27Dover, United States
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My self-summary
You my find yourself looking at my profile, and you may ask yourself... (deep, sultry voice)

Very sorry for wasting time, but I met someone and am currently exclusively dating. Only problem is I forgot my password for this site and I'm too lazy to delete it :P
SO, good luck and happy trails

edit: I wanted to put this question in here..
"Is Love Over Rated?"

"No! It's underrated! Love will enhance your entire state of being. Not just for a partner- love for your family, friends, yourself. Sometimes even for your enemies. Even the hardest warriors and soldiers understand the place of love in the world. Not just for a partner- nooo our culture has a horrible perspective of what love is. Love doesn't fix your problems, it isn't about me me me- over time when the butterflies fade and the need to spend every waking moment in each other's arms goes away, love is a choice. Of trust, and hope."

I'm a free spirited kind of guy. I'm open and honest- I have always followed my heart through life and I'm continuing to do so. Most people tell me that I'm very easy to talk to, albeit a bit on the crazy side. But I very much love who I am and I am looking for someone who will also appreciate me so that we may have a lasting friendship or relationship. :)

I have a big sense of humor- when I was a kid I always thought I would be a cartoonist because I grew up watching Loony Tunes and super hero cartoons, so I quickly personified a lot of the humor and personality from my child hood favorite shows, movies, books, comics and video games. But my true idols are my mom, dad and older brother- so I am incredibly family oriented. Someday, I hope the American Dream finds me and that I can know how it feels to provide for children, a wife, a home (maybe a few pets).

In the meantime, I am looking for 'Miss Right,' and I'm ready for all the adventure, adversity, danger, excitement, joy, sadness and life lessons along the way. There are absolutely no mistakes in life when you accept the responsibility of your actions, and when it's not your fault, just move on :D
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment, I graduated not too long ago from Penn State with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and I currently work full time at a dealership- I'm working towards becoming a new car salesman for Honda while looking for an opportunity in my career. What I'm doing now is building on my current set of skills and my resume so that I may apply for a leadership position.

Eventually, I'd like to go back to school to pass the BAR exam and get my degree in criminal law because that has been my long time dream. However, I have also more recently become interested in working with children and non profit programs supporting foster care and I would like very much to get on board with any projects regarding educational reform, prison reform, and helping to better our communities for the welfare of our children and our economy.

I am also a writer and I'm continuing work on a book that I plan to publish someday, but that's all you get :P

Regular day after work? I just do things that I love to do! And I always work very hard so that when the time comes, I play hard =D

And believe me when I say, I would love a spontaneous girl who knows how to let her hair down and have a great time-
know anybody like that?
I’m really good at
I love to cook! And I have a hobby that at least once a week I go visit a new restaurant and taste something new and delicious- I am very open to all types of food and I just find trying new things to be a total blast :)

I'm a really good singer and dancer. I just started dancing last summer and turns out I am pretty good at shaking my tush! Disclaimer though, I am extremely stage fright XD So if people start to notice, and then I notice them noticin' me, well keep the smelling salts handy.. jp =p but I do get embarrassed. But yea I really want to learn how to sing and play guitar at the same time so if you're a musician and you're willing to work with me I will cook a romantic dinner for you, candles, wine and the whole nine! Plus girl's that play guitar are a turn on.

I actually used to do every sport under the sun when I was younger but go figure, out of everything I did, I ended up really enjoying fencing a lot! So if you know what fencing is you're also off to a good start lol. But I'm very physically active and I work out as much as my schedule permits. I also am really good at outdoor activities like camping and fishing and when I was younger I thought that I was a real life adventurer so I wanted to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Like survival man or Bear Grylls. But yea I am a very outdoorsy person.

And lastly, I'm good at being a nerd. I know a lot about internet culture and memes and video games and comics and anime- trust me though, most people don't even know I'm into that stuff unless I tell them, swear to god. But yes, I'm a huge huge nerd, and I'm very happy with it :)

Also saying ridiculous things and pushing the boundaries of most jokes. I try not to be offensive, but I sometimes can't help it, it's a part of who I am =P
The first things people usually notice about me
I'd say a lot of people probably notice my dimples because I have really big dimples when I smile, but no one has ever told me- why don't you message me and let me know? ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite Books: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, the Five Rings, Fool's Die, Why is God Laughing, Angels and Demons, etc. I've read a lot more but I have a bad memory when it comes to books and I usually remember as people start jogging my memory.

Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (the old ones), Blade 2, any martial arts or Kung Fu movie, Rush Hour 1&2, Old School, Hero, any Miyazaki film but Howl's Moving Castle especially, any Disney film EXCEPT Aristocats because it gives me nightmares, and a TON of others. But I'm very open to watching new movies so if really like a movie and you want to know if I've seen it or not, just ask me because I love movies! Disclaimer: I don't go to the movies very much now a days though because a lot of the movies that come out today are just bad. I'm sorry if that offends you.

Shows: I don't watch that much T.V honestly, but I love all the old school sitcoms like Friends, Will and Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc. Also shows like Law and Order, Dexter, etc. I love old school Nickelodeon cartoons, which is amazing because now a lot of them are on Netflix =D And of course as said, I love all the old super hero shows with DC and Marvel characters. But yea I actually got into Supernatural for a while and I've been meaning to watch Game of Thrones, but not before I read the books. Big Bang Theory is good lol. Oh and the Soprano's, because that is my family. Literally. I mean it. I'm Italian.

Music: I'll listen to everything- I know a lot of people say that but I mean it. I come from a musically oriented family and I think if you're not exposing yourself to every kind of music in today's easy access culture, you're probably doing yourself an injustice. But some of my favorites are Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, the Doors, Notorious B.I.G, Kanye (yep), Daft Punk, DJ Tiesto, Ray Charles, Charlie Parker, Matchbox 20, Alice in Chains, Chopin, Paganini, Bob Marley, Goldfinger, George Strait, etc. That took me about a minute.

Food: omg... EVERYTHING ;DD
Six things I could never do without
1) Family
2) Freedom
4) Sex (honest)
5) Laughter
6) Delicious Food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
ugh shut it off >.<;;

-if kid's today are getting sluttier faster
-if I am getting fat because I've been taking protein to get more muscular
-what I want my tattoo to look like
-where should I go on vacation next year (Denmark or Australia or Italy..)
-if Chris Brown and Rihanna are just trolls; if all celebrities are actually just personalities like in the movies that just act from a script, like puppets 0_0
-how to get my mashed potatoes even creamier
-if I'm a good looking guy
-why do people find something funny?
-how the mind works and why people perceive things a certain way when others don't?
-what language do deaf/mute people think in?
-what if birds aren't singing, they're just screaming because they're afraid of heights?
-why does okcupid have graphs for people's personality?
-will I ever find someone who loves and trusts me as much as I love and trust them?

etc. don't worry, this is normal I prom ^^'
On a typical Friday night I am
- at the bar meeting new people or with my brother/friends
- at home on my computer, watching a movie or playing video games with my friends
- cooking, practicing guitar, reading, cleaning up the house a bit
- at the gym working out
- BBQ'ing
- out cruising with my car buddies from work
- spending time with my family :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once had an unfortunate accident with a bottle of shampoo in the shower. I dropped a bottle of shampoo from my right hand, and because I'm so ninja, I caught it from the top with my left hand. Except it was a bottle of Herbal Essence, where the top opens and closes depending on how you push down on the lid, and I closed the stupid thing on my nipple. So it hung there for a sec and I tensed up like any normal human being would before I ripped it off. But from that experience, one of my nipples is just slightly smaller. No worries though, hardly noticeable, just one of my finer moments.

Also that I get lost at least once a week. I am not capable of following directions, even if I think I understood everything completely- come be my map? lol =3
You should message me if
Basically if you are looking for a boyfriend, a date or just a friend, whatever happens, happens. But -

---you SHOULD message me if
- you only drink occasionally, no drugs. yes, Mary J isn't just Peter Parker's gf from Spiderman, grow up -_- although it does not offend me, per se, it is not something I want in my life
- you like what you've read and you want to know more
- you are interested in texting/talking on the phone
- you want to go hang out or go out on a date
- you work or go to school full time
- you are silly, open minded, non judgmental, non serious, passionate, committed, loyal, comical, confident, motivated, honest, humble, empathetic, moral, fun, happy, nurturing, intelligent and optimistic personality. and short.. short girls..<333

---you SHOULD NOT message me if
-you do drugs or drink too much
-you have emotional baggage
-you are not working and you are not going to school
-you are just looking for a text buddy
-you are just looking for a fuck buddy
-you are mean, pessimistic, judgmental, overly serious, cynical, overly sarcastic (notice overly, I'm sarcastic too but there's a time and a place), arrogant, picky, lazy, a troll, stuck up, or rigid.

Note- I have a pretty damn good idea of what I want from my next relationship.

And that is all :)
The two of us