45Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Must ski, snowboard, or be willing to fall a lot as you learn 😉. Emoticons required. Kayaking and scuba preferred.

I currently live alone, though I'm not married to it (divorcée joke, deal). I'm kinkier than many. I'm also currently practicing poly and happy to talk about it, but it's not my only source of conversation.

I'm a voracious reader and love talking about books and pop culture. I have a dry sardonic wit that keeps my dance partners laughing (ballroom).

I aspire to creativity, and art and found a way to make a life with it. I love long serious conversations over dinner, wine and coffee where we find the answers to life the universe and everything together, partnership is important.

I'm looking for a magic connection. Physical, emotional, intellectual.

I travel a lot for work and pleasure, this year San Fransico, Australia, Japan, Munich,more Bay Area, etc. Kayaking is critical to my sanity and there are few places I feel more at home than in my boat along the shore of a random island, maybe on skis on a double black (ok, not really comfortable) or a thousand feet below the surface in cave. Keep up or I'm not interested. My love is caving: with the connection to the earth, the physical effort and the risk, it's the most visceral think I ever do.

I'm active, but I'm more of a Teddy Bear: I've been told it makes cuddling comfortable.

I enjoy tactile experiences, interactions and connections.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm rebuilding it, and it's an exciting time.

I have many great friends, and I balance a rewarding and challenging career in software design (you use my stuff) with all the fun. Usually the balance is off a little.

I've lived in the city now for a couple of years, after 15 years in Snohomish, it felt like home on the first day and I think to myself what took so long...

The most important thing that I learn every day is who I am. I'm a rebel looking for a cause and I want to trade my day job for something exciting and meaningful to me.
I’m really good at
I design things, I create random objects, kink toys, paint and now sculpt. They pay me to direct the design of software, even if they don't know why. It's been quite an effective way to make a living. So there are the visual things.

Talking to a large (300+) room full of people is something I'm good at and enjoy.

With caving I learned to be good with knots and rope. Turns out it's a transferable skill.
The first things people usually notice about me
Sometimes they notice the gauged earings, lately it's the beard. Two tone, cool without dye. I'm happy with who I am, it doesn't mean I'm happy, or content. I'm driven, creative.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite published novel is "Crime and Punishment" or perhaps it's "Breakfast of Champions" or "Kindred", "Time Enough for Love", "Left Hand of Darkness", "To Say Nothing of the Dog", "American Gods", "IQ84, "Peoples History of the United States", "Ancillary Justice" ... Ahh shit, I give up (and I cuss (and have an addiction to parentheticals)). I have a roomful of favorite books. I've read your profile, and if there is a book there I haven't read that intrigued me, I've added it to my Kindle (or if it looked really incredible I've ordered the book).

When it comes to live performances, I love theater of all kinds, but I'm particularly fond of musical theater, and my personal favorite is Pippin.

Music: Eclectic in the extreme. I'm really partial to these song right now
I love jogging to this one

As for the Star Wars, Star Trek question: Dr. Who, but then Star Wars. I prefer to be outside, but sometimes curling up with a movie or a show is just what the doctor, ahem, ordered.
Six things I could never do without
Golden Silences, contemplating life.
Coffee/Wine, I refuse to pick my vice ...
Books, is literature a thing? If reading isn't your thing. Most likely I not your fit.
My Kayaking in the summer and my skis in the winter. They takes me where I want to go.
My Camera, it shows me what I need to see
Sex, I'm a guy and I said it. Doesn't mean I'm sending you a dicpic 5 seconds after contact. Just means I'm done living as if it doesn't matter to me.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Kayaking, what's it going to take to do the inside passage? It's June, where am I going skiing?

When I'm not working, art. It's an exploratory process as I try to find an expression of Art that is meaningful to me. Lately lost PLA casting and Toulouse-Lautrec.

How people interpret the world through their tools.
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday, probably bored, there are other days. Sometimes watching a show. Sometimes I'm dancing. There really isn't a lot of consistency. Tonight I'm flying to San Francisco for my birthday. Mr. S anyone?

I've played board games with friends, and hung out at a dive bar. Gone to a concert ... Throwing a barn burner of a party, or catching a play.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I laughed when I turned 42 because I knew I would have the answer for one year, unfortunate that the answer was taken from me by the brutal rotation of the clock. (I don't lie about my age).

I speak honestly, but it seems I don't always know the truth.

I've heard that everything is suffering. But I've found, Suffering is just an inevitable outcome of Shakespeare.
You should message me if
1. You are interested in someone who knows humor goes beyond the class clown schtick.
2. You are awesome. No other reason necessary.

Friends need apply...
You're looking for someone to get out and have a good time with traipsing around Seattle, or skiing and hiking in the mountains. Perhaps you think winter Kayak camping in the San Juan Islands sounds awesome, curled up in a double sleeping bag hiding from the rain.

You want to know more about knots, or not.
The two of us