40Versailles, United States
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My self-summary
Okay folks. Two quick stipulations here. If you've been divorced less than a year, I'll gladly chat with you, but for both our sakes I'd prefer to wait on the dating for a while. Secondly, unless you are *very* mature for your age, I'm pretty set on my age limits. Been burned too many times & too badly by younger guys.

Now that those are out of the way....

Cartoon nut. Geek of many flavors. Book collection that out-weighs me many times over. Have turned my den into my "art pit". Ecstatic to have a yard to garden in again. And a fireplace for when the weather gets cold. Big kid who is quite content to stay that way. Rather substantial independent streak though. Lived through enough of life's ups & downs to know that you're best off being able to count on yourself first & foremost.

Translation - I try to do most of my own basic home maintenance incl. electrical, plumbing and the like. Only freak out about bugs when I wake up to find them so close to my face my eyes cross - yes, it's happened, and those promptly went flying across the room at high speed. Am enough of a country girl to know how to handle a gun, a chainsaw for firewood & drive a pick-up truck (that does include a stick), and a tractor. And yes, I do enjoy going fishing on occasion. I also love getting my hands dirty out in the garden - though apparently I look pretty good with a manicure. ;)

However - I also love spoiling myself with a massage & pedicure. I've developed quite a taste for the steak & shrimp on the hibachi at Miyako and the kamo soba out at Tachibana as well - have to be in the right mood for sushi. Love getting dressed up, just don't have much occasion these days. Really miss the BB King Blues Fest out at the Horse Park. Am looking forward to the Wines in the Vines concerts out at the local vineyards this summer. Keep meaning to hit the Gallery Hops in Lexington, just feel silly going by myself.

So...I'm a tomboy whose girly side has expensive tastes, but I've never been one to really get stuck in a rut anyway. *chuckles*

Latest critter count: 6 dogs - Fearghas (Aussie cattle dog mix) is staying with my folks due to fights, but living with me are Hephaestion (Husky/Lab mix), Remus (Husky/Shepherd/Collie/Malamute mix) , Olympias (highly neurotic, pure bred German Shepherd), & Inara (half St. Bernard & half black lab who's getting registered as an emotional support dog here soon), and the newest, a foster fail, little baby boy Rolo. Half Swiss shepherd, then the other half is husky, black lab & just a touch of weimeranner. (and I know that's probably misspelled, but autocorrect keeps wanting to make that Mediterranean) and a tank that used to be full of fish, but I may scrub clean here soon & may finally pick up a small snake, or a couple of lizards. Yes, it's a menagerie around here. Thank you. :) Thus far though, I'd held off on the finches or boa for a while longer. And trying REALLY hard to resist adopting a horse.
What I’m doing with my life
I WAS a volunteer database & IT manager out for a rescue/re-training group out at the KY Horsepark. May also add a little more volunteer time out at the Woodford Humane Society here soon. I have chronic migraines & tension headaches, so a "real", "normal" job is out of the cards until my doctors & I can find a good set of therapies. Along with that, I’m trying to return to college at EKU to work on a biology & forensic anthropology double major.

I just recently struck upon a business idea for something here in Versailles. So I may look at that once I've been able to pay down my school debts.

Unfortunately my migraines have been getting more frequent & so I've found myself unable to reliably volunteer out at the group in the Horse Park. However, with some advance notice to arrange company, I've been able to do some transports & fostering for a group called Midwest Canine Rescue (based in Iowa). Should you ever find yourself feeling the need for a dog, I highly recommend them. They're good folks.

While we're working on a long-distance FWB thing (have known each other since high school, big goober has apparently been carrying a torch for me all these years), Ptomb & I are pretty much screening each other's dates. Making sure the other is gonna get treated well while we're not around. I'm polyamorous & he's just getting back out after his marriage ended. Finding himself again & all that. And taking that year that I mentioned up at the top there. We're both adults & can take care of ourselves, but we also care enough about each other to want to stay involved.
I’m really good at
Cooking (one of my fav. hobbies), people watching, finding yet MORE subjects to learn about (turn me loose on PubMed & look out!), making silly noises at random moments (hazard of being raised on a steady diet of Looney Tunes, Three Stooges & Monty Python - resulted in a life long crush on Robin Williams btw), landscape photography, and finding myself in conversations with complete strangers while I'm out running errands.
The first things people usually notice about me
Now that my hair's been cut, I really couldn't tell ya - it used to be down to the backs of my knees. The hips that could body check a plow horse? *laugh* That I'm a complete goofball? The sweater worth of dog hair stuck to my clothes? Other than that....

Actually quite a few folks here lately seem to be having real trouble believing I'm 37. Keep guessing I'm in my early 20s at most. Or possibly that I'm smiling at them - have a deeply held belief that something as simple as a smile can make an enormous difference in the world. And I went through far too many years with a perpetual scowl on my face. Chasing everyone away, and convincing myself they were doing it all on their own.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I wouldn't even know where to begin. Though my Amazon lists (things I'm interested in but just haven't gotten around to buying yet) and my (very incomplete) LibraryThing list (things I've bought and most likely read by now) might be a decent enough start. Actually, TV wise, I'll gladly watch NCIS, Bones or Castle marathons (or put Firefly on for the 501st time) when they're on while working on various craft projects. And you wouldn't even believe my Netflix queue. I still have an old VHS collection I need to find DVDs to replace some time.

Food wise, strangely enough, I enjoy cooking more than I enjoy eating. But when it does come to food, I'm a total hedonist. Italian grinder from Mancino's with extra meat & cheese. 14 oz. ribeye from Texas Roadhouse with cheese & mushrooms and the green beans and mashed potatoes on the side - and their rolls! Num! Quail & almond rice from Petra. When I do my canning, I use the old recipes with just fruit & sugar...LOTS of sugar. Packaged pectin! Feh! And none of this diet crap. Artificial sweeteners close up my throat anyway & most diet foods are disgusting, overpriced and not half as good for you as they claim.

I'd even rather have *good* coffee (Jamaica Blue Mountain if I can get it or DoughDaddy's blend from my favorite doughnut shop when I go out) with real cream & real sugar. Thank you. I've just recently switched over to a Keurig & WOW has it ever changed my coffee habit. No more half pot wasted every morning, etc. If only they'd make the cups recyclable like the "One Cuppa" tea pods are.
Six things I could never do without
Intellectual stimulation, cuddly friends, my Zamboni hoodie (or if it's in the wash I'll settle for my Dropkick Murphys or EKU one), my sense of honor, my sense of humor & my curiosity.

And I'll admit, I'm very attached to my fur monsters. Here lately I don't tend to do too well without a pretty serious decongestant either. Yay allergies & weather changes! Also my computer/Internet connection, but that's over the long term so it didn't make the top 6. I could keep myself busy for a couple of years easily, even as fast as I read, going through my hard copy books.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
When my next exam is, what repairs/chores I need to get done and which art projects I’d rather be working on instead. *laugh*

Other than could be almost anything. Go check out the Amazon & LibraryThing lists, you'll see that I'm not kidding. :)
On a typical Friday night I am
Fridays I'm most likely either at home trying to catch up on homework/housework, playing WoW & SWTOR.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
As of late, I’m getting screaming migraines on a fairly regular basis. Thus far, the longest has lasted 21 days, but that one was set off by an incompetent doctor attempting to administer therapeutic botox micro injections & instead jamming the needle into my skull.
You should message me if
You're capable of really talking to me, not lying to me, and preferably not being terribly much of an asshole. Otherwise, don't waste your time or mine.

You can carry on an intelligent conversation, are reasonably aware of the world around you and have a wicked sense of humor.
The two of us