26Annandale, United States
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My self-summary
Ar o i quara rin i quara o ar.

Making my way through the world, just as voiceless as the next poor soul.

Let's be forthcoming in an obnoxious overly straight forward way!

I have a physical disability. I can still walk, though slower than
others and I have less balance. If this is an issue, please do not bother.

My name is Alyssa, but most everyone calls me Aya, I'm twenty three, and enjoy cosplay/anime conventions and the like. I'm short [5'3 if you didn't look at the side bar, which I recommend you do as I like to keep that accurate], but we give the best hugs! Don't believe me? Ask me for a hug.

I like writing, be these journals or roleplays on forums or whatever, all kinds of writing. I am for it. Drawing [None too well, but I enjoy abstracts [as those don't have to be 'good' in the figure drawing kind of sense], anime [Though I haven't watched much of anything in quite some time] and manga [but not as much as I used to, quite a few manga just chilling in my room unread years after buying them] ,photography [mostly of nature, nature is beautiful], gothic lolita, and cosplay.

As for video games I enjoy games like Katamari Damacy, Shadow Hearts, Final Fantasy [Especially 8, 9 and 10], Harvest Moon [sim games are fun okay? >O<] Kessen, [yay strategy games!] Super Smash Brothers [Casual 'fighter' XD] and the Disgaea series of games. I also used to play a lot of MMOs, mostly RO, but I've played many others.

I also enjoy studying languages and their history and culture. I have a lot of interests really, but it's probably easier to just talk to me and see if we have more in common.

Even if I don't know a lot about a topic, if I find it even vaguely
interesting I'll probably ask you more questions about it and also books you might recommend reading on the subject.

'Religiously' speaking, I am a solitary Wiccan, if you have a
problem with this bugger off, I'm tired of the misconceptions and if you're going to insult my religion without knowing anything about it I will ignore you. If you're genuinely curious however, I will be more than happy to indulge your curiosity.

I'm a pretty big mash up of all sorts of things, some of which probably contradict each other in some way, but that's all fine with me, I'd like to think there's a reason behind my every action that even if it doesn't always fit my common reaction that I did that given thing for a good reason. We're humans and we're complicated, so I should be too, right?

I am a scoribra [Figure it out!], quiet, and loving.

odi et amo.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying new things, fighting the good fight.

Not really doing a whole lot, originally I was trying to get a job but it's really not in the cards right now and that doesn't bother me. Don't mistake me for a low-life who does nothing though. I spend a lot of my day trying to get back into shape, so yeah, that could be considered self indulgent [Though I suppose that's the wrong word] since I'm not doing anything to actually move up in life, but I want to feel good about ME jobless or not.

I'd really like to become fluent [not just 'okay'] in Japanese. I'd also like to get better knowledge of Chinese, Korean, Russian, Italian, German, Latin and French, of which I'm currently improving in German and Latin. I imagine I might even add more languages to that one day, but seeing as it's already not very organized, I best just stick to those, right?

Just trying to find myself overall, I keep getting pulled in so many directions and it's time to just center and figure something out-- despite not having a job-- I'd like to start a bakery type deal, cupcakes, mini cakes, that kind of deal. I don't favor working under people and I think I understand my needs best to know how I would have to handle myself in a business situation if I ran it myself-- will probably take business management classes in the future =3
I’m really good at
I'll tell you a story if you tell me yours first.

I'd like to think that I'm good at talking to people and resolving issues with people. But I'm sure I have a lot of short comings even in things I'm good at, but I'm willing to listen to others and learn from the mistakes I make. I want to become a better person and I strive to be a good person and improve the lives of the other people around me.

I'm probably rather good at confusing people too, a nice little enigma as open-book as I appear to be. Don't worry folks, even if my cover is simple the contents are interesting~
The first things people usually notice about me
My my, aren't you just the cutest little thing?
Want to try that again~?

My eyes usually, I don't get a lot of variation on that topic. Though feel free to give me your opinion on the matter.

Personality wise though I think the first thing people notice is that I'm a bit shy at first...

Or, I guess people could just notice I'm disabled, but I'd like to think that my personality shows over that. I'd hope if you message me on here you'd want to get to know me and not just see me as 'that chick with the disability' since that's how friends and significant others are.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The world just keeps moving, everything is always changing. Just how am I supposed to keep up?

Books: Vampire Hunter D novels, lots of mangas, my favorite being Angel Sanctuary. Anything historical-- history is rather fascinating. I also enjoy studying language, so language books work for me. Poetry, I don't feel like naming poets but I'll give anything a shot. I also really like books on any kind of mythology.
Movies: Jin Roh- The Wolf Brigade.
Man on Fire
Hide and Seek-- Actually really anything with Dakota Fanning.
I'll think of more stuff later, I was just sick of me having NO MOVIES INSPIRE ME written here.
TV Shows: Law and Order [mostly SVU], NCIS [Original not LA], various other crime shows on occasion. Burn Notice. Plenty of others.
Animes I have enjoyed are mostly horror: [Higurashi and Umineko no Naku Koro ni.]

Music: Rock, J-rock, Alternative, Ayabie, Gazette, Dir en Grey, Moon Kana, Kaya, Noriko Mitose, Haruka Shimotsuki, Yuuko Ishibashi, Kokia and plenty of other singers. Listen to anyone who sings hymmnos for the Ar Tonelico games and I like the majority of them. From the above I already listed Haruka Shimotsuki, Noriko Mitose, Yuuko Ishibashi and Kokia. Another main singer is Akiko Shikata but I don't like her quite as much as a singer. [EXCEPT her album Haikyo to Rakuen... she sounds LOVELY singing in Italian... MARE and Contrasto and Doko e are probably my favorites on that album] I listen to a lot of other stuff honestly but a lot of my music is Japanese, please don't be deterred by the 'obsession' though.

Going to attempt to list some English speaking artists so everyone will stop thinking I'm a Asiaphile or something O.o;

Tori Amos
Tegan and Sara
Nickleback [their older stuff]
Our Lady Peace [Happiness is Not a Fish that You Can Catch is a particularly good album as well as Clumsy and Gravity]
Six things I could never do without
Just what is so special about YOU?

Six things I can't do without... hmm... My computer [with internet hopefully], Music, friends,a language to study [Also learning words/phrases we use in English that are from elsewhere. I enjoy that], love [be it relationship love or just platonic.] I'll call that six just because of the internet, haha.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
If everyone but you believed the sky was green would it cease to be blue?

My life, and where it's supposed to be going. Love... and what I want from a relationship. I also spend a lot of time thinking about my friends and how I can help improve their lives and the lives of the other people around me who aren't necessarily friends but just people I know somewhat.

Was yea erra pagle yor
[I will be happy to speak with you]
Gral yor
[All of you]
Was touwaka ra chs kiakkya omness yor
It is the wish of my heart to become friends with your existence]

Yorr na beja mea
[You cannot defile me]
Was yea ra kanawa her
[I know this]
Naave van yos wart cemx mea
[Because even if your words come to me]
Yetere wi wart vonn
[In the case that the words are dark]
Ma ki ra na neddle kiafa
[I need not hear them]

Ar ciel inferiare mea
[The world is my beloved]
En khal mea
[And it shall protect me]
Naave grandee mea
[Because it is my guardian]

Goa ar ee enclone ya
[Only the exalted surround me]
Ar enesse ar ciel wase
[The emotions of the world are strong]
Innna mea
[Inside of mea]
Innna yor
[Inside of you]

Merra walasye
[We are human]
Den merra zwihander
[But we can triumph]
Ganna dea mea
[Be strong with me]

[A short little hymmn I wrote ^^^^]
On a typical Friday night I am
Would the story I tell you about one magical night be more believable than the reality? I think I'd like to give that a try...

Most likely... on my computer, chatting on MSN or AIM or Facebook or Yahoo haha. I'm as close to attached to my computer as humanly possible I think, but I don't mind it since there isn't much else to do at the moment. Hopefully eventually there will be better things to do... but still I like to think my friends come before anything else. Well, friends/lover/GOOD family and such as that. They're all equal to me...

I really could be doing anything-- every night is like a Friday night to me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm damaged, so what? You have your scars too, don't even try to hide them. I'll see right through you, a bullet to the heart!

I'm a serious video game geek [wow that's not very private and neither is the following] I speak, rather fluently the made up game language from Ar Tonelico [one, two and three].

There are more private things about me but I'd rather not put them here, so you'll have to ask. Of course, that doesn't mean you'll get an answer till I trust you~
You should message me if
Oh, baby, you're so dull. Tell me something I've never heard before!

-- my message box isn't obnoxiously full because I'm stupid and forget to actually clear it out of all the messages from time to time! -- but it's not full now I promise~-

You want to get to know me or find anything you feel like discussing with me. ^^

As an aside, if you can entertain me in some fashion that is definitely a plus. I enjoy being entertained and if your message is generic and boring I will probably ignore you, no offense.
The two of us