succeed? No. But that's what I'm looking for. A partner that will always be there, even through the terrible, with the sure knowledge that I'm doing my best to make it NOT terrible. Because I'm your man, and you're there with me, no matter what. That's the kind of guy I am, in case you were wondering.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a pharmacist and a total geek about it, love what i do, love knowing how the body works and the various effects of all the crap we put into it. Other than that I've also got a bachelor's of science in psychology and a bachelor of arts in english lit, both from NYU (the pharmacy was actually done in Egypt, working on getting the equivalency now). Yes, i'm a nerd. Yes, i also have trouble deciding on what i want :p. And yes, i consider myself intelligent.

Hope to never stop learning, through formal education and the horrible cliche of "life experiences"...3 degrees may seem like alot, but i'm just getting started.

I used to be in finance and still have a passion for it, so always investing, keeping up with the markets, and analyzing market's just like a game to me, the money's just a way to keep score :D. Handle my whole family's (and most of my friends') finances and haven't bankrupted anyone so far, so I guess I'm pretty good at it :).

Want to write a book someday. Would love to write in the fantasy genre, but I think I have to work my way up to that.
I’m really good at
Listening (psychology background) to what's said and not said.
Air drums to 80's hair bands while driving.
Driving with my knees!
Writing, pretty much anything.
Puzzles and games.
Planning is something i'm passionate about.
Experimenting in the kitchen, to often disastrous results. You are warned.
Making the absolute best vodka sauce you will ever taste. People have been known to tear at the eye and propose marriage on the spot after having tasted it.
Being spontaneous, especially when it comes to travel...or random social activity. 3 am on a weeknight in Atlantic city? My first question is "who's driving?" :D.
Talking about almost any subject...i'm a font of useless information about random things.
Sarcasm. I'll keep a completely straight face. You have to know me pretty well to be sure i'm serious or joking, so don't be afraid to ask!
Giving gifts. I aim for tears of wonder and "how did you know" reactions every time.
Making kids laugh.
Hating on Jersey. "You know what the guy from Jersey said?" "Who cares, he's from Jersey."
Other things that you may find out later :p

I'm really BAD at:
Taking pictures. For some reason I always come out retarded. I've been told I look alot better than my pics, if that's any consolation :p
Dancing...unless it's to arabic music, then i'm a god. I enjoy it anyway though, so if you need to look good while dancing, look elsewhere...or put on arabic music :p.
Knowing when a girl is flirting with me. I'm completely oblivious most of the time, so if you're interested, be obvious...i'm not going to be turned off, quite the opposite in fact.
Avoiding the use of colon faces while typing...just..can't..stop :p
Remembering things. Such as what I'm really good at and really bad at.
Getting anywhere without a GPS. I could get lost in a parking lot. Oh yes, it's happened before.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height. "Wow, you're tall" is a common phrase on first meeting. I don't think of myself as tall though, everyone else is just oddly short :p. After that it's usually my eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I always skip over this section in your profile, so I'll leave it blank. Let's talk about this on our date :). Suffice it to say I'm a voracious reader, wide eclectic taste in music, a food adventurer, and love certain shows and most movies.
Six things I could never do without
A book to read, good music to listen to, a computer to connect with, a car to get the heck OUT with and do stuff, and that's about it...Pretty simple guy
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future, in both a general and personal sense. The nature of man, society, and the universe. When will I have sushi again? Why do boobs have an odd power over me that I both resent and respect? Should I start eating healthier? I want pizza. Should I invest more in that overseas emerging markets fund, or put the money towards the down payment of an investment condo? When can I quit my job, move to an unnamed island in the Caribbean, and just read, write, and make love to the one woman who takes my heart, when I eventually find her?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There's much more to me than this profile, that I only show to people I can trust
You should message me if
You're looking for a real genuine guy and tired of all the BS out won't find any here. Also, I love it when a girl takes the first step, as I usually do. Confidence is definitely attractive! Bonus points if you got through this novel I just wrote.

Oh, by the way, I hate dating. Like seriously hate it. Which isn't to say I dislike courtship, or going out...just I'd rather find out everything about the woman I'm with over a deep relationship than know many women superficially. I'll know within one or two dates if I want to be with you or not, and will act accordingly. If this freaks you out you should probably stop now.

You SHOULDN'T message me if:
-You have down-the-shirt boob shots, or bent over booty shots. I'm sure they're lovely, but looking for a bit more class than that, thanks.
-You're into assholes (even if you don't admit it)...I'm not, and can't be, that guy.
-You speak almost exclusively in cliches. That makes me want to hurt puppies. Please save the puppies, be original.
-You've been so hurt by someone in the past that it's literally impossible for you to trust anyone with a penis. I'm sorry you were hurt, we've all been there, but it wasn't me that hurt you, so I won't pay for his mistakes.
-You have too many demands on your time already. I can appreciate a busy schedule, but if you're working 60+ hours a week + other activities and only have time to meet up once every 10 days, it won't work out. That's not a relationship.
The two of us