56San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
These should be worth a fer words:
Story time

There is no happy ending to the story
There are no guts or glory
Just the words on a page
Not even written by a sage
There is one that will end
just right there
Beyond the bend
Yet, in truth
There is no end
Just another page
For you to read
About another's glorious deed

Just another’s story
It gives
It takes
too many of my friends
board the Black Ship
and unto the stars
are taken away.


I want to be your dog
Your pussy cat
The turtle
You keep in your hat
I want to be your pigeon
Your turtle dove
I just want to be your love


Let the four winds Blow
Let them stream to the four corners of Earth
Please winds take up my message
From my lips
To her ears
Winds; Tell her
“Je t'aime”

Jet black dog
white diamond on my chest
for you
I shall give my best,
I will be your dog
be your slave
as long as its
your soul we save.

Pour mon père:

With the early morning tide
The Black ship set sail.
Unfurling her red sails
To catch the last of the moons winds.
On off to heaven with our Daniel
Starlight in his eyes, solar wind lofts his hair
As he stands in honor upon her prow
As he sails on toward heaven
None can stop him now
He turns back to wave us a last goodbye
We left here on Earth’s shore
Can do nothing but cry

~Bobby Dan
None of us is the “Property” of another,
Friends choose to be friends,
To give freely of ourselves,
One unto the other,
Always allowing the other to be free.
This is the truth of our Love


Spread your black wings
Caress me with those feathers
Pull me in
Kill my pain

Addicted to you and you and you alone
Only you ease my pain
Pulling me into you

Spread your black wings and take me
Back up unto heaven with you
Lift me once more
From hell

And yes again this is for you
She who did slay the demon in my soul
Leaving only the angels
With whom we’ll rise again

Spread your blessed black wings
For only you may take us home

So Sweet
My kisses on your brow
if only i could hold you now
Say Goodbye

Robert D Bunting

Say Goodbye
My angel

I’ve found my love

As you don’t need me anymore

Say Goodbye
Let me go,

I’ve fallen for my friend

Say Goodbye
But won’t you know?

I’ll not sleep alone

Say Goodbye
Off I fly

To give my love to another.


Robert “The Bob” Daniel Bunting

I’m yours
And don’t you know it
I’m yours
And don’t you blow it
I am yours
To claim it’s true
My lady I belong to you

Robert D Bunting

Raise the dead
That’s what you do;

I not alive unless I’m with you

Your Eyes

Robert Daniel Bunting

In your eyes I see my home
I see the pines along the road side
the maples in the fields.

I see the ponds with clear centers
and mossy banks
The streams that meander cross fields of
waist high grass

I see the sun spilling down through the
Thick canopies of the forest
I played in as a child

I see beyond all that to oceans deep

But most of all

I see my true home

My home in your eyes.

Robert Daniel Bunting

Pulled in by the undertow,
The sea loves you and won’t let you go

I love you like unto the sea
Never wanting you to part from me
Long Ago...

Robert Daniel Bunting

Long ago

Beside the sea

A castle stood

for you

and me

The waves broke

upon our shore

I was yours

you were mine

this was once

upon a time

For you

my blade was

keen and sharp

for me

you played

an Erin harp

Our children grew

brave and bold

as the sea did behold
long ago...


Drowning in a river of fire
such is my desire
to be with you
how sweet the pain
What I’m doing with my life
Painting, I still have two that must be finished. Also really crappy poems...Lots and lots of crappy poems
I’m really good at
Art, photos, computers, and Bad poems
The first things people usually notice about me
You'll have to tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything by Michael Morecock, Doctor Who, The Avengers and The Saint. Buzzcocks, The Damned.
Six things I could never do without
Tigris (my Cat), Paint, Family, friends and Books.... Six is not enough
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Universe. And how long it's been since I've updated this profile 😜
On a typical Friday night I am
At the Gym, but my Saturday and Sunday nights are free.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The only promise a puzzle makes is an answer; liking the answer, doesn’t factor in.

That and horses scare the crap out if me.
You should message me if
Just to say hello.

That and I cannot see "Likes", so just message instead.
The two of us