30Portland, United States
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My self-summary
philosophy, hiking, plant identification, wildlife, music, photography, film, comedy, hockey, swimming, writing, poetry, outer-space, showers, etymology, being bare-foot, technology, logic, science, culture, religion, politics, different kinds of communities, democracy, statism/anarchism, history, druidism

discerning, compassionate, sarcastic, reverent; a walking, enthusiastic contradiction

vegetarian for 13 years
What I’m doing with my life
a frugal American taoist looking for fun and connection on this giant rock flying through space. hiking when I can. body conditioning. finding out and exploring what I want to do generally with my gift of life and talents. realizing my potential. planning the work. working the plan. not putting up with mediocrity and boredom. not letting residual catholic or white guilt stymie me anymore. learning the shit out of anything I can.
I’m really good at
camping, cooking, gardening, jumping into bodies of water, music/improv (guitar and bass), character judgement, empathy, critical assessment, understanding people with accents, eating pizza
The first things people usually notice about me
I'd guess usually my friendly, but sarcastic attitude about most things. Awful dad jokes. Being playful/goofy with strangers. General goodwill toward everyone.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
comedians: David Cross, Tim and Eric, Kyle Mooney (and crew), Dave Chappelle, Bob Odenkirk, Phil Hartman, Sarah Silverman, Norm McDonald, Larry David, George Carlin, Jim Jeffries, Joe Rogan (when he's not being a meathead), Louis CK, more

writers/philosophers: Hermann Hesse, Tom Robbins, Vonnegut, Sam Harris, Dostoevsky, Chomsky, Hakim Bey, Kerouac, Ram Dass, Terrence McKenna, George Orwell, Henry David Thoreau, Daniel Quinn, Joseph Heller, Salinger, finally getting into the Homer classics as of nowish

movies: Cable Guy, Magnolia, Instinct, The Master, Synecdoche, The Last Emperor, Lebowski, Ex Machina, Surrogates, Shawshank Redemption, A Beautiful Mind, Mission To Mars, Fargo, Hackers, Primer, Schizopolis, The Matrix, True Grit, Seven, 12 Monkeys, Black Swan, SLC Punk, Pi, Blow, K-Pax, También La Lluvia (Even The Rain), 3:10 To Yuma, Django, Fern Gully, TMNT, Garden State (shut it. you know it's decent, albeit hokey as F), Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Fight Club, Austin Powers, The Edukators, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Shawshank Redemption, Mission To Mars, space movies, in general, sci-fi, fantasy, more

music: Lone, Disclosure, AFX, Jamiroquai, RX Bandits, Mars Volta, Circa Survive, Thrice, Minus The Bear, Lusine, Midwest Product, LCD Soundsystem, Cake, SOAD, Suicide Machines, NOFX, Mad Caddies, Reign of Kindo, AlunaGeorge, Boards of Canada, SBTRKT, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Tycho, Mux Mool, Fourtet, Justice, Foo Fighters, George Clinton, Incubus, Mice Parade, Little Dragon, Shigeto, Orbital, Planet Smashers, Fall of Troy, Shpongle, Tortoise, Chick Corea, (late) Finch, Five Iron Frenzy, Victor Wooten, Jega, Miles Davis, MGMT, Orange Crush, Catch-22, Streetlight Manifesto, Sparta, The Books, Yo-Yo Ma, Nostrum, Blackalcious, Gorillaz, Method Man, Crystal Method. pretty all over the place. Ska to Industrial; Jazz to House; dancey to angry to ambient to abstract

food (vegetarian): Thai, Indian, Korean, Italian, Mediterranean, Sushi, Mexican, South American, Ethiopian, cheese, olives, cherry tomatoes, veggie burgers, salmon and thimble berries, figs, mangoes, cherries, all types of nuts. love me some food.
Six things I could never do without
Fresh air, sense of humor, music, coffee, mental stimulation, weed.

And no, I don't need my effing smart phone on me every time I do something. Honestly, it's pretty sad when I see people put that in.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
TL;DR: senses and perception

spatial and human awareness (and how bad so many people are with it), conversational transactions, body language, vocal tone, music/rhythm, culture/convention, social roles, subjectivity, unexpected compassion, visible and non-visible cosmic objects, astrophysics (not that I'm so well versed), how the hell this is happening: existence/consciousness, what people really mean when they say "human nature," globalism, the internet's effect on basically everything, knowing that there is a massive intelligence, memory network, and kinetic energy behind every set of eyes. doing the hokey pokey. turning myself around. what it's all about. sentience, silence, science, sentences, sound pressure waves.

or I think sometimes ya just fall in love with romance itself

recent quotes on my mind:

"The secret to life? Knowing when to leave." ('Bloodline')-- hope that doesn't reflect on my sense of commitment, hah

(Not that it's concise or easily-referenced, but this)

"There's no way he's actually brilliant and well-informed about all the issues and is saying all the things he's saying. He's not pretending to be as uninformed and as incoherent and as irresponsible as he's seeming.

...It's just the vacuousness of his speech. He'll say the same thing three times in a row, and it was meaningless the first time.

...Insofar as I've seen, he has never once strung together a string of sentences that was even interesting... There is never a moment where I say, 'Oh, this guy is smarter and better-informed than I realized.' That moment never comes. I keep expecting to see that happen." Sam Harris on Trump pre-election.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hmm... who knows. Probably jamming some music or something, 'typically'. I've been a bit of a hermit in the recent past but I am on fire with enthusiasm to hang out and make friends any time I'm not working or doing music stuff
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm comfortable when lost.

Despite my general goodwill towards others, I find most people disappointingly petty.

I am a very independent person, and I don't need anyone to complete me. But humans can be really fun, too!
You should message me if
you wanna shoot the shit at some place at the same time, or just chat. kind of an open book at the moment.
The two of us