28Troy, United States
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My self-summary
I realized that a lot of my profile was outdated, so I deleted everything and am starting over. (Exception being the questions section.... Most of those were answered when I was still in college, my opinions may have changed on some items, so feel free to ask me about anything you want to know).

My name is Kevin, I am ~5'6" ~150lbs.

I am relatively easy-going, and enjoy such a wide variety of activities that I am usually happy going with the flow when spending time with friends and family.

I am an ENFP according to the Myers Briggs personality test. Sometimes my actions may be indicative of someone whom is slightly introverted, but I think like an extrovert and get energy from being around others.

What brings me the greatest satisfaction in life, is doing things that make others happy. (Sometimes people find this hard to believe, or try to look for alterior motives, but I truly and honestly enjoy helping people in any way I can).

I may be a responsible adult in my professional life, however I have always been (and hope to always be) a little kid at heart. I'm optimistic and look for the light in even the most difficult or dreary moments. If it means brining a smile to someone's face, I am completely comfortable doing something ridiculous that could result in embarrassing myself. When I was about 8, I heard a statistic that the average adult smiles less than 10 times per day, whereas the average child smiled more than 100 times per day.... It was in that moment that I decided I would always be a child.

I am a very curious person by nature, and always enjoy learning new things and having new experiences.

I graduated college in 2011, and have been working as a mechanical engineer in the field of energy efficiency since then. I am a certified Building Energy Assesment Professional, and will be taking my exam to be a Professional Engineer in the state of NY in a few months. Lately, I have been spending a lot of my free time bowling. I do love pretty much all sports (not a big fan of
Football, but it's becoming more tolerable) but I have the most passion for bowling.

A few things that I wish I were able to pursue more actively, but haven't for lack of knowing an outlet where I can pursue them:

-Singing - specifically in an a cappella group, ideally sized between 4 and 12 people. (I sang Bass in collegiate a cappella). Lately I have become an avid shower and car singer.

-organized/competative sports: Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer...

General likes:
-Sports (watching is ok, but I prefer playing)
-board games (card games and video games are also great)

All in all, I am in a good place: I am thankful to have a good job, great friends and family, relatively good health... All that's missing is that special someone to share my life with. I don't know if I will meet that person here or not, but I am keeping an open mind.

I enjoy meeting new people: so if you are reading this and think we may get along well, whether it be along the lines of friendship or potentially more, don't be afraid to me a message and we can take it from there. Alternatively, if you think we are completely different people who think about life and the world around us differently, and would be interested in having a discussion over coffee or a beer, I would be open to that as well. I am really interested in learning points of views of people with different ideas than my own, I feel having a better understanding of where they are coming from and keeping an open mind, can make me a better person.
What I’m doing with my life
Working in a career that helps Mother Nature as well as corporations and businesses.


Feeding my hunger for knowledge

Seeking adventures

Culinary experimentation
I’m really good at
Remembering obscure information (digits of Pi, license plate numbers)

Forgetting more relavent things (what I had for breakfast, people's names that I just met)

Procrastinating, yet still meeting deadlines

Teaching (finding innovative ways to help people understand things in a way that caters to the way that their brain learns)

Problem solving by thinking out of the box (I am a mechanical engineer after all)
The first things people usually notice about me
Surprisingly, a lot of people actually comment on how long my eyelashes are.

If we meet and you notice something more relavent, I'd be interested to know what you notice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss
-Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling
-The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost

-The Big Bang Theory
-Game of Thrones
-Jimmy Fallon
-The Flash
-Giligan's Island
-Who's Line Is It Anyway
-Sons of Anarchy
-Shows that I've seen some of, enjoyed, but haven't found enough time to watch all the episodes: Lost, Dexter, Dr. Who, How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, True Blood, Eureka, Revolution...

...I'll watch pretty much anything...

-Zac Brown Band
-The Beach Boys
-Straight No Chaser
-Rascal Flatts
-The Statler Brothers
-Credence Clearwater Revival
-Duly Noted ;)
-I enjoy anything and everything except for "Noise" and vulgar rap
(where every third word is censored). I can tollerate those two genres in moderation, but I don't typically find them pleasing to the senses.

-I am probably the least picky eater that you will ever meet. (I'm not a big fan of kalamata olives, but I'll eat them anyway if they are in my salad. Other than that, I enjoy pretty much anything that is edible).

-I love trying new things and experimenting with strange combinations of foods and drinks.
Six things I could never do without
Music (especially a cappella)
Sports (Bowling, baseball, volleyball, soccer...)
Garlic Powder
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I have a pretty active imagination that can jump from topic to topic without warn.... Squirrel! ...ning. También, a veces espero que habría tenido más oportunidades para practicar a hablando en español.
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday nights aren't typical.... It could be going to a concert, bowling, board game night, traveling for a weekend event, at home watching a movie, out on the town... The possibilities are endless, and I prefer my Friday's with a side of spontaneity.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes it seems like being a genuine and nice guy, is a turnoff for a lot of women. Many tend to flock to the arrogant "bad boys." I've been told "you're a good listener" many times by ladies who tell me about their woes with a "bad boy" and then end up walking away to pursue the next bad decision that winks at her.

I never push the issue though, because I know that if someone is right for me, we will both be what each other needs and what each other wants. :)
You should message me if
-you enjoy being active

-you like trying new things and going to new places

-you would enjoy harmonizing along with the radio on a drive to nowhere in particular.

-you have a beautiful mind as well as take good care of yourself physically

I want a partner that wants to be active, play sports, get dirty together... Not to be superficial, but I am naturally more attracted to those with athletic or fit body types. That being said, my body is something that I would willingly change for a parntner. (I won't change who I am as a person, but I would gladly start eating healthier and exercising more to make my body more toned). Medically speaking, I am within the optimal weight range for my age/height/etc, but personally I feel that if I lost 10-20lbs of fat and replaced it with 15-25lbs of muscle... I would be close to optimal physical condition for what I would desire.
The two of us