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My self-summary
I'll make this easy for you, in case you aren't into reading the full-length version below: I L-O-V-E the Lord and He is a CONSTANT FOCUS in MY LIFE as far as my thoughts, actions, concerns, etc. I love my tiny pet bird, and a safe, stable, happy home is all I ever want him to know with me and anyone else that might ever come into OUR PICTURE. Integrity, character, honesty, are all MUST HAVES for me in a man, and sadly VERY HARD TO FIND in one anymore. I DON'T 'NEED' a man in my life EVER, but IF God sends a match in His Will I am VERY OPEN to CONSIDERING THAT. Someone wanting all that a Homemaker offers in his life, as well as a layperson Minister-woman living for God, could LOVE ME! Sharing the JOY of the Lord, MUSIC, love of Nature and animals, etc, and LAUGHTER a MUST! MUST READ/LOVE YOUR BIBLE as DAILY NEED! I am INTELLIGENT and love learning, discussing ideas (NOTE: watch CHARLIE ROSE on PBS as an example of such). I LEAD with my MIND and SPIRIT not body, which only 'houses' the REAL 'ME'.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I don't know where to start here. There is alot to me, so I won't be able to relate everything that has been a part of my Life experience here and now. I like to learn new things; every day in some way, if possible! I don't operate by Ego, and so, am not attracted to Ego. I operate by Soul or Spirit and am attracted to that in others as well. I have a silly sense of humor: puns and that type of thing; not gags per se. I think it's important to laugh every day; together if possible! Something that I heard, as an unintended pun, during a serious TV report, which a PBS reporter said, was "The problem of obesity is growing." That kind of thing LEAPS OUT at ME (figuratively)! LOL : )

My prayer is that I meet a God-loving man who has a heart to love me (and my tiny pet bird too)! The deepest Desire Of My Heart has ALWAYS been to be a Homemaker in this life, since I was probably as young as age 2! [TO BE VERY CLEAR HERE, because some men have seemingly MISSED understanding the IMPORTANCE of THIS to ME, as being both 'who I am' and 'what I offer' here: A definition of 'Homemaker' . . . A homemaker is a wife who has the SKILLS and ABILITIES to MAINTAIN the HOME, and ACTIVELY FUNCTIONS in THAT CAPACITY within the marriage relationship. THIS IS AN UNSALARIED POSITION, but of GREAT WORTH to the RIGHT MAN! THIS is what I AM SEEKING HERE. I am what I am! So please take that into account if/when messaging me here, so we don't waste one another's time if that is NOT what YOU want as YOUR woman. I don't care if we're rich or poor; live in a house or apartment; have steak or hamburgers, or if we don't 'keep up with the Joneses' or have every new gadget out on the market. I just want to share peace, laughter, joy, happiness, simplicity as much as possible, and real love with a good man that wants and appreciates what I DO and CAN OFFER to HIM! That's it!!!--- THAT'S MY GOAL here--- to FIND HIM!] It doesn't take ALOT (materialistically!) to make me happy; just the basics at least; but it DOES TAKE my being 'ME', being WHO I AM! And being a Homemaker is intrinsically intertwined with that!

I was born and raised in North Carolina in a very small town, much like a real-life "MAYBERRY"! This was a time and place in America where the women role models I saw as I grew up were genuine "Aunt Bees", bringing HEART to their HOMES and HOMEMADE pickles and pies to church picnics. It was a time when you had better get your milk, bread, and gasoline by Saturday evening, because on Sunday ALL BUSINESSES WERE CLOSED to SHOW RESPECT FOR THE LORD with A DAY OF REST as He commanded people to observe once every week. Women and men largely had very different, well-defined roles from each other then, complementary and both equally important. I think there was a sweetness about that lifestyle, and a real need that each had for the other, then. The current divorce rate, gang violence, senseless killings, Rx and street drug abuse, most societal dysfunction that we suffer today, were all very nearly nonexistent in those times with the cultural values in place then. I CAN REMEMBER what that LOOKED like, and what it FELT like, and I FOR ONE REALLY YEARN FOR THAT IN MY LIFE NOW, as our society seems to be so insincere, restless, disrespectful, confused, hostile, dishonest, abusive, uncaring, etc., now, in FAR TOO MANY WAYS! I still like things simple, and sweet--- the plain daisy is my favorite flower, the one famous for "He loves me; he loves me not. . . "; hoping at some point that my daisy's petals finally land on "HE LOVES ME!". I won't love or not love a man for having or not having money; his value and worth in my eyes and estimation will come from other aspects of who he is as a man. Your billfold is not my target; rather a respected and cherished place in your heart and even in your soul is what I hope and pray for. I have no money to bring to the table, myself, but really cherish the basic things I have in this life, moreso than when they came easier to me in better financial times than this. I THANK GOD, NOW, for things like: I have fresh, running water; a roof over my head; a Bible to study; Christian TV over-the-air by antenna since I don't have cable TV; songs in my heart to sing, and praises in my spirit to PRAISE GOD! This, I suppose, is a good start, as a foundation to build on, at describing who I am as a person; as a woman; what matters to me.

I am motivated by love! Foremost, God's Love for me and mine for Him. I get my (self-expressive) joy from nurturing, blessing, helping, teaching/imparting (to enlarge someone's world with new skills and/or awareness that I am able to share with them to their benefit, such as when I 'minister' to someone from my Faith), caretaking (of my apartment 'home'), and caregiving (to my loved ones; whether they be friends, pet, houseplants . . . whatever living things I give care to!). Real love causes anything it touches to somehow thrive!
What I’m doing with my life
doing what I can each day with my caring heart, available resources, time spent and effort made to make a difference in the lives of others (people, animals, plants) as I am able to do so (our world IS 'interconnected' so we EACH MAKE A--- our!--- DIFFERENCE in it!)

trying to truly have what I contribute to this world, through my life-choices and actions, point to Jesus and His Love, Truth, and Light

trying to find THIS, here, with THE RIGHT MAN for ME ("the chief among ten thousand to my soul!"): "[Joyfully the radiant bride turned to him, the one altogether lovely, the chief among ten thousand to her soul, and with unconcealed eagerness to begin her life of sweet companionship with him, she answered] Make haste, my beloved, and come quickly, like a gazelle or a young hart [and take me to our waiting home] . . . ." SONG OF SOLOMON 8:14 AMP
I’m really good at
baking homemade cookies . . . and eating them without getting fat!

helping a tiny, timid animal (bird) feel loved by me and safe with me by my patience, consistency, gentleness, praise, meeting his needs

noticing that others besides me have needs and trying to meet those needs if I am in any way able to do that within my creed or means

knowing that I am truly blessed, even when or if I am in the midst of painful or trying times, and feeling daily gratitude for those blessings

not looking or acting 'old' for my age, especially in comparison to many people this age by what I have seen represented here online

other things . . . . : )
The first things people usually notice about me
I would LOVE to have YOU tell me that, not only as a conversation starter for us, here, but as interesting information for me . . . .

Alot of people say to me that I seem 'so friendly and open', but that can be misleading for them as their perception of me, as I also am MORESO very PRIVATE about my own life as I live it, and have very conservative core values which include: I am a big fan of things like honesty, integrity, honor, determining and doing the 'right' thing as best you know what that is; also treating others as you would like to be treated by them, if only to contribute that (hopefully!) positive energy toward making this world a better place for all of us to live!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I continue in my own personal Bible study, fairly in-depth. I am in the Book of Acts now, which was long-anticipated by me as I strive to become more enlightened and empowered as a Christian witness!

I like ALOT of things in each of these categories. I like reality better than fiction; laughing rather than being scared; inspiration whenever possible; probably the only person I know that does not like pasta.
Six things I could never do without
God Who is Love and teaches us the importance of that in Life
The Bible which is God's 'Love Letter' to us, revealing His Heart
Music that moves me whether I just listen, or sing, or dance to it
The unconditional love and sweet/trusting dependency of a small pet
Expressing 'myself' as I go about my daily tasks in life on this Earth
All the fun and fulfilling things which eating, cooking, and baking offer, that intertwine with our thoughts of "home"
I spend a lot of time thinking about
God speaking in my spirit that there IS His man, created for me, SOMEWHERE OUT THERE; that time is flying by so fast now, and we still have not found one another to share all the things IN US to share TOGETHER! How fulfilled and joyful I would feel if I were in the kitchen right now, making him a homemade apple pie (unless it's 2 AM when you're reading this! LOL), or giving him a back massage, or just sitting with him-- in one another's arms-- or walking along the beach together, instead of still searching! . . . BUT, I ALSO have interacted with several men on this site, so far, and am pretty discouraged by now despite my giving this my very best effort, to the point now where I am starting to think that perhaps I will NEVER EXPERIENCE 'LOVE', after all, ESPECIALLY since I AM an INTELLIGENT woman. Read this to see why I say that: "". I R-E-A-L-L-Y need an INTELLIGENT man that can comprehend simple concepts like "HOMEMAKER", and that IT IS 'THE' DESIRE of MY heart! MOST MEN'S IDENTITY is ALSO directly tied into the work they DO that most resonates with THEM (that THEY either chose or that CHOSE THEM), so WHY can so MANY MEN not SEEM TO UNDERSTAND that, for ME, this is HOW IT IS with my BEING a HOMEMAKER! So, that MAKES IT RATHER IMPORTANT as an INGREDIENT in the real-life relationship that I am seeking here! It is AMAZING (and DAUNTING!) how men from this site will TELL me "I believe YOU are the woman for ME, and that GOD is even giving me SIGNS about that!" or some such thing, but THEN say to me, "But, of course, I REALLY DON'T (1) WANT or (2) NEED a HOMEMAKER, so you'll HAVE to THROW THAT PART (of WHO YOU ARE!) OUT in order to be with ME as WHO I AM." UNBELIEVABLE!!! That says WAY MORE to ME than that THIS or THAT man is NOT the MAN for ME! The RIGHT man for ME WILL BE a man that (1) wants and (2) needs ME--- WHO I AM as 'ME'!--- which VERY MUCH INCLUDES me doing ALL the MANY things that bring REAL HEART to a HOME, which a HOMEMAKER does daily! Even if ONLY ONE MAN on this ENTIRE PLANET wants THAT now, HE is THE man that I am looking for here for me--- always and forever!
On a typical Friday night I am
deciding whether I will be going to the weekly Farmer's Market on Saturday morning or not . . . . Glad for the more 'peaceful' pace of the weekends. . . . Looking forward to hearing Robert Morris ( preach Sunday AM on Daystar Christian TV, because he is the BEST preacher I HAVE EVER HEARD, personally! He speaks right to 'my type' of Faith!

Defragmenting my hard disk . . . . (No, that is NOT 'kinky'! LOL)

Looking for YOU, the man my HEART will CHERISH, because I don't believe I will find you in a bar, or even here in Omaha, quite likely.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
here is that I used to be a stage dancer in nightclubs. You know . . . Go Go dancer; exotic dancer; stripper. . . . Great exercise, dancing like that! Plus, I liked the dance music and wearing pretty costumes. I did not PLAN to get into that career, but it WAS DESTINY, for ME. However, based on a man messaging me here asking 'Why/when I turned from my wild lifestyle', I need to clarify here that I performed on stage as MY JOB, and I did NOT EVER LIVE the STEREOTYPICAL 'lifestyle' that it is (sometimes, as in MY case) ERRONEOUSLY ASSUMED that 'all' dancers live! In fact, if anything, my HEART TO BE LOVED, for myself, with the shallowness of things that club customers were often seeking to act on in there, combined to motivate me to 'shut myself down' toward those type of men, so I was actually celibate even when I was a dancer! I was a GOOD STAGE PERFORMER, and if done WELL that can SEEM 'natural', like you are seeing the ACTUAL PERSON as WHO THEY ARE, up on that stage, but "Stevie" (my dancer alias, for personal safety reasons, etc.) was a 'character' I enacted on the stage, with 'her' projected PERFORMANCE attributes which were NOT REFLECTIVE of WHO I ACTUALLY WAS as a person then. I was GOOD AT MY JOB on STAGE! The ONLY reason that I SHARED that fact about my 'skillset' here, though, is because ONE of the things I HOPE to do for my man, before I am TOO OLD for ANY MAN to want to SEE this (LOL), is to DANCE FOR HIM in the privacy of our commited love relationship! But, to put this ONE fact about me into PERSPECTIVE, I ALSO BAKE COOKIES WELL. I GIVE MASSAGES well (because I was TRAINED in 'professional massage skills', for enhancing patients' health and wellbeing by helping them to relax and rest better to heal better, when working as a hospital Nursing Assistant many years ago). It is about my wanting to bring ALL OF MY SKILLSETS to bear on being a BLESSING to him, as much as possible (in my imperfection as a person, as all of us are), within our committed love relationship. . . .
Knowing God's Holy Spirit INTIMATELY and His Love shown me, which is so precious, gentle, sweet, caring, unconditional, etc., HAS 'SPOILED ME' for MOST human versions of 'love', making it difficult for me to 'settle' for 'less' after living my life, now, in the 'MORE'! I have done BETTER with PETS than MEN, due to that, because PETS ALSO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, and people JUST DON'T SEEM TO, although EVERYONE WANTS SOMEONE to love THEM unconditionally even though THEY CAN'T GIVE THAT! LOL Anyway, I finally realized that MY ONLY HOPE with a MAN is to find one that HAS THE HOLY SPIRIT living WITHIN him, so that I will 'feel at home' enough with his love to be ABLE to BELIEVE IN IT, and BE INVOLVED WITH IT. Here are some of the aspects of God's Holy Spirit which I have experienced that I hope to see represented and reflected in my man, therefore, as well: The Holy Spirit is sweetly loving, all wise, responsively helpful, truly fun just to 'be' with, a thoughtful companion, a joyful dancer, sensitive yet strong, protective, capable and desirous of true intimacy, and draws people toward Jesus Christ!
You should message me if
AND ONLY IF you R-E-A-L-L-Y are sincerely searching for LOVE in REAL life; making that a PRIORITY (SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU, to MAKE A REAL EFFORT toward, without hesitation or delay, if things are going well between us). You should be wanting and willing to go to the lengths necessary (involving distance or other factors) for you and I to meet one another in person in order to find out whether we actually have the very necessary 'personal chemistry'/attraction which can only be ascertained face-to-face by being around one another's 'energy'. Bottom Line: I am ONLY SEARCHING HERE for a 'GOD' thing; not JUST a 'good' thing!
The two of us