56 Saskatoon, Canada
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My self-summary
Married, polyamorous, pagan, depressed fibromyalgiac man and I am ok with my life. These statuses are a bit limiting don't you think? I am more bigender/genderfluid and Kinsey 3 but due to life experience am slow to get on with men. Lots are fun to look at though. I don't think waves were invented yet when I became a feminist so if you do not identify as feminist or womanist I will likely have a hard time understanding where you come from.

The computer is a tool for writing and communications for me now though I used to be more geekie. I am the homemaker in my family of three at the moment but will be going back to work soon.

I love my rigid mountain bike and used to ride winter and summer as well as in between. A Shattered ankle in the winter of 2009 and a coronary in the summer of 2010 slowed me down a bit. I have been trying to get myself going more for both the mental and physical health benefits. I also have a passion for photography that I need to cultivate more.

I used to mention that my wife discovered that she was gay about 10 years back but somehow it got lost in snips here and there. oh there it is again.

polyamory, poly, paganism, pagan, spirituality, witchcraft, reading, photography, goddess, Thinking, saskatoon,biking, cycling, bicycling, mountain biking, tattoo, tattoos, tattooing, reading, writing, photography, Heinlein, social activism, tantra, sex magick, kissing, cuddles, insanity, witch, drums, drumming

I am spiritual, attentive, and patiently horny
What I’m doing with my life
enjoying parenthood spirituality and general oddity.

not being normal right now and killing myself working. maybe soon but not right now
I’m really good at
listening, accepting, understanding.

cooking, eating ( :> )

being me
The first things people usually notice about me
damn that's tall.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) Stranger in a strange land and to sail beyond the sunset by Heinlein; battlefield earth by Hubbard; Mists of Avalon by Bradley; Clan of the cave bear and the rest by Auel; Tao Te Ching; Dhammapada; Utopian fiction; and on and on and on. well I started on this site:My and am working on getting it up to speed.

b)better than chocolate, antonia's line, tank girl, and other movies and films good and bad.

c)most everything with blues, reggae and female singer songwriters topping the list.

The six things I could never do without
The more i thought about this question the more i realized that there is nothing I am that attached to. Many losses would torment me but I would come through in the end.

Books, fiction and non, I have a reading addiction. Information somehow, the net is my mainline feed now but it has been other things in the past. I need social contact and a hermitage. yes I'm both extrovert and introvert.

cuddles n snuggles are essentials though.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
every thing, no thing, and how to get around to writing more about both. Poetry Sunday. Love as a universal construct.

I have a theory that people sometimes settle for sex when what they want and need is hugs, cuddles and hand holding. Basic touch, physical contact with another human adult. I truly believe in hugs and give them out as freely as I can.
On a typical Friday night I am
typical? what's that? reading, computer play of some sort¸ out. all?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I wrote someone here with a 0% match because I didn't believe it was possible. her essays were indicating otherwise and I thought why not exchange a few messages? well I was either wrong or there was just no curiosity.

pain makes me tired and grumpy. I am often working very hard not to be grumpy.
You should message me if
If you want to or if you have no serious objection to doing so. I will likely reply as I am funny that way.

I am looking for adults that feel adults can relate to adults on an adult basis regardless of age. adult basis isn't code for sex. loving isn't sex, sex isn't always loving and friendship is a great form of love.