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My self-summary
Spring 2016: I'm in an awesome, healthy, polyamorous primary relationship with TurnYuan, and we're each looking for awesome, healthy people to add to our lives in whatever ways make sense! Friends, lovers, anything - preference for brilliant and athletic hotties with joie de vivre! :)
(As always, leaving the previous stuff up, including the link to my TED Talk. If you want brownie points with me, watch it before writing...)
September 2015: For the purposes of posterity (and transparency) I'm leaving all previous updates as-is, but as my girlfriend and I have amicably separated after 2+ years and I'm single again, here are the two important things I'm looking forward to this year: 1) developing meaningful relationships, ultimately transitioning one into a polyamorous primary, and 2) helping this TED Talk gain exposure and open doors for conversation about responsible nonmonogamy: - if you want to understand me, watch this video and tell me honestly what you think, good or bad. It would mean a lot to me.
January 2015: Happy New Year! My girlfriend and I have decided I should look online for a thin/athletic girl we both find attractive; we've never had a threesome together and she's really curious about watching me have sex with someone else. All the other stuff below still applies, but this is our new fun mission for 2015.

(I'm honestly not sure whether I'm using OKC for its intended purpose at this point, but I'm not the kind of guy who hides behind anonymous "Casual Encounters" postings on Craigslist - so show me what you got, Internet.)
Jun 2014: I have become somewhat of an advocate for polyamory on a national level; if that's not your bag, baby, swipe right - or whatever you do on OKC to say thanks but no thanks. I'm personally looking to meet new awesome people who love shared adventures, responsible nonmonogamy, and genuine connection, in whatever forms they take: casual, emotional, experiential. Surprise me.
Sept 2013: Another year, another amazing Burn in the Nevada desert, and another chapter in the awesome life of yours truly. Life is good. Life is very good.
Sept/Oct 2012: I've returned from Burning Man 2012 with a phenomenal attitude - and one of my new 'resolutions' is to explore a meaningful relationship with someone awesome AND polyamorous. So I'm dusting off my OKC account and taking my dating life a little more seriously... starting right now. I'm still open to short-term hedonistic adventures (especially with skinny little things I can throw over my shoulder and carry off somewhere for a quickie), but I'm getting pretty excited about the idea of building towards something incredible with someone incredible. I know, it's sort of a weird dichotomy, but so am I. We now return you to your regularly scheduled profile. -LF
I'm just this guy, see? A tall, athletic, reasonably good-looking, polyamorous, creative, thoughtful, friendly, and thoroughly immodest guy who craves intellectual challenges, travel, and interpersonal activity of all kinds.

Like many of us, I got sucked into OKCupid after taking a test (for me it was the Ethical Slut test - the eponymous book has spent decades as a polyamory primer, by the way, but I'm in the process of writing my own, more modern take on it). Since then I've vacillated between visiting daily, and not for months, so if I don't reply quickly to an email, it's probably because I haven't seen it. My mom taught me better than to blow off messages from people who took the time to write me.

Otherwise, I'm available on Facebook, AOL, and a couple other places under the same screenname/email address ( - you just need to try to find me! Shouldn't be hard. But I only really use AOL and FB these days.

Am looking for the unicorn who piques my interest on many levels. So if you're interesting, brilliant, sexy, in great shape, and want to meet your match in a guy, say hi and see what happens. (Hey, I have no problem being picky, and neither should you.)

I am Leon, Feingold, and you're not.
What I’m doing with my life
As of January 2016, happily dating again and exploring the balance between career, passion for advocacy, and desire for interpersonal connection. Resolving with middling success to ONLY date women who are polyamorous (or at least polycurious/polyfriendly), rather than trying to force my round peg into squares' holes.

Competed in the 2013 NYC Triathlon. Didn't train. Finished 9th on my division. Hate that I am gloating over it. Leaving this here anyway, bc dammit, I'm proud.

I've spent the last ten years as a real estate broker in Manhattan, and I really enjoy it. So much so, in fact, that I've founded my own brokerage and am working for myself. It's a great career for me; I feel like I'm helping people while using my brain - every person is a new challenge and I have to use all the tools at my disposal to identify what would make them happy and then find it for them.

Before that I was Operations Manager for an aviation design and manufacturing company in NJ; before that I ran a medical publishing company; before that I was a corporate analyst on Wall Street; before that I graduated law school; before that I played professional baseball. (ADD much?)

In my spare time I'm teaching myself Japanese katakana, just because it sounds like fun, and getting more in touch with my emotional side, just because it sounds like something I should do if I don't want to spend the rest of my life teaching myself Japanese katakana.
I’m really good at
Most things. Sports, massage, sex. At least rumor has it that I am.
The first things people usually notice about me
The fact that I'm really tall. It's hard to miss. And if they're observant, that I tend to be at ease in pretty much any situation at all.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: The Power Broker, a huge dog-eared omnibus analysis on Robert Moses and his incredible influence on the infrastructure and political landscape on Long Island and NYC nearly a hundred years ago. It's over a thousand pages and it's fascinating.

I'd previously been rereading a Scrabble tutorial written by Joe Edley, 3x National Champion. One of my good friends is ranked as an expert and I have only beaten him once. It felt good, and I want to do it more often. UPDATE: I'm now beating him one out of every three times we play, or better. It's amazing how strategic the game is when you play at higher levels - not just the highest scoring words. And I've now finished 7 books since my last update. Am currently rereading the entire HHGttG 5-book trilogy, for no other reason than - well, who needs a reason for THAT? It should be mandatory.

Movies: The Princess Bride. Hands down. I know the entire movie by heart, just about, and if you give me any quote from the film I can probably recite the next three verbatim. No, seriously, try me. I won't look it up. Second choice, Kill Bill (Yes, I'm counting 1&2 as one movie. Sue me). Third is Moulin Rouge.

Music: I listen to everything from A-Ha to ZZ Top. Favorites include Poe, Morcheeba, Cake, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. And Electric Six, just because.

Foods: I never met a food I didn't like. Faves include anything Asian and the 24 hour, 99 cent pizza place on 9th Avenue and 42nd Street. That place ROCKS - some of the best pizza in ALL of New York (move over, Ray's) and a whole pie from 1-5am is I think $5. You can't beat it. (Seriously, when you're 6'6" and 235# and a pro athlete, you have to eat a LOT. And I love to eat.)
Six things I could never do without
1) Good food, 2) Good friends, 3) Brilliant, beautiful women who intrigue me, 4) My bicycle, 5) High speed Internet, 6) These silly questions.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sex. But who doesn't?
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably doing something fun - maybe on a date with my primary, maybe on a date without her. Or maybe at a Burner dance party, or out with friends, or saving the world. Or playing hoops in my gym. Or pitching (if it's during baseball season). Hopefully, not home surfing OK Cupid.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm roughly .05% zombie. Anything else, just ask... my life is an open book. (With a cool dust jacket.)
You should message me if
You're bored and are tired of constantly rearranging your sock drawer. Or if you want to meet someone new who will amaze you both with his honesty, sheer brilliance, and ability to catch most things in his mouth no matter how high or far they get thrown. Or if you are in amazingly good shape and want to fool around. (Hey, I'm no idiot.) If our profile match percentage is in the mid-80s or higher, that's a pretty good indication we'll get along just swimmingly.

I am confident, attractive, athletic, and fun as hell to hang out with, and am looking for people who share these characteristics as well as my joie de vivre. You should message me if you want a fun person in your life who loves all forms of adventure, sharing ideas, genuine affection without drama, and quite likely a lot of great sex. I'm technically open to platonic friendships if they're interesting and fun, whether or not they build up to something more, although I already have lots of those (and so do you). I am polyamorous, and am pretty sure you'd need to be to some degree as well. I attend sex/play parties sometimes, I have friends in all sorts of non-vanilla lifestyles, and I enjoy being able to partake in any or none, in any given week. I am committed to going wherever life takes me, and I want to meet partners who seek similar voyages - or at least want to share part of the trip. I do have a strong preference for bisexual women stemming from my commitment to nonmonogamy: I appreciate physical exploration with attractive women, and I enjoy sharing that appreciation with my partner. Make sense?
The two of us