27 Sault Sainte Marie, Canada
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My self-summary
Hello everyone! I'm Billy. Welcome to my little profile.

• Overview of Billy:
Neuroatypical | Intersectional Feminist | Formal Education in Chemistry & Biology (bachelor's) | New to Cycling (main mode of transportation + frequent 100 km+ adventures) | I work at Algoma University | Hospital Volunteer| Non-Materialistic | Introverted & Overly Pedantic (trying to work on casual socialization though) | Professionally Diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, Anxiety Disorder, Depression, & Dermatillomania (skin picking) | INTJ

• Interests: I follow my passions.
• Intersectional Feminism (specific interest in how mental health interacts).
• Geography & Maps (recent article I wrote that analyzes the streams & waterbodies of a particular area).
• Cycling. I'm still new to it, but it has felt so empowering.
• Historical Population Data (article list).
• History.
• Architecture (pre-1900, I draw/design some too).
• Mental Health (produce a video series & publish articles).
• Nature (produce a video series).
• Social Media.
• Virtual Travel & Exploration via Google Street View.

• As Described by Other People:
I asked some of the people who know me to quickly come up with a brief description about me. Here's what they said:

• "I would describe you as being very intelligent and having an awareness that creates friction with the general world."
• "Billy is one of the most intelligent individuals I've ever met. He also has a kind heart and cares about those who get close to him."
• "I would say focused, meticulous, passionate about specific projects, a fan of architecture, art, the outdoors etc."
• "Smart, creative, interesting."

• Gender, Sex, Sexuality, and Romantic Attraction:
I suppose that in the societal sense I am along the lines of “gender nonconforming”. I say this due to me being a neuroatypical individual who's unable to conform to society's expectations of what a man should be although I'd imagine that my visual gender expression is along the lines of what society would expect from a male. Due to this, the kind of relationship I envision working would be one that doesn't rely on traditional power constructs.

I find myself most sexually attracted to biologically and phenotypically female people regardless of their gender expression meaning that I'm also attracted to gender nonconforming people. I consider my sex drive to be relatively high (fluctuates a little) and my attraction to be highly dependent on physical attributes but that doesn't necessarily imply that my attraction corresponds with society's ideals of what ought to be considered attractive. For one, I tend to find myself more attracted to those who're above what society considers “perfect weight”. I do not mean to imply that I don't value intelligence, I do, I'm just not sexually attracted to it.

In terms of more personal relationships I've barely ever experienced anything other than the relationships I have with my cat or my parents. I am an empathetic and caring person although I may not always express it in a traditionally expected way. Although in the past I've questioned if I'm aromantic, it appears that I just need to warm up to a person after interacting with them for some time. Although I am very introverted and I enjoy immersing myself in my own projects, I feel as though sharing my life with someone could be enjoyable which leads me to being on this site.

• Extra Information About Me:
• A casual video*, I talk about who I am & show you my interests (c. 2013).
All of my videos: Series, show, nature, etc (Higher production value).

* The hyperlinks on my profile aren't functional if you're on a mobile device so here's the URL for the casual "Get to Know Me" video:
What I’m doing with my life
• How I Sustain Myself Relative to Society:
I build up financial support to continue my projects through a site called Patreon that allows anyone to pledge support in my work.

I'm different, non-materialistic, and I don't fit society's mold so I'm building my own world to function in. I'd like my world to not be completely alone.

• Projects:
I've realized that just like how the world changes I change as well. I'm constantly evolving & developing throughout life. I want to ensure that everything is malleable & able to shift with me. That said, I take on a lot of different projects & goals based on what my passions & interests are at a given time. At this point in my life I've realized that one of my weak points is accepting when it's time for me to let go of a project to allow myself to move on to a new one. Below I talk about some of my projects.

I have an obsession with aggregating population data. I use this data to infer where people lived in the world at that time. With this information I look for signs of settlement, specifically architecture which is one of my other main interests. I'm also interested in analyzing urban inequality and how settlements have changed over time. I've published a number of population data articles which I constantly refine and add to over time.

Part I: Visualizing Urbanizational and Architectural Trends in the Developed English Speaking World: Around the Year 1900, An Analysis Using Municipal Population (1,000+ Threshold), Railway, and Transportation Data Along with Maps.
Part II: Visualizing Urbanizational and Architectural Trends in the Developed English Speaking World: A Cross-Sectional Study (1800-2010) Using London, England's Population in the Year 1901 as a Reference Point.
The Population of Every Municipality in Canada and Newfoundland with more than 500 Inhabitants in the Year 1901.
The Population of Every Municipality in the Americas with more than 5,000 Inhabitants Around the Year 1900.
The Population of Every Urban Centre in the World with More than 100,000 Inhabitants in the Year 1900.

Yes, my titles are quite long.

I've also started, produced, organized, promoted, and hosted, my own online variety show that I did for nearly 2 and a half years starting in 2012, featuring around 400 guests, through 112 episodes. I was also the first person in Canada to be given live streaming abilities for one of Google's products. I feel that all of this is quite an accomplishment considering my social issues. I've gained a considerable number of skills & connections from working on this project. Currently I've discontinued the regular schedule for my show to allow myself to focus on my current interests.

There's also my video series about mental health. It wasn't until I was 21 years old that I finally came out about my mental health. Although difficult, it was a relief. When I had to go through the process of applying for disability support I needed an outlet and that came in the form of a video series (I also write about it too). I talk about stigma, experiences, stereotypes, and give insight into the experiences of a neuroatypical individual with OCD, anxiety disorder, ADHD, and depression.

Regardless of how long I do a particular project for, the results of my work are shared with the world & can have a long lasting effect.
I’m really good at
Photography, Social Media, Organization, Reciting Countries & Capitals. Exploring the outdoors and finding hidden waterfalls.
The first things people usually notice about me
Here's what other people said when asked:

• "That you get excited on certain subjects more than others. That you're relatively open and direct. You also have a genuine smile."
• "Probably your height and your eyes if you were talking physically."

I'd imagine that I don't fit people's typical categorization. Due to that, I may be difficult to comprehend and easy to misinterpret. Below is what I think people may notice:

• I have really thick fast growing hair.
• I likely talk WAY more than you think when I'm into something.
• Depending on what I'm doing I can be focused & intense (passions), quiet or non-responsive (unfocused/unsure/anxious), or laughing about something absurd.
• At times my emotions can be obscured by my obsessions. I can come off like an encyclopedia but do know that I do care if you're part of my life.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I talk about stuff that I like in this section. It is best viewed on a desktop since links don't appear to be clickable on mobile.

• Favourite Urban Centres to Explore on Google Street View:
Exploring the world virtually is one of my greatest obsessions. I'm excited whenever Google introduces imagery for a new country!

San Marino, San Marino
Prague, Czech Republic
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Besançon, Franche-Comté, France
Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Bath, Somerset, UK
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
London, UK
Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
New York City, New York, USA
Budapest, Hungary - Buda + Pest.
Sydney, NSW, Australia

I'd be thrilled if you asked me to take you on a virtual tour!

• Favourite Interiors:
You can also explore building interiors on Google Street View. Here are some of my favourites for you to explore.

Marble House - A Gilded Age Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.
The Stag's Head - A beautiful Victorian bar in Dublin, Ireland.
Library of the National Assembly of France - The lower house of government. Located in Paris, France
Palace of Fontainebleau - This is the residence where Napoleon abdicated before his exile to Elba.
Cassis Club - A nightclub in Singapore.
The Frick Collection - Former mansion of an industrialist in NYC. Now a museum housing a collection of old master paintings.
Odéon-Théâtre de l'Europe - Paris, France.
Miri Antiques - I also enjoy looking through insanely expensive antique stores where most of the items are museum pieces.
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - Glass vaulted arcade in Milan, Italy. Basically a really pretty predecessor of the shopping mall.

I think you might get a sense of my tastes based on those links. If you like this kind of stuff I can go on forever about it.

• Miscellaneous:
• Favourite vintage map: NYC in 1852 overlayed on current satellite imagery.
• My Canadian history Pinterest board. Yep, I'm a male who LOVES Pinterest!
• I have an obsession with pinning Victorian (pre-1900) skyscrapers.
• I make my own maple syrup each spring.

• Food:
I tend to be particular concerning food. I have a moderate obsession with my weight (body image issues) and I tend to stay away of unhealthy food (I don't just eat one cookie, I eat a bag). I'm also a bit nervous about trying new things unless they look sweet. I refuse to eat butter, margarine, or mayonnaise (I'm okay if they're used in a recipe though, just not on their own). I think it's some kind of fear from my childhood. Below I list some of the foods that I like:

Macaroni & Cheese
Steak & Onions
Sausage & Pierogies - Fried in onions.
Grilled Cheese
Pimento Loaf
Liquorice allsorts
Butter Tarts
Fruit Cake
Peanut Butter
Chocolate: Cookies and Cream, Crunchie Bars
Fudge of all different varieties
Lemon Meringue Pie
Chocolate covered marshmallows
Naomi Bars
Pumpkin Pie - Buy me a Tim Horton's pumpkin spice muffin & I'll marry you.

• Books:
I enjoy reading books about architecture, culture, & history. I also like textbooks. You can look through what I've been reading lately here in my reference list.

My photography has been featured in a book about a Toronto neighbourhood:

Recollections of a Neighbourhood; Huron-Sussex, from UTS to Stop Spadina

I've also been featured in a book about someone's journey across Canada and back. It's a free ebook and you can read it here:

Crossing Canada with the Maple Musketeer: Volume One

• Music:
I don't believe I tend to respond to music in the same way as most people. I remember that as a child music only annoyed me. During my pre-teen years (late 90's early 2000's) I began to listen to radio stations and I became more familiar with the music that was popular at time. During my teen years I picked up a little bit on what was popular (metal, punk, 80's) and listened to it although never really becoming what many would consider a "fan" of anything. Through all of this, I don't tend to have any affinity to individuals, groups, or entities. I do however have some affinity to those who I've featured on my show.

• Video Games:
I used to play games as a teenager, but since 2007 I've only bought two games and I haven't played anything since 2011 as I've been focused more on my projects. In games I tend to take to how things are constructed visually. I can also take to a story if the game happens to have a well developed one.

• Movies:
I try to go out & watch a movie in theatres now & then largely as a way to just get myself out into public. I don't have any particular affinity but given my anxiety issues I definitely would stay clear of any from the horror genre. Recently I've also been staying away from comedies due to the amount of normativity and inappropriate jokes that are used in them. I've found myself feeling very disturbed after watching them. Recently I watched The Imitation Game (2015) and I enjoyed that it didn't follow the same normal protagonist and it exposed issues that some minorities face in the world. The King's Speech (2010) is a movie that stands out in my memory since I related to the main character's struggle in some sense.

I don't watch any TV or programs. I do support some independent artists & creators in their endeavours though (ex. web series & YouTube projects). I don't mind Star Trek at all. I was really into Voyager when I was 10-11 years of age.
The six things I could never do without
Here are some things that I'm grateful for:

• My patrons and those who support me and my work. Their contribution helps me both mentally and financially.
• Intersectional feminism and those who try to make the world a fairer place.
• The generosity of many institutions of higher learning in putting a number of their collections online for the public.
• Google Earth and Street View. They hold an abundant amount of information about the world and enable me to learn and experience so much that I would otherwise never be able to experience.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'm using this section to describe in what ways I tend to think.

• How I Learn:
Although I realize that positivism cannot be the only source of authoritative knowledge, I traditionally prefer collecting information from primary sources and through empiricism. I interpret information in my own way, build theories, break them down, and put them back together again in differing configurations all while experimenting with them. In the end I end up with my own abstract concept of something that can be easily applied to more than one thing.

I dislike learning or adhering to theories formulated by other people. To me it feels incredibly limiting and rigid. I like to see how things operate first hand. For me, learning this way grants me a more masterful understanding of a concept (not to mention independence of thought). That being said, I love finding those who're also able to think critically and not just simply recite what they've read.

My viewpoint and theories are highly malleable and able to change as I continue to analyze different perspectives and find new information.

• Some Common Topics:
• What I'm thinking about & if it's biased or an accurate representation of reality. What characterizes my frame of view? Examining my point of view and becoming more self-aware of it has helped me challenge negative thought patterns, detect bias, and if I might be hurting someone.
• Who I am, why I matter, & how I can help others with mental issues & continue to do work that I'm passionate about. Reminding myself of my self-worth has been an important component in helping both my self-esteem and mental health.
• Checking my privilege. I've found that the easiest way to figure out privilege is to observe what kind of privilege you lack. The kind you lack is something that will likely hit you in the face like a truck. I don't want people to be hit in the face with a truck.
• Factors that cause variations in the urban landscape: urban planning, decay, suburbanization, and gentrification.
• Public transportation by the use subways & streetcars and how ridiculous automobile dependency is. I wish we lived in a society where we didn't need private automobile ownership.
• Analyzing critical theory and postmodernism.

• Reasons Why I'm Compelled to be a Feminist:
• It has proven helpful for my understanding to break down gender, sex, sexuality, romantic desire, and phenotypical expression into independent dynamic concepts that can fluctuate on a continuum and interact with each other. Through this reduction I can better understand how diverse many people can be and how they can suffer from living in a gender essentialist society that does not allow for their diversity.
• Using intersectionality I'm able to see how my experience as a male cannot be completely understood in the absence of the fact that I'm mentally disabled since it affects how I function in society as a male.
• If my mental issues affect who I am as a male in society, and how I'm expected to act as a male in society is dependent on gender essentialism, and gender essentialism is hurting both women, non-binary people, and anyone else who isn't “normal”, then I therefore have a feeling of solidarity to a common cause against the oppression of anyone who is not a “normal” white male.
• Concerning relationships, gender roles dictate that men are supposed to be the most powerful participant in a relationship. In being a mentally disabled male I'm unable to conform to these expectations of power and as a result this hurts not only my ability to form relationships but it also degrades my perception of self-worth as a person in society which is further aggravated by society constantly emphasizing and glamorizing heteronormative relationships and in doing so, reinforcing how abnormal I am to have never had a relationship of any kind (this site has been a bombardment of neuronormativity).
• Despite being unable to obtain as much power as expected of me, I'm still more likely to be taken seriously than a woman, paid more than one, and my concerns will likely be taken to be of higher importance. So, obviously, if I'm checking my privilege, I think the best thing I could do is to understand that I have these advantages, be open about it, and try to do what I can to ensure that I'm not contributing to the imbalance of power.

• Academic Course Selection:
During my degree I was happy to be able to study a diverse number of topics.

General Chemistry I & II
Biology I & II
Organic Chemistry I & II
Biochemistry I & II
Principles of Ecology
Brain and Behaviour
Human Neuropsychology
General Astronomy I
Bioethics: Human Life Issues
Sensory Processes
Forensics I & II
Introduction to Psychology I & II
Introduction to Physical Geography
Introduction to Human Geography
Understanding the Earth: The Earth's Crust: Rocks and Minerals
Understanding the Earth: The Planet and its Internal Processes
Introduction to the Problems of Philosophy
Critical Thinking
Western Civilization: French Revolution to the Present
The Developing Countries: Selected Regions
On a typical Friday night I am
Either out on an evening bike ride or at home working on my projects.

I like to go to a coffee shop now and then. It's quiet and stress free. I can bring stuff to read and paper to draw or write on.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I find that being open helps to bring down my anxiety. I think I've been pretty open throughout this entire profile. One social construct that I wish didn't matter so much in society and on here is that of virginity. I find this construct and the expectations surrounding it to be limiting and hurtful to anyone who deviates from the expectations of their assumed gender.

In having been born and lived a life as a neuroatypical individual I've lived quite a different life than what most people know. Every day I wake up feeling the pressure of what society would like of me (both as an individual and as a male) knowing that I can never be what society wants. Just browsing this site for five minutes is an emotionally triggering experience for me in being exposed to thoughtless normativity.
You should message me if
Below I attempt to describe who I think might be a good match:

• Someone who examines their privilege and is both accepting and understanding of neurodiversity and the differences among people in general is a must as I need understanding regarding my difficulties functioning both interpersonally and within society at large.
• Since I have such high levels of focus and intensity (look at the length of my profile), a good match would be someone who's not easily inundated emotionally or intellectually.
• I find myself most drawn to those who possess a phenotypically female expression. I've found gender, which is socially constructed, to typically be independent of what I find attractive.
• A person who finds socially constructed dating customs sound utterly revolting.
Other desirable traits: Nonmaterialistic, Introspective, Critical thinker, Tactical, Curious, Articulate, Calm, and possess an aversion to drinking, partying, drugs, noise, and chaos.

The above list is not collectively exhaustive nor is it necessary to meet everything described as a requirement to message me. Also, I do not specify any match percentage requirement. There are a lot of factors that can affect those numbers (ex. small/unrepresentative sample, differing question interpretations, some people don't put any thought into their answers, the people who coded the algorithm could change its variables at the drop of a hat, etc.) and I believe they should just be used as a rough guideline.

• Conversation Ideas and Messaging Tips:
It can be difficult to get hold of my attention. I'm typically focused on a project when I receive a message and if your message doesn't get me to immediately reply the chances are that I'll forget about it. That said, you will likely have a higher reply rate from me if you invest some thought into your message. Mentioning anything you like or inferencing something about yourself that you related to in my profile as well as what compelled you to message me will show me that you were interested enough to read my profile and we might have something to talk about. A simple conversation starter could be to tell me about some of the historic sites in your area since that's quite an interest. Also, saying my name which is "Billy" will feel more personal.

I've been on this site for quite a while now and through this experience I feel quite atypical and less interested in initiating conversation with people. Also, it could pay off if you do more work in carrying the conversation since my attention might be gone pretty quickly.

• Bonus:
It would be awesome if you have a secret stash of pumpkin spice muffins, know Welsh and can teach me how to pronounce "Ystradyfodwg", can develop an interest in my cat (Tibby), are as awkward as can be, or ask me to take you on a virtual Google Street View tour (via Google+ Hangout video chats).

• Friends:
Finding people with similar interests to me is difficult so I would appreciate making new friends.

• International & Long Distance:
Since I'm an atypical person and live in a relatively remote area with the nearest large city being 500 km away, it is most likely that I'll find a good match that is relatively far away.

Overall, if you happen to like (or are at least curious about) what you've witnessed from my profile & links don't feel shy or intimidated to message me. Getting a good message could put a smile on my face & make my day.

Also, if you live far away or may not be comfortable meeting right away we can always video chat first.