29 Parrottsville, United States
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My self-summary
Hello! This has been way too long every time I type this section, so will do my utmost best to keep this as short as possible.

Key points: Sensitive, loyal, assertive and smart. INTJ personality type. I like birds and fish. Love aviation, technology and science stuff (marine biology, astronomy, etc). I have lots artistic tendencies in writing and illustration. I think quite a lot, am a self-proclaimed nerd/geek (anime included!), PC gamer and a Christian.

While I do love seeing the world, not too much an outdoors person short of jogging or riding a bike. You're not going to find me trying to go camp every weekend in a national park; rather, you may find me chucking a suitcase in the car and driving to the next state to visit a museum. I love getting out of house, just don't like trapezing into the wilds every waking moment.

Looking for a girl with similar interests for the long haul, someone to get married to and explore the world together and eventually raise a family. Not interested in short-term junk, games, something that isn't serious or "let's be friends for 3 years before I decide if I want to get married."
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a entrepreneur and digital media freelancer by life trade. I develop eBooks, illustrations and websites for clients. I'm a moonlight indie game developer by night, having developed one visual novel game and working on a few more. I've self-published two novels and run a blog as well.

I'm currently also transitioning for a move this fall. I'm an Indian from New York/New Jersey who's lived in rural East Tennessee since I've been a child. I've outgrown it for too long and want to move on. It's completely killed my dating life, cut me off from people, and has little or no social/cultural opportunities. (It's also left me with the unstoppable desire to imagine giant 100ft satellite dishes and blast any EDM/J-Pop song whenever I see open unoccupied land).

*Clear throat* As such, I'm immediately on the hunt for a good urban environment to call home. At this point its just a matter of finding a suitable place that will work out for me.
I’m really good at
*Navigation when traveling
*Adapting to controls on a vehicle (Newtype much?)
*Being funny but not spazzing out like Markiplier when playing a game
The first things people usually notice about me
That I look real young. A lot of people often think I'm 20 or even 17.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read a lot of young adult fiction and love collecting books of multiple genres, especially those from the 90's that I grew up on. I tend to gravitate towards sci-fi, mystery and science books. A few favorites that stand out are books from Stephen Hawking, Michiko Kaku and even the Thea Stilton series.

Movies? Independence Day, Apollo 13, Secret of Kells, Pacific Rim, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, Lord of the Rings, Summer Wars, and I, Robot. I also like Pixar stuff.

Shows? Don't watch a lot of modern stuff nowadays. Am a casual anime fan, so I do watch a few shows now and then. Stuff like Person of Interest, Stargate SG-1 and documentaries get my interest (I will occsaionally poke at Doctor Who.) My kid side loves cartoons from back int he day, especially stuff like Arthur, Lloyd in Space and the like.

Quite picky in my choice of music. I mostly enjoy techno, EDM, Japanese pop, European dance/electronica and alternative metal (think Papa Roach, Linkin Park and Breaking Benjamin). I often find myself listening to orchestral soundtracks from games and movies. When I’m in a calmer mood, I like splashes of house, jazz music and Enya.

Per what I eat, Italian, Chinese, Indian and most vegetable dishes. I really am fond of spicy curry, fried chicken and lo mein noodles.
The six things I could never do without
-Wacom tablet
-iPad/iPhone (nope, not a hipster. Sorry)
-Something to read that's astronomy or aviation related
-Reusable water bottle
-A sketchbook/notebook
-My imagination
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where can I call home? Where and who would be my future partner to discover the world with? What would she be like? Then get sidetracked with how many solar panels a lunar colony may run on or how to put a touchscreen service kiosk in the long line I'm standing in. Did I miss something important today?

I also think about the future in terms of technology and development: what can be implemented to make the world more efficient, what new tech lays over the horizon and what will impact the way we lives our everyday lives.
On a typical Friday night I am
My current geographic location doesn't allow me to do much more at the moment (I literally have to travel 50 miles one-way to a city center). I am usually at home drawing, writing, watching YouTube, or reading science articles. I like spending time with my family and playing games with my younger brother.

When I'm not in the neighborhood and accept the fate of driving hours on end to another city, I'm usually attending an entertainment event. Such include the occasional anime convention, Lindsey Stirling or Anamanaguchi concerts, or simply getting away from East Tennessee to see what the world has to offer.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I just admitted earlier that I read "Search for the Giant Squid"; I even have a plush of a giant squid. What else should I say?

Well, I did take Japanese over Spanish in college as I did want to stick out. I also am one of those few people who pre-ordered Homeworld and got the art book and the Mothership statue. Guess that counts for something., I may live in the "South", but I don't have an accent, don't use "y'all, ain't," etc. I sound quite foreign and not from the locale, trust me. There, that's a personal point over a plush squid and speaking Japanese. That trumps them all, I think.
You should message me if
If you're a well-educated woman that shares my same interests, imagination, values, and looking for what a real relationship could bring. If you're a bit foreign, have great spelling and are displaced like me, even the merrier. If you just have a crush on Raj from The Big Bang Theory keep moving! (Just kidding, that's cool too.) Legend also has it that INTJ's get along real well with INFPs, too!

Seriously though, I'm not that hard to please. Like video games and art, chat science now and then, have a bit of a city heart, don't be afraid of food from different ethnic backgrounds and we'll get along.

Also brownie points if you know, relate and use this: xD

Please don't message me if:
-You're really Southern, Appalachian or country (I don't relate to it at all, especially the dialect. Sorry.)
-35 or older
-Have kids
-Plan on living in a remote rural spot or a small town for the rest of your life
-You don't like tech (i.e hate social media and don't like computers, smartphones, etc) - yes, I've met such people living on this end of the pond, even on here. They do exist.
-You have multiple and/or indoor pets: I am extremely allergic to cats and not a dog person. I'm able to play with them for a short bit without issues, but living with them causes issues with my health. Yes, I own no cats or dogs; I have zero animals.
-You're a millenial that uses no capital letters, will die without Instagram and lacks attention span or logical thinking.

Lastly, don't hesitate to talk to me if you're hundreds of miles away. There's nobody with any of my interests locally where I live; the only people with anything remotely similar interests/compatibility are further than a stone's throw. Please keep that in mind before passing on.

Otherwise, I'm listening. Looking forward to hearing from you!