42 Mahomet, United States
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My self-summary
I am an independent, sometimes to a fault, single mother and full time RN. I have been divorced since the beginning of 08, and dated very little during that time. Update(3/2016) I have been in one "relationship" since I joined okc. The relationship obviously ended, but it was not time wasted. I was reminded that I do know what I want in a relationship, how to look past the little things, and that I have the self respect and integrity to walk away from a relationship without being bitter, angry, or having any regrets.

I have spent most of the past few years doing my best to juggle a stressful career, as a Hospice Rn Case Manager; Caring for, nurturing, and teaching my beautiful 4 year old daughter; Also maintaining a home. Update(3/2016) : I am no longer working a stressful job. I moved to the Champaign area in 2014. I now work Monday through Friday in a Breast Cancer surgeon's office. My daughter is now 7 and is in first grade.

I find it amazing that among this 4 year whirlwind of responsibilities, I re-discovered me, and found true self love and contentment. Update(3/2016) : I have, once again, found myself on the road to self discovery. With relocating, after living in the same town for 40 years, and as time has passed, there are many personal changes that I am discovering.
I am a very busy women; I am full time mom: No weekend visits to a father's house; No Child support. Not only do I tackle the general upkeep, and repairs of my home, but I am also in the process of some home improvement projects. Update(3/2016) : My home is now a rental property, and I am currently renting here, until I find a home to purchase.
Because I am so busy, I initially prefer to exchange messages via this website . I don't believe you have to be face to face to learn about someone. I do have babysitters, but I chose to use them sparingly. I am not a serial dater:) Update(3/2016) : I still prefer to initially spend time exchanging messages via okc, but am more open to a date, in order to further get to know someone; There is something to say about someone's mannerisms, body language, eye contact, etc. when learning about them.

Let's see...I think that I have covered the basics related to who I am....Onto What I am looking for...

I am looking for a friendship because I do feel that meaningful relationship must begin with a sound foundation....a friendship.
I believe that a relationship should be based on: Mutual respect, Honesty; The ability to communicate openly and effectively; A friendship, filled with chit chat and laughter, that can also endure the worst of storms that life has a tendency to brew; A willingness and desire to give it a whole hearted effort...
*Update 8/25/13* It was recently brought to my attention that I am basically looking for a man that fits a certain, unrealistic, set of criteria....Hmm... I feel that my "criteria" are broadly based, and basic...
A man that I chose to become involved with must be:
Communicative....and committed!
This person that so kindly shared his observation also shared this "Insight"...I am "doing good" if I find someone with a job, a car, and insurance!
I have not been swayed.......
The six things I could never do without
1. God
2. My daughter
3. The ability to provide for, guide, and nurture my daughter
4. Laughter
5. A world full of experiences that provide the opportunity for continued growth.
6.My Keurig...just one superficial need!lol
You should message me if
*If you have read my profile, and not just looked at the pictures.
*If you are not "recently divorced"; "Separated"; or "in the middle of a divorce"....let's not forget "married" or "in a relationship". Taking time, after a failed relationship, to work through the grief; re-discover who you are; what you want; and where you are going; is invaluable!