40Coburg, Australia
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My self-summary, me?

Hup Hup, here goes!

I really love getting older. Goats, Beetroot and my daughter make life awesome. Being a single dad is everything grand I thought it would be, bedecked with rich tapestry, grand adventure and sometimes epic mires to drag oneself through, but so very wonderful.

I love deep adventures in thought, conversation, argument, discussion, philosophical discourse. Not the banal everyday of confirming how intensely stupid our current government is, nor the ineptitude of our media, the terrifying idiocy of the unthinking rednecks, but the beauty of ideas, weaved with hope and science and work and nature.

For a long time I thought that I wanted a grand polyamorous existence, but I have found that what I desire is to have more than one great love, the first lesson my daughter taught me about myself is that I can have that, without needing each of these great loves to be lovers. Since then I've worked in to my life a couple more great loves that take me interesting places.

I feel kinda reborn since my daughter came along, new to the world and really excited about how it looks now and what can be done with it. I would like to share that at some point...but if not so be it, and I'll journey on.
What I’m doing with my life
Not necessarily (but most definitely) in this order:

Hanging out with the most curious little beastie and calling it parenting...

Trying to organise my chaotic little existence in the gaps between artemis and sleep...

Slowly reading 'the greatest show on earth'...and frequently remembering when I could sit and read in 4 hour blocks and deeply connect with writers.

Contemplating creative work solutions so as not to ever lose daughter time to a job...

Eating tahini...and beetroot.
I’m really good at
Good at:
Language theory
Random trivia
Relationship advice for others

Better at:
Teaching percussion
Talking about words and numbers with smart folks
Explaining how my trivia knowledge doesn't include the pop culture of the modern pub quiz.
Misinterpreting my own relationship advice
The first things people usually notice about me
are my gorgeous child attached to my person somewhere...then if they ever move past the gorgeous child penchant for story-telling, my enthusiasm for conversation, a bit of madness and of course my A-grade derriere...

oh...and I'm told my beard. *yawn*
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Midnight's Children, Mutual Aid by Petr Kropotkin, God of Small Things, The Prophet, The Doubter's Companion, The God Delusion, Shadow Lines by Stephen Kinnane - most beautiful book I've ever read.

Movies: Withnail & I, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, Withnail & I, The Boys, Besieged, Gadjo Dillo and Withnail & I.

Music: Fugazi, Tanya Davis, Tom Waits, The Van Pelt, Maceo Parker, Pugsley Buzzard

Food: Moroccan Soup Bar, incredible. And anything with beetroot.
Six things I could never do without
beetroot, goats, hats, artemesia von doompants, time alone, conversation.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why...we wake, we think, we love, we hurt ourselves and others, we get back up again, we don't try harder, we don't sing louder, we sing at all.

and how the current crop of politicians don't just wither from the shame. and and and how the current voting public don't likewise wilt.
On a typical Friday night I am
First & Third Fridays I am dancing with the Arte-Beast, maybe going to a gig where she will charm the wits out of all and sundry by pouting and dancing.

Second & Fourth Fridays I am hoping to head out and dance solo, or drinking a laphroaigs and reading something that the daily child-storm doesn't normally allow.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
wow...ah, my 2nd album purchase was Tiffany (I think we're alone now!)? hmm...I'll think of something...
You should message me if
you are looking for a friend, lover, partner, reading companion, bike riding, dancing fool, etc etc etc...anything really.
The two of us