29Nacogdoches, United States
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My self-summary
I'm currently (26) years old as when I write this entry on here and that I've never been in a relationship as defined by most every form of social groups.
I am into all sorts of things ranging from dark and macabre gross horror like Hellraiser films and the Saw franchise to simpler and kinder and kid-friendly affair like MLP or Adventure Time. I'm a nice person willing to hold a door open for some one carrying a less cumbersome load than I have currently in my hands at the time. Or, give money to some one who needs it when I already had plans for it like buying my lunch for the day with it.
I am absolutely NOT religious what-so-ever and I despise all those who try to convert me... Isn't it good enough I try to be a good person on my own with out trying to please some deity or profit? Or, keep score with a bunch of others in a building on a Sunday? If you're wonder why I'm adamant about this thank every hypocritical regions zealot I've ever met from girl who goes to a church that preaches about how all homosexuals are going to Hell yet is herself or the drunk claiming I'm hell-bound because of my vices.
I love to read and collect comic books and old action figures still and hate how people treat that still as if it is a weird or terrible thing yet I can go on Youtube and find over a 1,000 different guys and gals on there that do the same thing and yet they seem perfectly normal and happy and have families that accept there hobbies!

OK, here is what I've had on here for the past few yeears in hopes some one might read it and get who or what I am for those of you curious enough to know my older kinder and simpler attempt to find a companion:
Big, scary, but nice!!!>}:-D I’m an artist in my free time! Drawing monsters and creatures!(Check out page on type in BooRat!) I like horror sci-fi action and comedy movies!
Art, comics, Movies, hunting, and reading an artist in my free time! Drawing monsters and creatures!(Check out page on type in BooRat!) I like [horror sci-fi action and comedy movies]! I don’t drink or smoke anything for personal reasons!(Not religious at all!)
I don’t go out clubbing or anything like that! (Mostly because I don’t drink!) The places I like to go out to is the movies, book stores, and public areas! I Like going to Galveston, TX on vacations, but I don’t like traveling!
As I’ve stated above: I like horror, sci-fi, action, and comedy movies! Graphic navels I like along w/Japanese Mangas! I’m a metalhead, so I like heavy metal music! My Fav food is Chinese food!
I’m of German, Scot-Irish, and Native American decent! My Indian ancestry consist of Cherokee, Black Feet, and Comanche! Altogether I’m an eight Indian!
I was raised Baptist, but due to see so many hypocrites I’ve become un-spiritual! I did study Wicca for a year or two, but feel out of it! Now, I just read and collect knowledge on different old and new mythologies and faiths!
I graduated HS in top 20& wanted too go to college but got some pretty bad advice from my guidance-counselor! I'm one of those lucky ones whom family makes the magical amount of money to were I can’t afford to go but have too much to qualify for aid!
I’m a person who’s some where between a Goth, a metal-head, and an Anarchist! I like wearing black loose clothing! I like reading and watching [horror movies and comic books]! I have a phobia of crowded places and don’t like making too big of a scene unless the people around me are doing it too!
Listening to: 98.9(99X out f Shreveport, La)
Current Age: 24
· Current Residence: Garrison, TX(As of recently Jefferson, TX and in a few months I might be moving again and this time to either closer to Longview or Marshal, TX)
· Interests: Art, Movie, Comics, Books, and Females
· Favourite artist: Todd McFarland, Luis Royo, Picasso, Frank Miller, Julie Bell, Salvador Dali, Boris what his name, and Clive Barker
· Favourite poet or writer: Stephen King, H. G. Wells, Clive Barker
· Favourite cartoon character: Hellboy, Peter Griffin, Toki, Huey, InuYasha, and Akira
· Personal Quote: “Nullum Magnum Ingenium Sine Mixtura Dementiae!!!”
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently work with my step-father as a bread deliveryman for Flowers/Sunbeam/Natures Own in Marshall, TX... It's a lot of long hours but the pay is ok... I guess!?
I’m really good at
I can draw pretty good. I like to try my hand at writing but I still don't think i'm very good at it! I also like to cook!
The first things people usually notice about me
I've got long hair, a beard, hazel blue/green eyes, I'm big with tattoos, and a pierced ear.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Heavy Metal, Rock, Death Metal, Alternative Rock, old rock, grunge rock, goth metal, 80s rock, 90s rock, ect...
Favorite TV Shows:(Ones that currently are still on that I watch, but nothing I use to watch or is no longer aired or anything I can't see now because of lack of the channel) Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Iron Chef America, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Adventure Time, TMNT, MLP: FiM, Futurama, ect.
Favorite Movies: Avengers, Aliens vs Predator, Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, The Hobbit, Freddy Vs. Jason, Hellboy, Hellboy II Golden Army, Feast, Hellraiser Series, Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, Evil Dead, Army Of Darkness, The Lord of the Rings, Child's Play, Overfiend, Halloween Series, Harry Potter, Batman: The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Doomsday, The Incredible Hulk, The Incredibles, Spawn, Shrek, Vampire Hunter D, X-Men movies, Street Fighter, Night Of The Living Dead, Ghost Rider, Friday The 13th series, Tokyo Gore Police, etc...
Favorite Books: War Of The Worlds, H.p. Lovecraft's works, Stephen King's works, H. G. wells' works, Clive Barker's works like Hellbound Heart, Death of Superman novelization, Hellboy comics and novels, Marshal Law, Spawn, Todd McFarlane's works, Blood And Chocolate, Supernaturalist, Watchmen and Allen Moore pinned works on comics, etc..
Six things I could never do without
Love, food, my artwork, my books, my tv, and happyness
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Movies and books I want to see or own someday....
On a typical Friday night I am
at home watching tv after working about 12-16 hours and trying to get some rest because I gotta do it again Saturday!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ask me anything and I'll tell it as truthfully as possible! Example: I've NEVER had an actual date or girlfriend... EVER!!
You should message me if
I'm possably even close to what you're looken for!!!!
The two of us