61Roanoke, United States
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My self-summary
A woman fair of hair and face with a wry and winsome smile!
A woman with a strong body and mind.
A woman who is probably just shy of Mensa.
A woman who can birth a baby, milk a cow, drive a tractor, slaughter a hog, run a business, defend herself in court, and still, if she desires, make love with creativity and verve till the dawn breaks!
A woman who loves to dance and does so often, both to the music of man and of the spheres
A woman who relishes the queens English, both Elizabeth's and the remnants of Anne's still found in the far hills of Appalachia.
A woman who is both an autodidact and artist.
A woman who has traveled to more than a dozen countries and over two thirds of the states and thinks that but a fair start.
A woman who finds the absurdity of life to be the secret and most dear gift of the gods for their most cherished of pets
A woman who is equally at home with a spanner in her hand as she is with a spatula
A woman who is determined to drink deeply and to taste all that she can from the cornucopia of life!

In short, a woman who would be the perfect compliment to the wonderious woman whom she seeks
You should message me if
A woman who is equipped with both an superior mind and a sense of humor.
A woman who posses that certain joie de vivre usually found only in children, the insane, and those who are truly free!
A woman who is both emotionally and financially stable but who would be willing to chuck it all if the adventure of a lifetime were to call.
A woman who would think it fun to use anemic, piccolo and eclair in the same sentence.
A woman who would think it even more fun she could craft said sentence to contain a double entendre that was more than slightly ribald!
A woman who gets what is wrong with those legions of fellas on Craigslist asking for the women to not respond if they are not real!
A woman who would find a Sunday spent in bed reading the NY times, making love, eating Chinese take out, and watching an old movie just as attractive as spending a day Climbing Dragon's Tooth just to share a bottle of eiswein while the sun sets...
A woman who is physically fit and who loves being in her body.
A woman who can discuss Sartre's convoluted relationship to Simone...then easily switch topics to the nature of art and the fluidity of time and the price of tea in China.
A woman who will send me delightful little tales and scenarios... with the expectation that they may become a reality... (and if she is the woman I think her to be, it's a pretty sure bet!)
The two of us