38Fleet, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
A bit about me:
Though I've listed 'Heavy Metal' in my interests I do actually like other music, Motown, Classical, movie scores, even some dancey stuff (but not much)- Generally though, nothing with a repetitive beat.
I LOVE mountain biking.
I'm kinda partial to having a bit of facial topiary. Currently I do have a tasteful beard/tache on the go. I reserve the right to grow a bit of super suave and debonair facial hair from time to time.... Hahaha- Did I mention I'm a good poet?...
I'm growing my hair at the mo.. Won't stop until I get offered a part as an extra in a Peter Jackson, Lord Of The Rings type of flick... Or until I get bored with it, which is likely to happen first if I'm honest. It has been pretty much all the colours of the rainbow over the years, but not all at once- I'm no hippy, hehe.
I find farts and burps hilariously funny.
I love people watching (not stalking), I find runners really funny... So many of them run like T-rex hahaha.
I'm pretty good at making things, jewellery, carpentry, metal work etc etc.
My favoured mode of transport is my motorcycle.. I tend not to pay too much attention to speed limits on it though..
I use old words like 'dandy' and 'spiffing' rather a lot.
I hate talking on the phone.
I have one tattoo on my right arm. I designed it myself although I don't like it as much as I once did... I have an idea for a half sleeve, but I've yet to find a competent enough artist to take the job on.
I'm generally found in jeans and a band t-shirt but I do scrub up on occasion, and rather well too I might add..

A bit about you. (possibly wishful thinking).....
You're fully over your ex.
You don't do fakery.
You're definitely not an "oh no I broke a nail" type girl.
You wouldn't describe yourself as 'normal', god I hate that word.
You're happy getting caked in mud out in the countryside.
You definitely need to like dogs. My Labrador is a great judge of character.
Maybe you're brunette, maybe you're blonde or maybe you're a redhead..
Maybe you have tattoos, maybe you don't...
You don't list 'Ibiza' (or the likes) as one of your favourite holiday destinations.
I hope you don't smoke... I'm an ex smoker (possibly the worst).
You hopefully think I'm great...
Or maybe you still need convincing on that last point... ;-)

This next part was intended as a constructive criticism in a 'tongue in cheek' style. Not malicious in any way. Merely one OKC user trying to help another out.
Ok so I've just seen 2 profiles today where the women speak of looking for their 'sole mate'..... Confused by this- I decided to send them a message to ascertain whether they're actually after a fishy BFF or maybe they want to mate with a shoe...? I'm not entirely surprised that these politely helpful messages were never replied to, but the funniest thing is- They didn't change it on their profiles! Clearly there's not an awful lot between the ears there ay hehehehehe...

Annoying okc cliches:-
If you have a pic of yourself cuddling a sedated tiger, don't be too surprised if I hurl abuse at you.
"I work hard and play hard/er".... Yawn..
"No regrets"....... Anyone who says that is either a liar, or a cold hearted bit*h!.. or both.
"I'm willing to lie about how we met"... Why?- Just embrace the fact that you're emotionally and romantically retarded like the rest of us.
"I like all kinds of music". It's just lies.
"I love going out but I'm just as happy cuddled up on the sofa with a dvd". I sh*t you not, this is on about 80% of womens profiles along with not much else...
"Everything happens for a reason". This kinda angers me a bit... Ok a lot actually.
"I'm happy go lucky".
"I love to laugh"...... DUH!!
"I live in London"... London is MASSIVE, you could be a bit more specific.
"I tell it like it is"... Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 this just means you're f**king rude.
What I’m doing with my life
Jewellery making is one of my main hobbies at the mo... I know it may sound a bit gay but trust me- search for Alu'mentaL on facebook and you'll see. I would really like to be able to make a living out of it but my only problem with that at the moment is that i've been making far too many freebies! needs to get paid! Especially as I will soon be making stuff out of proper silver.
I’m really good at
Er.... being romantically hopeless... might explain my being on here hehe.
Mountain biking is my main hobby. I'm Hoping to compete again soon, I've not raced since my early twenties.... Could be interesting hehe.
Also I'm pretty good at anything practical- sculpture, jewellery making, carpentry, welding and the likes.
The first things people usually notice about me
My beard, my long hair, my eyes and my cheeky smile
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As far as music goes, my taste ranges from Holst and heavy classical stuff to Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson, right through to really heavy metal like Decapitated and Nile! But Iron Maiden rule all!

Films- too many to list really but basically if it's funny, quirky, different, violent, action packed- I'll probably like it.
Six things I could never do without
1. My bikes (motor & mountain).
2. My family (inc dog).
3. MP3 player, with everlasting battery.
4. Awesome trails.
5. Food/Drink.
6. Air.

Did I cheat somewhat here?.. Sod it!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lots of stuff... My next biking trip... How the hell everyone in London (according to OKC) lives precisely 34 miles away from me.. Inventing ergonomic perfection... My next carpentry or jewellery project... What my 'big' idea might be...
Why so many women seem to draw their eyebrows on with a permanent marker...
Dreaming up ideas for customising my VW camper...
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with chums, in with chums or just in with myself. Normally alcohol is involved though.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Bit early for all that.... If we chat for a bit, maybe something will come out in conversation.... or maybe it wont...
You should message me if
1- We share interests,
2- You like a bit of facial topiary on a fella,
3- You like a guy thats a little rough around the edges. Never wears pink and never takes as long if not longer than you to do his hair.
4- You're into biking (engine or not, but preferably not road cyclists- they're just odd balls.... or more like 'No balls' hahaha).
5- You are creative,
6- You like rock/metal.
7- You're none of the above, and just feel like it ;-)
The two of us