34Hjo, Sweden
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My self-summary
I has been awhile since i did some editing in here, and it's a bout that time, so here goes

My name is Bram, i was born in the Netherlands and stuck aound there for about 23 years, then when the opputunity presented itself I left for China, lived and studied there for a year, then got an interesting job offer and stayed for 1,5 years more, staying for almost 3 years in total, then because of circumstances left to be with my parents and my little sister and kid brother, they had recently immigrated to Sweden so i decided to go along, and so live/worked there for a year.
I really enjoy living and working in various countries.

Recently started my own business, best descrbed as merchant. I buy and sell stuff all over Europe.

let's see... interests
Interessted in culture, travelling and seeing whatever it is that lies beyond that horizon.
Furthermore i really enjoy stories, no matter the format, books, movies, games, but esspacially stories told by other people, it's amazing to see how many interesting people are around if you would but listen.

Character stuff
I'm the kind of guy that does not get angry or agrivated easliy, I like to look on the bright side of life I love being alive. No matter how bad stuff get's there is always some good stuff to be thankful for. I never concentrate on the negative things.
I am dominant by nature, so i tend to sit back and not dominate a conversation, knowing what makes myself tick gives me the oppurtunity to adept to any crowd or situation.
I've been tol that i am charismatic, but if you want to know about that meet me in person and decide for yourself.
Furthermore I'm quite down to earth and in touch with my surroundings.
Everything/everyone has it's own perspective. I tend to be calm and open and just see what get's thrown my way.
A duallity: i love conflict but hate hurting people, so i like to participate in a heated conversation but will always try to keep an overview, as to not hurt anyone, mind you i screw up sometimes so that does not always work.
Love sparring as well, i got to be quite gentle and controlled in this so people don't get hurt and can just enjoy being physical.

I am Energetic, enjoying life, and Witty
What I’m doing with my life
Working and traveling, I would like to see more of this world, because as a child i always wondered what was behind that big horizon, still haven't found the end of the horizon so still not finished traveling.

Recently discovered LARP, a very nice format to combine my love for Acting\theatre and martial arts.
Lot's of people say this is a Nerdy or weird hobby, but hey to each his own and I like it a lot.
Maybe it has something to do that many people never get to be in touch with their own reality and so judge others that think it's fun to create something else entirely, just remember, the majority of a group get's to decide what's "normal", so if a bunch of people decide to dress up and play out a story it becomes normal to adapt to the normality/reality of said story
I’m really good at
I think everyone excells in what they truly like, so:
Learning languages, Martial arts
acting (did plays in holland, and was in soapseries in china)

they did give me enough space to mention it so i´ll do it here
spoken languages
Mandarin Chinese
I know a bunch of sentences in about 6 other languages, but since i have trouble having a fullfledged conversation in these (Japanese, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Italian) languages i don´t list them as spoken language

"reading" people, most people give of hints of what they want or think, you can quite easily pick up on these and then anticipate to situations.
This is a skill everyone can learn quite easily, the only things you have to do before you can learn this skill is know yourself, have patience and actually give a damn.

Listening and discussing topics of some or no importance.
It is the interaction between people i like.
I also like Philosiphising, when i was 6 my dad told me that when you look at a star, it might very well not be there anymore, according to him it's because the star is so far away that the light takes a long time to get there, so it could be dead for 30 years and you can still see it for 30 more. So the question he asked me was, can you always be sure of what you see is really there?
That question always stuck by me.
The first things people usually notice about me
The fact being I already know me, answering this one feels arrogant.
hmmm... how about you tell me?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As i said earlier i like ALL stories, but these are some of my favourites:

Books: As all fantasy appreciators the Hobbit and LOTR by Tolkien
Furthermore anything written by either Robin Hobb or GRR Martin, Song of Ice and Fire in particular. Anything in the line of fantasy and science ficion piques my interest, altough i can also appreciate classics written by shakespeare or Alexander Dumas (right from conte de Monte cristo down to the three musketeers)

Movies: I like Monty Python and comedies (hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and such) a lot, but almost all movies are okay, , Cult, art movies, everything goes, as long as it amuses me, save for some extremely dramatic ones,
absolute top flicks:
the invention of lying
The man from earth
The Dark Crystal (muppets RULE!!)
I've loved starwars since i was 6 and still do!

Music: As long as it has lyrics going beyond bragging about your money, the number of cars you have or on how many women you can cheat during one videoclip,(By this I mean that shitty comercial gangster rap, altough some lyrical or underground rap kicks ass) further more from classical to black metal, it's all fine by me, as long as it has feeling to it.

Foods: I am a certified Chef and I can whip up practically anything
Food is a delight and if not, I can personally make it so!
Six things I could never do without
discovering something new
learning stuff
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how do we get thoughts? interesting thought to think about if you think about it
On a typical Friday night I am
doing what i feel like doing, I march to the beat on my own drummer, hell I AM my own drummer!!! but if you want to go ahead and march along let's go!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
there is a bunch i could mention here, maybe you'd better message me if you really want to know all
You should message me if
feel like having a good convesation or if you would like do disagree for disagreements sake or if you just want to talk, i'm listening.
The two of us