31Cicero, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Jordan.

I'm attempting to make this novel of mine much shorter. I've actually gotten rid of a ton of stuff already. Also, a ton of my question answers are probably not accurate as I answered them years ago. So yeah. .. don't be too married to the whole match percentage thing.

I very rarely message first. I know, i know. "But Jordan, how am I supposed to make you fall in love with me when I don't know if you'll talk to me? " Well, imaginary girl of my dreams, I respond to every message.

I dig talking to cool, new people and answering pretty much any question you have. Go nuts. I'm not sure I've gotten one that's broken me yet. Open with a weird one. That's a challenge from me to you.

I love life!!!

I greatly dislike drama

I'm joking the VERY large majority of the time.

I'm a professional wrestler. Its my one TRUE love in life and I'm super-happy that I get to constantly live my dream. I've traveled a bit while doing it and hopefully will more

There isn't much that makes me mad aside from pure stupidity. And even then, I get over things pretty quickly

Regrets are a waste of time. I don't dwell on the past very often. Everything I've done has led me to this point and I'm very happy.

I LOVE eyes and smiles. I also enjoy silly faces.
What I’m doing with my life
Being cooler than any nerd you've ever known... including yourself. Admit it. You're a nerd and I'm awesome... go ahead... I'll wait.

thank you.

I don't plan much.

I'm trying to travel more. Wrestling's helping with that, but I would like to go just for vacation or something as well. This past year I've done Philly, Canada, Vegas, Kentucky, NY, Cleveland and the basic tri-state. I also stopped over in Centralia, the town that Silent Hill is based on. On the docket currently is Cali and Mexico. A few goals are Australia, England, Germany, and Japan.

On my way to getting a PhD in Horribleness

I currently Manage a Gamestop. Playing video games is the best job requirement ever.

I Promote and Participate in Pro Wrestling.

The gym is a regular thing for me. So there's that.

I love the water. For 10+ Years, I've Lifeguarded every summer.
I’m really good at
Forgetting things

Saying what I mean without bias before realizing most people will take it as hostile.


Giving legitimate opinion on how I as a relatively unfashionable male think your outfit looks.

Making random meaningless lists
The first things people usually notice about me
My attitude I suppose? I'm a dry humor toward life in general kinda person.

I've been told on multiple occasions that I have "perfect lips". Still not sure what that means, but I'll take it as a win.

Physically, I honestly don't know. Please do share your thoughts.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Wrestling Biographies, Comics, Comic-related novels. Resident Evil novels.
I'm not big on classic literature; most of it turns out to be good, but if I already know the ending because of so many people talking about it, it doesn't interest me. I worked at Borders for like 4 years... lots of books ruined for me.

Music: Pretty Much anything...mostly Rock, oldies, Motown. Some faves are Fear Factory, Black Keys, Childish Gambino, John Mayer,Justin Timberlake, Ray Lamontagne, Stan Bush, Weezer, Stephen Lynch, Coldplay, The Bravery, Johnny Cash, ...and Michael Jackson is still and will always be the king.

Note: I'm attempting to make an official top 10 movie list. It's hard. I think I have a top 10 All-Time Animated Favorites list. Ask me about it.

The List could go on forever; The Mist Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, [The Avengers]], Toy Story 3, Tombstone, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Dark Knight ESPECIALLY Heath Ledger as Joker, BASEketball, Batman Begins, Fight Club, Boondock Saints, Hot Fuzz, Lucky Number Slevin, The Departed, Transformers (Animated), Snatch, The Crow, Serenity, American Psycho, Pirates of the Carribean, Ocean's 11 12 and 13, Batman (The first two), Superman (First 2), TMNT (All of them), Equilibrium, Resident Evil (All, even though they were disappointing), Street Fighter II the animated movie, GuyverJapanimation Series (Counts as more of a movie than the movies... they were ok too)Love Actually,most things with Christian Bale, Ryan Reynolds, Nathan Fillion, or Mark Wahlberg, pretty much anything Disney/Pixar... oh, and Bruce Lee's a BadAss

I've actually be watching all the "classics" that I skipped. Some good stuff. Feel free to suggest something you don't see here.

TV: This is the SHORT version of a long list
Firefly, Game of Thrones, Shameless US, Archer, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Parks & Rec, Arrested Development the originals.
Old School Saturday Morning Cartoons
Primetime shows headlined by a Smart-Ass or a Bad-ass, though side characters often wind up being my favorites.
Amazing comedy.

Food: most of it
Six things I could never do without
wrestling, loved ones, music, movies, my Computer, & my phone
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where to go, what to do for my next adventure.

On a typical Friday night I am
Whatever strikes me. Sometimes out with my friends, sometimes working in front of the cpu screen, sometimes chilling at home catching up of shows, sometimes preparing for the next trip.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Rocky loves emily.


I would prefer to have a partner in crime than a soulmate. That or an Arch-Enemy. But overall I just dig getting to know new people... preferably decent humans.
You should message me if
You enjoy all sorts of humor... even stupid, and often inappropriate humor.

You're willing to help me be fancy while being fancy with me every once in a while.

You enjoy chilling together and watching movies, maybe even terrible ones that we can rip to shreds.

You're willing to make me get up, go out, and do stuff.

You don't mind taking pictures/having your picture taken (smiles are a must, silly faces are a plus)

You consider yourself a nerd.

You give a mean back massage. I'm often in need.

You're looking for someone with whom to travel the world.

You fist-pump to "Ninja Rap" by Vanilla Ice on a regular basis

You just wanna discuss wrestling

You want to ask what I think of your outfit.

You have movies or music to suggest

You want to make a suggestion on how to best shorten this profile thing.

Don't Message me if:
You're offended easily

Also, cigarette smokers are a big negative. They smell and probably taste funny.
The two of us