34Traverse City, United States
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My self-summary
I know what my needs are. I'm a highly sensitive, empathic person who is interested in a monogamous, Conscious Co-creative partnership. I can relate to almost anyone, but partnership is where it's at. For now, I need some awesome new friends.

Update: 2-25-16 My newest obsession is the Merlin series on Netflix. So good! I'm on season two.

Update: 1-26-16 "I can remember a ton of things from growing up that most people don't remember. I'm sentimental in that way. I don't feel like it has anything to do with age and more to do with appreciation. Being awake, aware, or conscious on multiple levels; not just the surface ones." -me

Update: 1-16-16 I enjoyed a Tibetan sound bowl concert.

Update: 11-11 I got to see Maleficent. I enjoyed the new perspective of the plot twist. I wouldn't say it's a recommended movie for young kids.

Conversationalist living from my heart. Be here now is my mantra when I am fully balanced. I would eventually like a partner who transcends selfish pride and lives beyond his own barriers and limitations. I am a musical creator so I prefer the like. I have soundcloud if you would like to stop by, collaborate, and listen. :) I am also a community networking director where I live and would like someone who has similar visions and passions. What are yours? Feel free to ask me about mine.

I am always changing, evolving, manifesting into a better, balanced version of the everything and nothing. Myers Briggs says I'm an INFP: Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. Even though I tend to be introverted at times, I'm very social and introspective. So I consider myself more of an extroverted introvert. :) And sometimes I just listen or observe everything around me. The witness/observer.

Natal chart: Capricorn sun, Aquarius rising, and Leo moon. Aquarius Mars and Mercury
Capricorn Venus
Progressed Aquarius sun
Free spirit, visionary, optimistic realist, gypsy, bohemian, independent, talented, or free thinker.

Here's some music that tugs at my heart strings. Enjoy!

Dave Thomas - La Noyee solo

Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed

Electric Universe - One Love (Psychedelic Trance)<<br />/a>

Starfucker // Bury Us Alive // HD

I'm like a cigarette without the chemicals; I have no filter. So take me in. -me

That's the difference between me and the rest of the world! Happiness isn't good enough for me! I demand euphoria! -Calvin and Hobbes

Dance with me to the end of Love // The Civil Wars
This music duo sums me up pretty well.

And this one is my favorite video set to a favorite song :)
I want you to be my love//Over the Rhine
What I’m doing with my life
Building a massage clientel while working independently. Teaching my clients the importance of connecting their mind, body, and heart. Being inspired intellectually and creatively. Finding other musicians who can help me improve my music or start new projects. I like networking, socializing, and diversity since I have quite a few Aquarian qualities in my natal chart.

My interests are nature, the beach, mountain biking, kayaking, karaoke/singing, motorcycles (I have a Harley Jacket), yoga, walking/running/hiking, ice skating, rollerblading, and many things.

Bonus points if you know how to do this or would like to learn.
Acroyoga with Daniel and Kelsey

Acroyoga to Radiohead
I’m really good at
singing, playing piano since 1988, some guitar since 2003, and writing music. Massage Therapy. Swedish massage, CranioSacral therapy, and intuitive energy work. typing fast. thrifting. pretty good at photography. Being goofy and making people laugh. Playing chinese checkers and scrabble. And don't say scrabble is boring, because you can use the tiles for dirty words. Cards against humanity. I'm also appropriately inappropriate! Yay! I'm perverted in a romantic way.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes. My hair. Black yoga pants. A number of limitless perceptions and opportunities!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: "Celestine Prophecy" "Be Here Now" by Ram Dass. "A return to love" and "Enchanted Love" by Marianne Williamson. "Awakening Intuition" Mona Lisa Schulz. C.S. Lewis. Alan Watts. Deepak Chopra. Sextrology- a book on astrological signs. Or anything about psychology, astrology, meditation, massage, or energy.

Movies: comedy, documentaries, and psychological thrillers. Anything Hayao Miyazaki.

Tv Series: Merlin on netflix, American Horror Story, The Mighty Boosh, Drop Dead Diva, Parks and Recs, Archer, Californication. I'm not much into tv.

Music: see above links :)

Food: I love cheese, pad thai, lasanga, pizza, steak, salmon, veggies, coconut oil, thai food, rice or rice noodles, pasta, shrimp, salads, avocado, and sushi!
Six things I could never do without
Deep levels of synchronicity and connection with the universe and people
Communication with the intent to understand and collaberate
Unconditional Love and affection
Bath Salts (You just laughed if you got the reference)
Music- my guitar and piano
The beach and water
I spend a lot of time thinking about
having an overactive frontal lobe. :)
getting the chance to travel and have adventures.
How important it is to have some direction. Not just as an individual, but also in a partnership. I like passion and purpose in my life.
On a typical Friday night I am
It depends on if I have a client.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I appreciate people who communicate on a deeper level. Otherwise, I get bored. Most people seem to be closed off or too scared to open up. So this is what fascinates me about connecting with people.
I am more drawn to someone who is musically creative. Particularly, guitarists/singers, but not limited to. And someone who appreciates or understands intuition and energy/chi.
You should message me if
-you like conversations that feel like you're skipping around in each other's mind
-you like an independent woman who isn't a gold digger.
-you are a good balance of divine masculine and divine feminine energy.
-acoustic guitar player, electric guitar, mixing digital/electronic, and/or singer.
-your profile isn't anorexic. (I like to read something interesting I can respond to.)
- you like intellectual conversations.
-You are spiritual and intuitive. (not overly logical)
-You've gotten out of the box and the filters. (I found the box cutters a while back.)

-have some of your music online
-you're weird "in a good way"
-positive person living on a high frequency/vibration

-intuitive and logical
-thoughtful and observant
-affectionate and romantic
-creative and playful
-reliable and dependable
-know how to be selfless
-can make me laugh
-still have an appreciation for board games

-feel like a rainbow living in a black and white world of people
-you are at all interested in auras/energy fields, energy, intuition, consciousness, ascension, chakras, golden ratio, fractals, sacred geometry, transcendental meditation, dimensions, science, metaphysics, mysticism, eastern philosophy, intimacy, frequencies, the universe, massage, qi gong, meditation, yoga, psychology, and anything of the like.

I'm not shy so I will definitely send an email if your profile/energy resonates with me.

Someone I can also dance and cook with is a plus.
The two of us