62 Burlington, United States
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My self-summary
Ignore what's listed or written below: I am seeing someone and we are trying to establish a relationship that hopefully will be a lasting one.
Thanks and good luck to all of us.

I am looking for a woman that likes to be close to the man who cares for her, I enjoy a hug in passing, a caress for no real reason other than just to show her I am thinking of her. I'm looking for a woman that has that same desire in her for me. I can't imagine being in a relationship without that. My parents have that even after over 66 years of marriage. What an inspiration.
We're on here to find someone to love and care for, and to be loved by and cared for I would think. We are on here to hopefully find the one that is willing to go the extra mile to make it work. The one that has the desire to really care for you, love you, and want to be with you. The one you're not to busy for. The one you want first in your life. Because after all, at the end you're not going to say I wish I would have worked longer or harder. You are going to want to have loved and been loved.
So, I guess I'm not looking for workaholics or self-indulgent, self-centered people in my life. I'm drawn to people that live for others and live to be love and be loved.

My Activities; I'm interested in staying as healthy as possible and active by engaging in mostly outdoor activities though I am also somewhat of a homebody, meaning I also know how to relax. I enjoy probably the same types of things you might such as walks, jogging, bike riding, maybe kayaking / boating, weight lifting, or simply exercising to stay fit. It would be nice to share in the same activities or discover new ones together.

I'm a jack of all trades a master of none type of man. I have done many things in my life even though I have worked for the same company for 34 years. I have also worked construction so I do most all my own home repairs and do them well. I was a gardener and general landscaper so I do all my own yard work. I do some of my own auto repairs. So in short I do most anything around a house and garden. I have not done much traveling to other countries as of yet so that might be fun for the future and us.

My hobbies have included such thing as; I am an artist, illustrator, writer, and published author.

I love my children, family, and friends and would welcome yours in the same way.

Oh, and I love Jesus though I don't care much for religion. I don't talk about religion unless I'm asked or there's a common interest.
Thanks for your time.
The six things I could never do without
Faith, hope, and love, especially love, 1 Corinthians 16-16. But also laughter, comfort, things to do, and relaxation.
Oh! and I really like the truth from people. I am truthful and respect others who are as well.
That's more than 6 but it probably doesn't matter.