23Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
When we were 6, my best friend and I made a pact to be deep-sea divers.

While that's not entirely come together, living in Toronto I'm sure is the next best thing...

An ex-boyfriend described me as an "organic Class A feminist cunt" (oddly we don't speak to each other any more); it's about the least insulting thing you could tell me. While I try to be more mellow, *please* bear this in mind before you write something thoughtless, demeaning or misogynistic. Guys I'm mostly looking at you ;)

But I'm very open to anything from flattery to a message saying that feminism has been ruining the world since before women had the vote, as long as it's well written :)

In other things, I'm pansexual. I'm in a polyamorous relationship, have been about 18 months; My girlfriend is airhead_smiles; and the three of us are open to exploring with each other, other people.This doesn't mean we're only looking for short flings with people into group sex, but it is definitely fun to know people anyway. Also, we're open to adding a 4th to our committed triad, if things progress that far...
What I’m doing with my life
Doing my best to persuade the good folk of downtown Toronto that a solid book is much better than a Kindle. Sometimes I succeed. Other than that, I cook a lot, and I am trying to work out precisely what it is I want in my life right now beyond a heap less stigma in the world about people who can't change who they might fall in love or spend a night with.
I’m really good at
...using ten words where one would do,

...remembering insane details, and, if it was from a book, the part of the page on which I read it.

...putting words together, creating coherent thoughts, if not always expressed in technically correct syntax or grammar. What can I say? I work in a bookstore... I can be inventive, and excellent but odd combinations (like meringue with Marmite shipped over from Britain) are my forte. Chocolate cake and ketchup doesn't work, though. Trust me.

...building anything with Lego.
The first things people usually notice about me
I've been told my smile is my most engaging feature. And that I love a good story, even if I've heard it before, and my sense of humor; and that, once you let me start, it can be hard to get to me to stop talking ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The first book I ever became thoroughly engrossed in was Dolphin Island by Arthur C. Clarke, which when I was 7 was completely magical, and I still revisit at least once a year. Other favorites, The Poisonwood Bible, the actual Bible, anything by Bill Bryson, Goethe or Nabokov, Anne Lamott's Blue Shoe, and Thoreau's Walden, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins... So, all in all I feel like I have eclectic tastes...

Music: Old(er) favorites such as Springsteen, U2, Vanessa Williams, J.S. Bach, and Haydn over Mozart. More recently perhaps Adele, Imogen Heap, Florence and the Machine, and anything with a particularly tortured-sounding lead vocalist. And Lady Gaga, but that goes without saying ;)

Food: I'm mostly vegetarian but would be sad if I could never have a steak again; I will eat and enjoy almost anything, as long as it doesn't chiefly consist of bananas; but I especially love anything well presented on good quality china.
Six things I could never do without
Basic stuff like organs, air, food, and sex, we can take as read...

1. Family photos;
2. My Waterman 'Lady Charlotte' fountain pen, and thick, good quality paper;
3. Yoga;
4. Sunshine;
5. My phone;
6. Fresh gingerbread.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
...that infinitesimal point in space at which point the refrigerator light comes on or goes off;

...what an intolerant world we live in.
On a typical Friday night I am
Drinking room temperature chardonnay playing Risk or Twister or somesuch with friends, or alternating pages of a good book and scoops of ice cream.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was a lot older than I should have been to know better, I had to go to hospital to have half a dozen M&Ms removed from my nose.

I want to marry Ron Swanson.
You should message me if
You're someone genuinely curious about the world, and other people. 'Laid back' is a nice thing to be, but I'd rather be with people who are naturally (or artificially) caffeinated, and are endlessly curious.

You think we're intellectual equals. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but my mind is fast and smooth and I like talking, discussing, debating with people who can hold their end of the conversation.

You understand my/our understanding of what it means to be poly. It is much more than being in an 'open' relationship, and certainly not at all like swinging. We are in a closed 3-way relationship of equals, but maybe looking to try for fun - and maybe something more - with a fourth with anyone who's serious about it.

You think there's still too much patriarchy, heteronormativism, couples privileging, and general intolerance in the world, except for bad grammar and spelling which should carry jail sentences.

All that said, we can just be friends on here by all means. Chatting is fun too :)
The two of us