71Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I am not on OKC's "A List" so if you should "Like" me I am unable to see it. Please send a note here or my email: so we might be able to chat. Thank you.

Do something good for yourself - you deserve it.

New York State Senate Award for "Heroic response and outstanding service" on March 12, 2011 and days following.

PLEASE NOTE: I should not have to say this but will be as diplomatic as possible. If you are uncomfortable or embarrassed being in private, let alone public, with someone who has disabilities (see mine below "Private Thing" ) in spite of whatever significant personal, academic or professional achievements they have accomplished, then PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME. My professional responsibilities include the maintenance of the safety and well being of individuals and communities. I am compassionate and forgiving because some people are not deliberately thoughtless nor inconsiderate. Just ill informed. Thank you for your understanding.

Intrepid, resourceful, human. INTP
As one of my nieces says: "Uncle Bill, you lead an interesting life." Definitely not "conventional."

Working The Congo during a Cholera outbreak in a "conflict zone."

Five (5) starts, five (5) successful finishes: Boston-Montreal-Boston bicycle Randonnee, 760 miles, 35,500 feet of climbing, average 86 hours.

Lived/worked/traveled throughout North America, Europe, Africa and Australia. Professionally: community based health, maternal child health care, ground water, sanitation, nutrition, HIV/AIDS, "special needs," disabilities. My vocational experiences have given me a deep appreciation for different cultures, societies, and the richness of their traditions, not measured in monetary terms.

Professional artist's model for painting, sculpture, fine arts, illustration, anatomy at The Society of Illustrators, Art Students League, Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, as well as privately.

Paris-Brest-Paris Randonnee ancien, 1,250 Kilometres, 9,600 meters climbing, 89 heures 20 minutes.

Worked in the Intelligence Community (IC).
However, they belie the person who enjoys being with another, cuddling, massages, a quiet evening or weekend, low lights, romantic music, gently passionate encounters. These are as much of who I am as all the other external accomplishments, and, in the end, tremendously more important. Especially the capacity to laugh at my own foibles.
Self sufficiency may be important, but, in the long run, as John Donne noted, it is our ties to other people that truly gives meaning to our lives.
What I’m doing with my life
Working with Vietnam, Iraq, Afghan Vets on disability issues and funding sources for them.
New year: assessing my hopes, goals, expectations.
I'm looking for companions in life, especially those with a similar drive to live big. Whatever my "disabilities" I refuse to allow them to inhibit me from experiencing Life to its fullest. It is often even more satisfying to achieve that with others.
Individual skill sets are important, but like a jig saw puzzle, the interlocking elements dictate the entirety of what we experience and create a greater Gestalt.
I am in a relationship with InnerPeaceChik. Her profile is here on okcupid, if you would like to view it.
I’m really good at
Research, analysis and situational awareness. Collaborative, cooperative method of professionalism and leadership.
Sometimes I may seem adrift, when not in my "zone," but frequently it is the time when I'm consolidating my next action.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well traveled, articulate, intelligent, integrity. Able to laugh at myself. Reflective listening.
I'm not an "Alpha Male," but definitely not a "passivist" either.
My handle, BillydkidX, reflects a bit of my "outlaw" nature as well as my "childlike" wonder and amazement of the world around me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: How do you do a didgeridoo? Ever hear Mongolian throat singing in person? The Wet Spots? WQXR. The Fugs, E. Power Biggs, Firesign Theatre, Indigenous Aboriginal music (CAAMA), Monty Python, Old Newport Jazz/Folk Festivals, PDQ Bach, WKCR. Nimet, John Pizzarelli.
Movies: Marathon viewings of movies: Marx Brothers, The Ring (Wagner and Tolkein), Star Wars, Harry Potter (haven't done this yet), Monty Python, open to suggestions.
Glad to eat jellyfish but really not keen on anchovies and gefilte fish. Where I've lived/worked/traveled - maybe it's better not to have known what was being eaten. As long as it was good, filling and didn't kill me, even if I had to kill it.
Books:Currently: "The Lost Girls" Moore/Gebbie; enjoy reading foreign language journeaux and literature. NYT Sunday Magazine Crossword Puzzles ( a singular pleasure), The Economist, New Yorker (sometimes even the articles...)
Not a "social media" type - I enjoy the "human" connection. Never a "Luddite" but I sometimes long for two (2) cans and a string ....
Six things I could never do without
VERY DARK CHOCOLATE, water, food, my senses, people, travel, music, did I mention VERY DARK CHOCOLATE - In short: Life.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Who I might next meet, where I might next travel to, what I might learn, what I might be able to teach. When is the next opening to understanding myself, others and the world. Who I might do it with. And doing something about it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Living Life. Some planned, some spontaneous. Some recharging.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm human. And all that entails. I am hearing impaired, partly as a consequence of my work overseas in conflict zones, and sometimes have difficulty in social situations with a lot of ambient noise. Better in one-on-one conversations or in quiet places, like museums, parks, hiking trails. Stay to my right ear - I can hear you better then....
I am quiet and a bit of an introvert.
You should message me if
You are interested.
My "profile" may seem a bit "ferocious" but it also reveals a person who cares, is tender and willing to take reasonable risks for others. As one of my mentors once said: "Deep inside every first responder is a 'mother hen' looking out for the safety of the brood." Others are poets, artists, and creative types but every vocation is equally valuable.

Perhaps a long lasting, intimate (however you may choose to define the word) relationship may not evolve out of our being together. I am currently looking for companionship, good company, staying low key.

While never married, nor had children, I have been in long term relationships, both in the States and overseas, with individuals who have. I know, and appreciate, from experience, how significant these ties are to people, including the spiritual strength they can imbue.

It sometimes takes me a little time to be comfortable with others. I have high levels of loyalty but demand integrity and honesty. And yes, I do smile/laugh. High emotional IQ, empathy but when "on the job" am cool, focused, and will create "frozen zone" until emergency is resolved. Then I'm yours.
The two of us