33Naperville, United States
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My self-summary
Dad jokes are my jam.... literally make myself laugh every day with them!.... I do not have any kids though lol.

Q: So what kind of cheese can a person live in?

A: Cottage Cheese, get it, and yes that actually cracks me up :P!

I'm a very easy going guy that is open to many different things.

I love to laugh, it's probably my favorite thing to do. There is usually at least 10 things that I could laugh at each and every day. Because of that, I love making my friends laugh, and LOVE going to comedy clubs!

I'm all for a night out on the town or a quiet night at home. I go with the flow of things. I also care a lot about my family and friends, and will do just about anything to help them out.

I think the coolest thing to do would be if I were dating someone to tell her to pack her bags for the weekend. I would then take her to the airport and we would get on the first departing flight no matter where it was going to, and make a weekend out of it. (No I haven't done this yet and yes I did steal it from some movie).

I'm also very accepting of other people and always can find the good in someone. Kinda one of my gifts. I care about my friends and everyone else for that matter. I am always the one willing to be called at random hrs at the night to pick someone up if they’re in trouble, and all I really like back in return is a thanks (and maybe a french fry from McDonald's if it’s late).

Die hard Cubs and Bears fan

Puzzles are fun

I get REALLY intense when playing Mario cart... neighbors have called the cops on me for that one, got a lil excited and it was late at night.

Crown and coke is my poison ohhhh hell, any whiskey is great in my book.
What I’m doing with my life
Living life as best I can with what I got. I just bought a house over the summer and realizing how much it costs to be a grown up!

Taking Freshmen on an adventure through time (key time travel music) in World History, also putting kids to sleep as I teach them history (probably the reality lol).

Also been in the Marines for the last 15 years. Did 4 years active duty and now in the Active Reserves which takes up one weekend a month and two weeks out of the summer.
I’m really good at
Having bad joke Friday with my student's

Opening doors, buying flowers, and the cheesy stuff

Giving advice, even if I don't follow my own ;)

Making people laugh!

Being organized

Putting others before myself

Keeping a sense of humor even in bad situations

Smashing my face into cakes :)

Singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider (I should have tried out for American Idol)

Killing Spiders (that's a good quality for a guy to have right ladies... or any bug that you are scared of for that matter ;))
The first things people usually notice about me
My tattoos, I have 10 so far, they all have meaning and I already have ideas for more!

My filter is sometimes broken and I'll say off the wall stuff...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
music: I'll listen to just about anything. I love going to see friends live bands or finding something new to watch!

I love reading anything and everything. I tend to read more non-fiction historical accounts, but I have dabbeled into a bit of everything.

I have over 500 DVDs I like a little bit of everything!
Book of Eli
The Hangover
Wedding Crashers
The Shaw Shank Redemption
Terminator Movies

The Big Bang Theory
Rescue Me
Sons of Anarchy
Family Guy
Top Chef
The Walking Dead

I love all types of food and will try anything once.
Six things I could never do without
1. Spell check ( I have the worst spelling, my students think it's hilarious)
2. The Marine Corps
3. My Friends
4. Adventure
5. Jelly Bellies and Peanut M & M's
6. Vegas
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Different places that I want to travel, Australia is on that list.

My next tattoo what ever it may be.

What I would do with the millions of dollars that I will win in my next visit to Vegas.

Zombies... they just interest me

How to better myself in my professional and private life.
On a typical Friday night I am
Going with the flow and finding something to do with friends.

Preparing my plans for world domination!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not your typical Marine, I'm not loud and obnoxious, more reserved.

I like to bake cookies, brownies, cakes they all taste good.

All summer long I was going to the pool and didn't have a towel. So for my bday my friend bought me a towel... the problem was that the towel was pink and says "mermaid in training," it’s a towel though and you may see me with it at the pool. Worse things have happened in life!

Yes I do have a spoon tattooed on my calf, however, there is meaning behind it...

When I was 3 or 4 my mom thought it was so cute and gave me a mullet haircut and then took pictures....

I didn't join the Marines to protect anyone's freedoms, or the uniform... I believed the late 80's-90's commercial that if I joined I would get to slay a fire demon. Needless to say, once I was in I realized that all the fire demons were already dead, it was a sad day. (Bonus points if you actually know what commercial I'm talking about).

So my students last year recorded me in class "Dougie-ing" for them and I just found it on youtube....

So have a laugh at my expense.
You should message me if
I'm really just looking for someone that is ready to have something serious. Seriousness does take time, but that is the eventual goal.
I just want to have fun with life without of the drama.
You also are accepting of the military and my choice to serve our country.
You either like a night out on the town or cuddled up with a good movie.
You want to help grade papers.... I hate grading!
You want to create some fun adventures!
You want to go to the Marine Corps Ball, it is a lot of fun!
You want to teach me about wine and pairing with foods!
The two of us