48Tecumseh, United States
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My self-summary
I've been told I am funny and smart, but then, I wouldn't hang around anyone who was rude enough to call me a boring idiot. That said, I think I've got some game in these areas, and I hope you do to.

But more to the point, I am stable. Financially, emotionally... I don't have a lot of drama in my life, and I am not looking to import more. What I am looking for is someone who I can spend some time with. Someone who is fun to talk to, go see a movie with, hang out, or a late night phone call. I want to connect with a grown-up, and I've discovered, to my chagrin, that often age isn't an indicator of that.

I love to sing, though not professionally! I am more of a Sunday morning in church/Driving in the car/In the shower singer. I listen to a lot of classic rock and 80s music. I adore going to movies, and you should too. If you think that two hours in a dark theater watching a movie is a poor way to spend your time, then I am definitely not for you!

My TV tastes are all over the map, so I can pretty much guarantee that we have some favorite shows in common.

I love to travel. Specifically, cruises, although I haven't been on one in a few years.
What I’m doing with my life
After years of working, I am going back to school to finish up my degree. I don't know that it'll help me at all professionally... it's just something that's been unfinished for a very long time.
I’m really good at
Puzzles, maps, trivia contests, and anything else you'll have to ask about!
The first things people usually notice about me
I hope it's my eyes. Because if it's my hair that means I probably need to comb it.
Six things I could never do without
2. My parents
3. My cat
4. My iPad
5. Lemonade
6. Satellite radio

Note that there is no #1. Applications are accepted for that spot.
You should message me if
you can hold your own in a conversation; if you can use proper grammer and spelling (but hey, even the best of us make typos), and think that a few minutes out of your life to start a conversation with a good guy is a valuable use of your time.
The two of us