30 Knoxville, United States
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My self-summary
NOTE: While I am greatly flattered by the likes, I'm not subscribed therefore I don't know who you are when you click that button. If you want interest, drop a note instead.


Sensitive, loyal, assertive and smart. INTJ personality type. Bird and fish person. Love aviation, technology and science stuff (marine biology, astronomy, etc). I have lots artistic tendencies in writing and illustration. I do a lot of thinking and creative pursuits most of the time.

I'm a Christian and my religion is important to me, but I'm open minded and welcome friends from all walks of life. I'm also a bit of a geek and nerd, and you can find me obsessing over fandoms, video games, science and those sorts of things.

While I do love seeing the world and getting out of the house, I'm not outdoors person short of jogging or riding a bike. So you won't find me being some "wild man" in the open outdoors every waking second. However, I do travel a lot; you may find me chucking a suitcase in the car and driving to the next state to visit a museum or urban exploring. By no stretch does that mean I'm a couch potato; I work out and stay active in other ways (gym, treadmill, etc.)

I'm a bit of what you call the "straightedge" click, so I don't drink, smoke or do drugs. The most I'll ever touch is wine over dinner, but this means no bars, clubs and/or social drinking. There's more to this world than what's at the bottom of a glass.

I'm also someone that's a bit older and more mentally mature; I grew up with IBM 386sx's, remember when Clinton was on TV and knew what the original Star Fox was. I daresay that I am one of those 90's kids (maybe even older). So it'd be cool to connect to someone who understands the lifestyle back then, not a later millenial or Generation-Z who doesn't relate. Call me old-fashioned; I suppose that's why Okcupid brands me that in my makeup.

Looking for a girl with similar interests for the long haul, someone to get married to and explore the world together and eventually raise a family. Not interested in short-term junk, games, something that isn't serious or "let's be friends for 3 years before I decide if I want to date or get married." Wit and some humor desired.

I'm the guy looking for a capable companion above anything else. I'll open the door for you, help you with your problems and be there, but I'm also looking for the girl that'll tag along for the next adventure, whether its co-oping a video game for the weekend or programming the GPS on a road trip. Want a comparison? The Doctor's companion from Doctor Who.
What I’m doing with my life
I freelance and work for myself in the digital media field. So I do websites, format books/eBooks and do graphic design for various clients. Have been a comic book colorist for a few projects.

I'm also a self-published indie author and game developer, so when not doing the first paragraph, I'm writing, blogging, doing art and developing games.

And I help with the family business now and then.
I’m really good at
*Navigation when traveling
*Adapting to controls on a vehicle (Newtype much?)
*Being funny but not spazzing out like Markiplier when playing a game
*Logical thought
*Telling you about outer space
*Flight and spacelight simulators (hey, comes from actual past flight experience!)
The first things people usually notice about me
That I look real young. A lot of people often think I'm 20 or even 17.

And that I'm probably not dressed in the retro/hipster-ish style of a typical millenial. Tend to look like someone off a Daughtry album cover half the time.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Young adult novels, sc-fi and science books. Stephen Hawking, Michiko Kaku, Star Trek paperbacks, Thea Stilton series, etc. An occasional manga now and then.

Games: Indie story and adventure games, along with strategy and some action in there. Starcraft 2, Age of Empires, Supreme Commander along with things like Ori and the Blind Forest, ABZU, Oxenfree. A few AAA stuff like Elite: Dangerous, Halo and Overwatch. PC is my platform of choice, though I do dabble in Xbox now and then.

Movies: Independence Day, Apollo 13, Secret of Kells, Pacific Rim, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, Lord of the Rings, Summer Wars, and I, Robot. I also like Pixar stuff.

Shows: Don't watch a lot of modern stuff nowadays. Am a casual anime fan. Stuff like Gundam, Person of Interest, Stargate SG-1 and documentaries get my interest (I will occasionally poke at Doctor Who.) My kid side loves cartoons from back in the day, especially stuff like Arthur, Lloyd in Space and the like.

Music: Basically 3 types; heavy EDM/techno, alternative rock/metal (Linkin Park, Papa Roach), or quiet melodies like Enya or video game music. Deep house, Japanese pop and European dance/electronica are my favorites. I keep an extremely far distance from rap, hip-hop/R&B and country.

Food: Italian, Chinese, Indian and most vegetable dishes. I really am fond of very spicy curry, fried chicken and lo mein noodles. I don't touch pork, most beef or certain seafood in any way, shape or form.
The six things I could never do without
-My art workstation
-iPad/iPhone (nope, not a hipster. Sorry)
-Something to read that's astronomy or aviation related
-Bluetooth headphones
-A sketchbook/notebook
-My imagination
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where can I call home that's not a rural country town, and how to connect to people with a similar background with my interests. In between of all that, what would be involved if I live on the moon, or how to chuck jet engines on the Space Shuttle so its capable of atmospheric flight. And maybe how to best you in Overwatch in the upcoming evening.

I also think about the future in terms of technology and development: what can be implemented to make the world more efficient, what new tech lays over the horizon and what will impact the way we lives our everyday lives.
On a typical Friday night I am
I really do tend to stay in on Friday night. I'm home eating dinner, playing games or piddling around on the Internet. I'm just glad that the week is over and can kick back for the evening.

Will I go out on Friday? Yes! Just have a great event or be an awesome friend to have something interesting planned.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I just admitted earlier that I read "Search for the Giant Squid". I even have a giant squid plush toy.

I called GoDaddy at 3:30AM one night, just to test their 24 hour policy. Was impressed.
You should message me if
-Have an open mind
-You have a college education
-You like videogames, and respect the effort that goes into the craft of digital media
-You're a kid at heart, have an imagination and can dream.
-You know what Windows 95 and a floppy disk is.
-You possess a bit of a city heart and don't mind living in a large population center
-Spelling and proper grammar, no text speak (lke dis, k? no hbu)
-Eat foods of multiple ethnic backgrounds
-Tech savvy
-You use e-mail and online messaging platforms like Skype.
-You believe dinosaurs were real
-You don't have a problem with guns (sci-fi, toys and real. I'm a geek. Who doesn't like a phased plasma blaster or a NERF gun? Lots of people, apparently.)
-Like sci-fi and fantasy to some degree.

-You know this emote: xD
-You like Blizzard games (Overwatch, WoW, etc)
-You like birds
-You're into ComicCon and cosplay stuff
-Tabletop and DnD piques your curiosity
-You know what a Wacom tablet is and use one
-You don't mind grabbing scuba gear and hopping into the open ocean
-Give me advice on why a Titan X2 is overpriced and why I should buy the 1080ti Founder's edition.

-Try to link up because I do a high-paying tech job and criticize my preferences or cultural origins (I need to put that out first. Don't take it personally)
-You're Southern/country/Appalachian and y'all/aint/memaw is your everyday vocabulary (twang included), and engrained in either overtly simple rural life or typical Southern culture (muddin', waving a Confederate flag, weird social cliques like in Sevierville, etc).
-You're looking for a "Southern gentleman" to wait on you hand and foot.
-You need to live in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of horses where there's no Internet and cell phone signal
-You're Baptist
-Call all brown people "Middle Eastern" and can't or won't tell the difference.
-You don't appreciate Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Indian) entertainment, music and food, and criticize them.
-You're chubby/obese/"curvy" and weigh over 140 lbs.
-You have kids
-You own 2+ cats and dogs or a boatload of them, and live with animals indoors (animal allergies, sorry).
-You need to be outdoors in the wild every single second.
-You're ghetto/gangster
-Have tattoos and piercings
-You dislike outer space and the space program.
-You don't read books and refuse to read anything
-Be the introverted Tumblr addict that hates social interaction and is constantly on the couch in a blanket.
-Are a hipster and very "millenial"
-Have a duckface or a slanted mirror photo as your profile image
-Read my entire profile, don't match up with what I'm looking for, then message me out of desperation or incomprehension because you're "lookin' for just anyone.
-Don't read my profile, don't have anything in common and message me for the same reason as the previous statement. You'll go unanswered.