60Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Humor is Paramount. It is also Universal. Whether it is MGM, Warner Brothers or 20th Century-Fox as well is a question for a different profile on another site. (

There is nothing in life more beautiful than beauty. I looked it up. It's saddening to see people who fail to process the world around, in and on them as an unbroken flow of stark staring wonderment. Saddening people are beautiful. And unlike most art they tend to nail themselves to the nearest wall. Handy.

I have tremendous strength of character. Fortunately I’ve learned to suppress it.

I have innumerable passions, interests and pursuits and almost none of them involve live goats. I find that we're defined by our passions. Not necessarily what they are, but that they are, and in what number and to what depth of joy they are. At.

I have been and/or am a professional poet, a professional broadcast on-air personality, a professional photographer, a professional voice-over talent and an amateur cartoon talking bee.

While humor is a laugh, communication is central to braving the grand pageant with the hope of more than a modicum of growth. You will never accuse me of under-communicating, but you might well invite me to STFU. I treasure quietude but will likely want to hear what you have to say on all subjects, at all hours, in all places. Except at the movies.

I am down to earth, but my Visa is due to expire. If you'd like to help me remain on earth, what you Earthlings call your marriage of convenience, I can wire my home planet for as much cash as you'd like. You should know that our currency ignites on contact with human flesh. There's always risk in high finance. You should also know that on my planet tradition dictates that the bride carry the groom across the threshold in her mouth. All of my mothers would be crushed if you were to refuse.

Living life to the emptiest. See "Religion" ---->

I am both Leopard and Gazelle, both Mongoose and Snake, both Stillness and Efflorescence, both Groucho and Marx.

I believe in the Rule of Threes which is why that last bit stiffed.

I awake each day with a deep sense of gratitude to the cosmos for the blank wonder of being alive in a world where a Quantum probability wave allows for the random chance that I might turn the next corner to see Rand Paul and Marco Rubio beating each other to death with the severed limbs of Adam Sandler.

I deplore all violence.
What I’m doing with my life
Making lovely new friends. And now you are my friend. So I'm doing you with my life.

Dreaming aloud. And as Jesus said, "Who dreams aloud, he has not taken enough Ambien." ~Luke Skywalker 8:57
I’m really good at
Yes, that. And, well, also that. Then there's...ah, but that goes without saying.
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends. Are you a cop?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

In my Motown hometown music underscores everything you do, everything you see, everything you car-jack. Unless you're heavily into whitewashed mainstream pop and/or country western there's little danger that we won't like at least some of the same sounds, possibly including:

Hoagy Carmichael
Slim Gaillard
Anita O'Day
Wynonie Harris
Howlin' Wolf
The Damned
The Wedding Present
DJ Shadow
Venetian Snares
Lisa Hannigan
Lupe' Fiasco

When asked what kind of music he, the most influential musician of the century, enjoyed himself, Louis Armstrong said, "There are only two kinds of music: good and bad. I like good."

To me great music is timeless, like Morris Day after he went solo.


I don't make time for contemporary fiction, there's too much non-fiction out there demanding my attention. What fiction I do enjoy is by Melville, Tolstoy, Fitzgerald, Chandler, Hammett, Ross MacDonald, Cain, Kerouac, Pynchon and others equally dead. (sorry Tom)

The range of non-fiction subjects in which I become immersed is almost limitless.

Edward De Vere a k a Shake-speare drives me completely nuts. In a completely good way.

If I could invite three dead people to a dinner party I wouldn't. But I would love to time-hop back to about 1925 and spend a day or three just hoovering up the gentle spirit of George Herriman.

Favorite poets I've had the pleasure to read and to know include Clark Coolidge, Charles Bernstein, Kit Robinson, Barrett Watten, Carla Harryman, Robert Creeley.


Unlike any other ultra-hip person on this site, I do not own a TV. The programs I've enjoyed stealing via the miracle of the internest are:

Twin Peaks.
Wait, what? There are others? Okie doke...
Orphan Black
Better Call Saul
Silicon Valley
Jessica Jones


I've had one foot in the 1930s since I discovered Astaire and Rogers at sixteen and have been collecting original film posters and ephemera since. Pre-code, Golden Age, Film Noir...I worship at the altars of Sturges, Garbo, Fields, Welles, Hawks, Ford, Lubitsch, Wilder, et al.

More contemporarily which only just now became a word I dig Lynch. Miyazaki. Kaufman. Aranofsky, Coens, anything with a challenging script or innovative premise well executed. And Live Free or Die Hard, of course.


Dark Chocolate by Cluizel, Amedei, Domori, Pralus, Bonnat. This is my substitute for wine, beer, cigars, anything with a connoisseur appeal. I don't drink, drug or smoke but a chunk o' this junk hands me a hardcore buzz.

Deli. Like the Bible says, "Give a man an egg and you will have fed him once, but teach a man to buy me an egg salad on white at Carnegie Deli every day for the rest of my life and you will have fed me every day for the rest of my life." ~Mark Wahlberg 4:13

Thai, Korean, Sushi, certain pizza slices come complete with halo and choir...all manner of other foodstuffers. Try me.
Six things I could never do without
The Six Deadly Sins

The Six Wonders of the World

The Six Commandments

The Six Horsemen of the Apockyclipse

The NHL's Original Seven

The Two Fathers, the Two Sons and the Two Holy Ghosts

In other words...

My iPhone

My morning coffee

My kids

My bike


A length of rope and a stool
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What would happen if you threw a puppy at a suicide bomber wearing a PETA button. Or vice versa.

How, if you don't have any idea what you're about to type, you can just start typing and words appear and if you type long enough without the faintest idea what it might all amount to, once you've decided you're finished typing and take a step back and review the results you realize almost every time that it doesn't amount to anything.

Why people aren't kinder to each other. It takes less effort to smile at someone then to slap the living f**k outta them, and yet...I dunno. Having done a lot of random smiling but never once slapped anyone I guess there must be a sense of slapping satisfaction about which I know nothing. Too entrenched in my ways to change now, but I feel I've been missing something about the slapping.
On a typical Friday night I am
Seeing live music with a friend.

Which is really interesting cuz it seems to suggest that you can "see" music, and you can't. So when I'm not "seeing" music I'm at a museum listening to some paintings. If you can remind me of the name for this condition my shrink and I would appreciate it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I find Jared Leto more attractive than Angelina Jolie. Which is saying something as I'm hardly gay at all.
You should message me if
Kindness drives your bus, creativity launches your dinghy, laughter throws itself in front of your subway car just to get a laugh, passion (points for poetry passion) pumps up your personal flotation device and fun flips the switch on your vintage amphibian.

You live with, not against or in spite of, the world and the varietal peoples therein and you like the idea of having someone with whom to embrace it all in the big picture as well as the wallet size.

You can tie a knot in a cherry stem with either of our tongues.

You sparkle effortlessly. Sparkly people are the bomb.
The two of us