27Lancaster, United States
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My self-summary
Kik: BlueTomb

INTJ and my spirit Pokemon is Psyduck

Pokemon Go: BigZacNFries

Hey like to not give a fuck and just enjoy life the way you want? No I'm not rich it just means I'm not gonna tell you "No" because I own you; it's because you might hurt yourself and I feel worried.

This "thing" I'm trying to do is called being happy with someone else with some romantic intent.

FYI : we had such a good time and now we cap it off with "and then they fucked and either watched tv or went to sleep".

I want an excuse to go to the movies and either whisper or be whispered some funny nonsense about the movie then be "STFU this is the good part.", play some video games with a decent co-op ratio because someones there and interested, go outside a little more; not really to exercise but just to enjoy it.

Man Pokemon Go fixed that last part; right.

I'm down to 🍸, but not really a 🍺 guy. Yeah I'm picky eater and I have my ways... "meat"... But as a dude it's sink or swim right.

Big thing: I don't share! By that I mean I'll get my own large pizza and you one; why? CUZ I DON'T SHARE, and the thing is I don't always finish it either. I was born between two sisters and I had to take for my own and KEEP IT!

I firm believer that "bitch I want a sandwich" goes both ways.

And you know giggling at goofy shit.
What I’m doing with my life
One shit job to another am I right.

My truest dream is to beat James Cameron to the bottom of ocean. My others include; make a custom megaman zero cosplay, make a app that everyone loves, and to lucid dream perfectly.

All I do right now is work, play my dorky card games, vidia games, and many different things when the opportunity arises.

Total hipster for VHS tapes

But the things I do try is to make apps, dance, sing, and to find someone...

... And that's sad...
I’m really good at
Gamer by heart.

Recently got into league of legends.
(total Zac)

Megaman (zero series)
Mario as a whole (especially the paper spinoff)
Sonic (up until adventure 1)
I'm noticing a side scrolling pattern
almost all fighters
most of the "Tales" rpgs
Golden Sun is mah jam
sorry I'm a hater of the FF series
Fire Emblem as a whole
I want to get into the Civ games
Sims but not Urbs
Jet Set Radio ( I has all the songs on mah phone)
Valve's stuff is cool
katamari games are my guilty pleasure
The first things people usually notice about me
Dat hair!

Someone once told me; as I walk it looks like there's always a tune in my head; with or without a mp3 player.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: DC's Identity crisis and so on.
Movie: Action, comedy, Pixar, and mystery.
Shows: The good stuff on CN
Music: Techno, ambient, rock (old and new)
Food: Don't mind fast food, but something homemade is awesome.

I love to cook, and I make a hell of a spicy meatball meal if I do say so.
Six things I could never do without
Phone, vida games, mah jams, cold soda, and comics.

Reading is magic bawwwwtch
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Fun stuff, my future, my dog, or cat.
On a typical Friday night I am
Shit posting on Reddit, 4chan, and wherever I may dwell.

Whole lotta Netflix.

Reruns ALL of them...

King of The Hill
Bob's Burgers
(gave up on) Simpsons
You know what; most of old school Adult Swim.
The good "Celebrity Deathmatch"

Ross's Game Dungeon (its not a s&m thing)
Extra Credits
A lot of comic book reviews ( I got in late so I'm catching up the easy way)
Also a bunch of movie/game reviews.

FYI: this isn't just Friday.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
/)●3●(\ if you get it you know
You should message me if
If you wanna know meh.

Here's some perks if you decide to be with me...

I will always try my best to be considerate to you in many ways.

Jokes: I'll gauge myself around peeps and do my best to push the limits without being fucked up.

Gifts: I don't always have a lot of money but I think about the person in the most sincerest, practical, or both.

Your choises: Like I said before; it's up to you in the end but if you ask me I'll give you my honest opinion.

Anyway. Someone I can really talk to about anything from "What should we eat"; too "Hey let's play Mario Kart for 3 hours". To know someone like that, to enjoy your time like that with someone else who's just as into it as you.

Now that's romantic.
The two of us