36Ithaca, United States
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My self-summary
Back in the day i used to wanna be a ninja. it was simultaneously a way to be unique and appear tough and crazy maybe in my Queens neighborhood, but also was the kind of birthing of my spiritual self. or something. one time, i was snorkeling in thailand after a storm on kao phan gan and a shark circled me. i cry almost daily- and it feels so good. even when it doesnt. i love being the oldest sibling. i have a leo moon, venus and north node- so the role comes natural. you feel me on that, right? i like being a lefty who was born on the 4th of july. and my mama said i used to think all the firecrackers n works were for me. (see leo). last 4th of july i gave Amma ji a hug at like 230 in the morning. oops, which made it the 5th. this 4th of july, ill be at Rainbow i hope. i think vulnerability is the greatest source of strength. true vulnerability. i love how i am with money and am grateful that i as taught such skills. cuz now i can live on the edge of babylon and still get by just find. and get acupuncture a lot :) communication is probably the most maximum thing for me. radical, integrous, (how to spell that word?), vulnerable, empowered communication. booyakasha.
What I’m doing with my life
im on the path of ENLIGHTENMENT, whatever the heck that means. i m also teaching yoga, a substitute grade school and high school teacher, landscaping/gardening/construction-ing, being a Big Brother with BBBS, leading a bunch of classes with the Ithaca Freeskool, playing the djembe and making and dancing to musica del mundo whenever-wherever, playing softball, considering getting back into martial arts after a hiatus of a minute, contemplating creating a community (intentional) educational center, leading workshops on em0tional freedom and awareness of the Now.
I’m really good at
all attempts at alliteration alluding to an amalgamation of accurate assesments of a kid. asanas, autonomy, aspiring on the ALLness tip, asian cuisine, acting as an Automaton (doing the "robot"-only sometimes), affection, aiding all on this amazing adventure as awesomely as allowed.
The first things people usually notice about me
totally depends on my current vibe. usually (i hope ;), that i'm welcoming and magnanimous and funny. otherwise (i hope;), that i'm deep and sensitive and complex. (hahaha)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
What?! i love food. it's the best. all kinds, really. i like tom robbins for reading. the red tent was awesome, and depressing. speaking of depressing i almost finished angela's ashes this winter but, phew. im excited to explore hesse a little soon, ive only read siddhartha so far. i like movies, hopefully not too violent otherwise every 5 minutes on a meditation retreat im replaying the graphics. I AM is an awesome documentary. so is exit through the gift shop. and living with wolves. i like all dance tastic music. and other kinds too.
Six things I could never do without
P E A C E S. i wonder what words i can get out of this- which really do rep what i cant live without. people- i love them. i mean us. empathy- what would be the point of the P without this?! Adventure- while im here with such a mind as a human gets, what else? Comedy- and laughing at and with this journey. Everything- and remembering im nothing but... and Selecta- i love this word, and it can be anything- reprazenting the SACRED too, perhaps.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what it would be like to not think.
On a typical Friday night I am
laughing about agnosticism....still. hahahaha! one of my favorite bumper stickers is like " MILITANT AGNOSTIC: i dont know and neither do you."
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
everything is everything. and so can i !
You should message me if
you feel me. or if i feel you. or if you feel id feel you.
The two of us