37Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
I have nothing against religion but I can't stand virgins or married people.

My profile is long so I don't expect you to read the whole thing this second but I expect you to read the whole thing before we meet.

The Outlawing Corporate Cash Undermining the Public Interest in our Elections and Democracy (OCCUPIED) Amendment would also ban laws supporting "corporate personhood." Boom! unified cause. okcupid= occupied!

there are videos that i make, with my best friend,Citycrush, that you could watch, which will tell you, A)what is the kind of stuff i get into on the regular or at least when ever i feel the need, and TWO, yes I'm even on there talking in one of them.
Watch it Here
What I’m doing with my life
going to school in a film program full time.

I made this blog
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Update: I dream to find a girl that is; super hot, loves sex, has extreme left politics but also shaves her parts (if you do in fact shave, its fucking Ludicrous to argue that I shouldn't want that, apparently this needs to be said), is hilarious, is kind to everyone, is not a bitch ever, and loves me. Notice I didn't say wealthy beyond imagination or even financially independent. Tell me if you think anything is missing from my list.
Some of you will read this and decide you don't want me and I'll be really remorsful. some of you will decide that and I'll have done what I meant to do. I just added this for the girls that make me remorsful. :/

Don't reply to me if you're not interested in me and you just want to be facetious.

If we'd been talking and you got around to reading this and got offended then don't wish me good luck and explain yourself. Just POOF! be gone.
I’m really good at
We all have assets and liabilities. that being said, I don't believe in conventional norms. One being that its up to the man to win over the woman.

I'm very antinatural. I want the woman to want me, desire, and pursue me equally. I go on these dates and they act like its all me. Please don't bother if that's what its gonna be like.

Don't meet me just to get out of your house and meet someone. I'm not just someone. There is a girl who thinks I'm great and wants to meet ME.
The first things people usually notice about me
Firm and young body accompanied by mature and stable persona. Oh you said what other people notice!

i look really young for my age. long eye lashes that are "wasted on a guy". I'm not drinking.

intense Aries man! Aries sun, Aries moon, and Sagittarius rising. And since it's online and it's hard to tell about someone, Some girls will be intimidated and I could come off as blunt and arrogant. However there are woman who might love that crazy Aries energy of mine.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
double standards.
On a typical Friday night I am
Fuck Friday!
probably feeling like i should be doing something fun but regrettably just unwinding from the day.
Option B, filming crackheads. at a party getting in to some kind of diluted scene. cleaning my house. calling and texting everyone i know and getting no answer. on Okcupid. alone crying. doing a painting, editing videos, doing laundry, doing my school work. blog rolling/ googling. making plans for Saturday that i wont wake up on time for. petting my cat. watching television and getting stupider by the minute. dreaming.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I want a girl to hug me really tight and kiss me over and over and say "she decides here and now that I'm the one she wants and nobody else." even if it's not reality, I don't care.

UPDATE: okay enough bullshit. this section seems like the place to put DEAL BREAKERS.

here is my number one downfall with dating and seems to be the reason why many woman , not all, but many seem to think I'm unworthy of receiving love. I live at home with mom. She is chill.
Please don't message me to tell me this is a deal breaker for you. no shit, keep it moving. this goes double for anything negative you have to say about me, just go, fuck right off. putting yourself out there to try and meet someone is hard enough.

Also I've been rejected a bunch for being sober. Fyi

I'll repeat from before please don't reply if you're not interested just to be facetious.
You should message me if
I am very different from most people. please don't treat me like every Jock that tries to get in your pants. If you do think you'd like to message me just take a second to recognize that you are picking me too.

I know a lot of girls say you have to meet to get the final verdict. too many failed dates and I'm hoping this profile is enough to put me well over the possibility and into the definite.

If you Like me isn't that such a rare precious thing? So press me! If the messages have run out, don't let them! Keep hitting me up.isn't it worth it? Like I said its not all up to the guy.

Once again please no antagonist replies. Interested parties only.POOF!!!
The two of us