37Toledo, United States
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My self-summary
**If you are looking for a god fearing man, do not bother with me.
Ethically I see it as such, if you need a god to fear to be a good person, then you are not a good person to start with....
Further more, if indeed god made me, and "he" is a benevolent and loving god, then WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD I FEAR "HIM"?

So, recently back after a 5 year stay in Portland OR.
I kinda discovered I needed to get back in touch with where I came from for a bit and needed to take a step back so that I could move forward again.
Hopefully back out in the amazing Pac. N. W.

Somewhere between gruff humor of mechanics and the intellectual urges of a tech geek, with a fondness for intellectual pretentious snobbery (satire at its finest), lies me.

I crave novelty, the strange, and personal views that do NOT agree with mine as I like to debate topics in both directions on most any thing.
Just, please do not just lazily regurgitate what you hear in the media and show me that you indeed think for your self.
What I’m doing with my life
I am starting my life over in Toledo as mentioned.
One of the best things that has happened is I am now self employed running my own computer shop...
More often then not I am doing the buying and selling of a LOT of hardware. For now much of it is internet based sales while doing repairs both locally and otherwise.
However it is fantastic and liberating to work but on my own terms and at my own pace..

While I plan to expand my education sometime soon, this is on the back burner for now. I am sure many of you can understand how messy life can be at times. Not to mention I am more or less working as a one man act with this shop.

If not the above, I am usually sucking down caffeine in about any form I can find it with my Nook, and or book, in hand.

Trying to quit smoking. Just got an E-cig (AKA, my douche pipe) and have become a pretty avid fan of them... it seems to be just the thing.

**This does not exclude smokers, rather just please do not offer me one. Hard enough with out someone enabling ;)
I’m really good at
Speed reading, I read at about 550+ words per minute.
Computers and Servers
As in build, fix, repair, maintain, configure, network, buy and sell them, and yes I will fix yours if you ask nice.
REALLY HATE working on cars.. but this is a list of what I am good at and it IS something I am GOOD AT.
Yes, I will take a look at yours, can even fix it with in reason.

I guess repair is my mutant ability.
Why, oh why, could it have been something cool like breathing life into action figures? :(

Being open minded to anyone from anywhere.

Drawing & sketching. Not really "good" at is as I love it.
Better at art history than actually making things. Who knows, maybe I just have not found my medium.

Really bad sense of humor. As in like dark, laced with a ton of random pop culture and horrible puns, tidbits of classical literature, Poems, and science jokes sprinkled on top to make it all classy, smart and shit.
This does not show till I know you well enough to know I can get away with it.

Empathy & understanding.... bitter as I may come off many times, I have a undeniable belief that we need more of this.
Trying to be the change I want to see in the world.

Trivial knowledge sponge and dispensary. I am the guy you want on a trivia night.
You could say my favorite hobby is trying to learn everything.

Makes no sense right?... . but then again, does it have too?
If so, to whom?
The first things people usually notice about me
I have a silly and humor of a pervert. So if immature sex jokes bother you... move along...

That I am likely the most aggressive pieces you will likely ever meet.
Not that I am an "angry" person, nor passive aggressive.
Just very direct ( I am still considerate) and get frustrated with people quickly when they cant keep up with my thinking.
Its not that I think anyone is dumb, rather I just forget that statistically I am more intelligent than most.

**( I have a confirmed I.Q. of around 136, this has been a more of a burden than a blessing.
I know, I know, "boo hoo, I'm too smart". Talk to me about that when the person you are on a date with starts to glaze over with a blank stare, as you are trying to talk casually.
Its isolating and frustrating. So please, do not be impressed or think I am trying to look tragic or bragging. I kinda wish at times I wasn't...)

Blue Eyes

Left handed

My most verbose, some say "baroque" vocabulary... I know not what of my manor of speech would be portrayed with such substantial indignity!

My suit fetish (wearing them not OF them)
That I have no tattoos or piercings. I just can not just decide on what to get.

Usually these are the things that people tell me about, it's not like I go asking.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As with many who are residents of the internet, I am a huge fan of things such as Creepypasta and the SCP Wiki. I just wish I had the creativity to come up with a few of my own.

I have, as of late got back to reading Book 4 by Alister Crowley...interesting read... its almost like Lovecraft but real life. Most anything by Neil Gainman or Terry Prachet (Good Omens, great read!). As like with many, A Song of Ice and Fire. I have put off watching the last two seasons of Game of Thrones just so I could enjoy the books.
Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner.
Need more books. :P

This list would be HUGE if I was to list my favorites. So this is a VERY truncated list of movies and types of film I dig.

I watch a TON of documentary's on any topic. Again, I love to just learn.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Requiem for a Dream
ANY THING BY David Lynch
The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I watch it once a year, usually around my birthday.
Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.
As Good as it gets.
13 Assassins.
We are the Strange
Documentary's on Thorium reactors.... no really... this shit is fascinating.
I will watch almost anything once. So if there is something you want to show me, then by all means do!

Mike Patton
Andre Segovia, God Lived Underwater, Mushroomhead, NoFX, Anthrax, Funker Vogt, The Cure, Dresden Dolls, Orgy, Gravity Kills, God Lives Underwater, Hozier, Gwar, David Bowie, Queen, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Cake, Crowbar, Clutch, Flogging Molly, Lords of Acid, The Smiths, The Offspring, Prodigy, MC Larz, Fear Factory, A Perfect Circle, The Misfits, Primus, Stained, Cold, Stone Sour, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Cream, The Byrds, Rev. Horton Heat, Stolen Babies, Diablo Swing Orchestra, VnV Nation, AFI, Moby, Combichrist, Front 242, Kraftwerk, Prong, Lacuna Coil, Chuck Berry, The Toasters, Steve Vai, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Talking Heads, Rabbit Junk, Postmodern Jukebox, The Cramps, Cypress Hill, Gary Numan,
Ana Vodic, .... I like Lindsy Sterling, don't judge...
(are you really still reading this?)

Most of what I watch is on NetFlix. Even then its like one or two nights out of a week when nothing is going on.
X-Files, Sons of Anarchy, The Wire, Dr. Who, Destination Truth, Band of Brothers (when its on..I know its a mini series), Invader Zim, BSG, Firefly, Farscape, Eureka!, Babylon 5, UK's Top Gear, Fringe, Twin Peaks (1st season only)... It all depends on stuff.

I do like to cook!... Well mostly baking...
Confections are so much easier to make in my book.
Six things I could never do without
I used to answer this section literally. I now see that this is more or less wasted space since everyone puts the same answers on it. SO!, I will just what ever makes me happy. (So NAH! THBBbpppppppppt!!)

1. My little Pony
2. My Crockpot
3. my Ex girlfriends... who often times wind up being some of my best friends for some reason... and this one is very true.
4. my awesome suits I find at Goodwill.
5. Modem noise.
6. my coffee... This one is deadly serious... I love my coffee.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
EVERYTHING, I really have to control that "over thinking"
(is this really a problem???)

Where I can buy a cheap left handed guitar

How well I would fair on Jeopardy! given the stupid amount of trivial knowledge I have.

What the velocity of an unladen Swallow actually is.

If one was to trip on acid, and if colors have a flavor then what in the hell plaid or argyle would taste like?
On a typical Friday night I am
Now-a-days it is spent working on getting the business better established and keeping the money rolling in.

Other than that... really nothing.
Most everyone I know either has kids, stays in with their spouses, or still has to work the next day.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have fight with anxiety and depression at times.
Yeah, I know...but hey I am being honest here.
You should message me if
You are not some passive door mouse

You have thoughts and ideas that are your own that you never share with anyone because you don't want people looking down on you for them

You want brownies or cheesecake, I just might make it for you ;)

I do not care what your views are, just as long as you are informed about them and can willingly discuss them with out judgement. Challenge me as I will challenge you.

You like horrible jokes, dirty humor, bad puns and endless sarcasm.

You ever answered the question "what state do you live in?" with "confusion" or "insanity".

you actually LIKE Mike Patton.

*And here is the long shot* If you happen to be a liberal female that is pro gun and likes role playing games.... No you perv, I mean like Dungeons and Dragons....
Something like a sober female Hunter S Thompson I guess?... O.o
The two of us